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The Christening of Merry Joy in the Philippines

the christening

I was inside working on the 2016 updated, revised version of my book, “The Philippines Expat Advisor.” I heard my asawa talking to someone outside. I peeked from my man cave window and noticed it was one of our former workers, Melcher. He had some coconuts. Not surprised, he’s the nephew of the brothers that sold us our property and he’s a neighbor. My wife had sent some leftover Christmas fruit salad to his Mother via our nephew Sherwen the day before. After his visit, I was informed that we would be in attendance for the christening of Merry Joy in the Philippines the next afternoon.

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Safest Way to Carry Cash While Traveling in the Philippines

the jeepney keeps rolling along

“Don’t Put Your Wallet in Your Back Pocket When You Board a Jeepney!” Brother and Sisters, that’s what I thought when I read a recent article in The Panay News. Some  Norwegian guy, 35, remembers placing his wallet in his short’s back pocket. He had boarded a Leganes public utility jeepney, PUJ, bound for Iloilo City. That begs the question: What’s the safest way to carry cash while traveling in the Philippines?

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Philippine Travels: The Igang Marine Station (IMS) of SEAFDEC, Guimaras

on our way to seafdec in guimaras

Philippine Travels: The Igang Marine Station (IMS) of SEAFDEC/AQD is located on the southwest portion of Guimaras Island. SEAFDEC/AQD stands for the Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center/Aquaculture Department. The Igang Marine Station is composed of four islets and clusters of floating fish cages interconnected by floating foot bridges. IMS maintains hundreds of breeding stock of various commercially important species that provide eggs for research and production runs and was established in 1974.

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One-Armed Boxer in the Philippine Army Celebrates Christmas

one armed boxer in the philippines

My asawa and I recently witnessed a boxing match featuring a one-armed boxer in the Philippine Army. We were guests at a Christmas party at an Army military camp located in Iloilo City. The pugilists were part of the entertainment for the evening, along with a Miss Gay 2015 Beauty Pageant and a dance competition which featured some Army personnel dressed in bras. 

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Is PhilHealth Available for Foreigners?


Is PhilHealth available for foreigners? On May 21, 2015, PhilHealth, the national health insurance company of the Philippines,  released the following bulletin: “The Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth) will soon provide health care benefits to foreign nationals and former Filipinos who wish to retire in the country.”

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Dengue Hospital Costs Covered by PhilHealth

guimaras provincial hospital

We received good news since my spouse was admitted to our local healthcare facility in the Philippines. She was on the road to recovery and was discharged from the Guimaras Provincial Hospital this past Friday after a battle with dengue fever and pneumonia

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Healthcare Facility in the Philippines Scores a Win

Guimaras provincial hospital

Our healthcare facility in the Philippines scores a win! My wife, diagnosed with dengue fever and pneumonia, was admitted to our local provincial hospital in Guimaras this past Wednesday evening. She had a dangerously low white blood platelet count of 106. It was now Thursday morning and the attending physician walked into our room around 11:15 am. This was the first time we had seen the doctor since being admitted. I was praying for some good news.

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