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My asawa and I recently witnessed a boxing match featuring a one-armed boxer in the Philippine Army. We were guests at a Christmas party at an Army military camp located in Iloilo City. The pugilists were part of the entertainment for the evening, along with a Miss Gay 2015 Beauty Pageant and a dance competition which featured some Army personnel dressed in bras. 

Though we retired to the Philippines over six years ago,  it was the first gay pageant and boxing match either my wife and I had ever attended.  We’ve been to dance competitions, such as the ones held during the annual Manggahan Festivals in Guimaras, but none of the participants were men sporting a bra.

An Army friend of ours, who was also one of the beauty pageant contestants, was kind enough to invite us to this Christmas celebration. That’s him, pictured in the following photo, in the center. If I’m looking too happy, it’s probably because I had a couple of bottles of San Miguel Pale Pilsen already.My asawa, our army friend, and The Kano

Truth be told, I doubt that many Christmas parties the readers of Philippines Plus might attend will feature a Gay Pageant , one-armed boxer, or dancing men dress in bras. Of course, if you do, that’s your personal business and something I really don’t need to know about.

The event was quite a bit more entertaining than a Christmas Eve Mass and also involved alcoholic beverages, lechon and my first taste of goat, seen below swimming alongside some pineapple chunks. The goat tasted just like beef to me.

My first taste of goat in the Philippines

I made some new friends, such as the First Sergeant of the battalion my Army friend is with. Sarge is on the left. Next to me in the dark shirt is a United Nations Security Adviser from Syria. The guys in the unit jokingly called him, “Tim Duncan,” after the NBA star.

The gentleman on the far right, a member of the unit, kept a steady flow of beer and food coming to me. After Christmas, I need to drop about 30 pounds. The extra weight I’ve packed on could potentially bring back my Fatty Liver Disease.

New friends from the Army in Iloilo

I’ll have more videos and stories regarding this event in upcoming posts. A big thanks to the Army Unit and our friend who invited us. Everyone, including the Camp’s Commanding Officer, made us feel welcome.

I’ve been told that the man with one arm lost his limb on a mission for his battalion. We, at Philippines Plus, salute him, and his comrades, for their selfless duty to their country, the Philippines.

Now here’s the video: One-Armed Boxer in the Philippine Army

6 thoughts on “One-Armed Boxer in the Philippine Army Celebrates Christmas

  1. Hi Dave, looks good fun lm sure the one armed boxer enjoyed that fight beer and food
    Looked good, haven’t tried goats meat in ages has to be better than the local beef ,
    It’s all you need for a Christmas party keep having fun your a lucky man living
    The dream, just stopped raining in Manila after 3 days but not much flooding,
    Derek in pasig.

  2. Dave,
    I’ve never tried goat before either, but i’m sure SMB makes everything taste better. You have to give a salute to the soldier who is still fighting for his country even after loosing an arm. Typhoon is gone, but there is possibly another one coming behind it that may hit the Visayas or Mindanao.

  3. It’s great to see you enjoying Christmas out in the local community. that is the best way to be a ambassador and represent America. to many people go over there and do nothing but complain. I believe if they would get out and interact with the community they would enjoy themselves and time there. spending there time in malls and bars doesn’t give anyone the true culture of life in the Philippines ..

  4. Looks like you had a great time Dave!

    Roger, you are exactly right. I have spent plenty of time in the bars and malls and while that can be fun, the REAL fun in the Philippines is in many other places. Just enjoying the simple things in life with other filipinos is something I really love. I wish more foreigners would do this.

  5. some people will complain no matter they have. but for me when I’m at are house out in sorsogon city I find it very rewarding to go out and interact with the locals.
    as you know a typhoon just went thru are province. sorsogon city came thru pretty good without a lot of damage. but a couple of small towns in the province took quite a bit of damage. but we know filipinos are very strong and resourval people. I can garuntee that they will pull together and get things cleaned up fixed and back on there feet . and for the most part still have a smile on there face.

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