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“Walk on the Wild Side, Philippines: Head Lice & Cute Chicks” is the third installment of what will become a regular feature on Philippines Plus. In an effort to reduce my gut and not go beyond a size 36 waist size, my asawa (who doesn’t need to lose an ounce) and I having been taking strolls outside the property of our new home in the Philippines.

I believe at birth I might have worn size 28 pants and actually could fit into size 31 Levi’s seven or eight years ago. But I have long given up on the “Battle of the Bulge” and at age 63 and have no problem settling for a 36-inch waist.

Truth be told, my gut is probably bigger than that but I hope to never emulate a former co-worker in the States, “Scooter,” whose beer belly hung over his 4 sizes too small Wranglers like an overstuffed sack of rice.

The morning started with a beautiful sunrise outside our property. The view is right over a neighbor’s rice field that my wife and I check out every morning with a cup of coffee.

I love the “Good Day” brand of Joe, made in the Philippines, and have been sipping it for the past six years. I’ve been hard-pressed recently to find it, however, at the grocery stores we shop at in nearby Iloilo City.

sunrise in the philippines

I’ve asked the store clerks in the coffee/tea section why they do not have it in stock anymore but I usually get the reply I’ve heard a thousand times in the Philippines: “It’s out of stock, sir.”

sunrise over the dog shelter in guimaras

Here’s a look at the sunrise over our dogs’ shelter. My spouse has draped some old tarps over the front of the canines’ cubbyhole, but one of our three puppies, Cinderella, loves to chew on it and has torn some of it down.

Our tail-waggers will eat anything, including dead frogs, which induces foaming at the mouth with our Belgian Shepard “Killer.” We’ve had to wash out Killer’s mouth on a few occasions. Frogs, toads and dogs are not a good mix. Some toads carry a toxin that can paralyze and even kill a dog.

rice field in the philippines

On our journey that day we spied a rice field that will be ready to harvest in a couple of weeks. Many of our neighbors have already been harvesting their rice crop in the Philippines. This harvest has been a good one for most everyone as last year’s rice crop in Guimaras was severely damaged by insects.

rice field that has been harvested

Here’s a look at a rice field that has been harvested.  The bundles of rice had not been picked up yet. Here’s a closer look at one of those bundles.rice bundle in the philippines

girls in the philippines picking lice

“Walk on the Wild Side, Philippines: Head Lice & Cute Chicks.” “Head lice” might have caught your eye in today’s post title. As my wife and I were taking our walk, we spied a group of schoolgirls. As we approached the trio, we noticed they were picking out head lice from each other’s heads.

“You have so many!” my wife heard one of the girls exclaim in their local Ilonggo language.

baby zoe in the philippines

We stopped at a neighbor’s house to buy some vegetables, okra and long beans. The lady’s granddaughter, Zoe, is being held by my lovely asawa. This is the only time my wife will ever be seen without make-up as she will even slap on her warpaint to go to the market to buy some stinky fish.

baby chicks and mother hen in the philippines

Here’s the “cute chicks” portion of our title. As my spouse fussed over the little baby, a mother hen and her noisy chicks passed us by.

mushrooms in the philippines

On our walk on the wild side of the Philippines that day a neighbor graciously gave us a load of mushrooms he had picked that morning. We have found some of these same type mushrooms on our property. My wife slipped some of them into my rice and vegetable dish I had for lunch. I didn’t care for them, too slimy for me. But it was nice of our neighbor to give us so many as my wife and everyone else in the family loves them.

Stay tuned for more walks on the wild side and more pictures as crusty old expat in the Philippines enjoys a comfortable life in own “pocket of paradise” in which I do absolutely nothing and excel at it.

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  1. Dave,
    Cute little baby. Those mushrooms would go great sauteed with onions on top of a good steak if i could find some decent beef here. Been rainy and windy since last night as we are getting the edge of the typhoon.

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