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I was astounded to hear that Lolo wins 300M in a cockfight. Convert the pesos to US Dollars and that’s still over 6,500,000 US Dollars. I almost fell out of my rocking chair when I heard the news!

Lolo, my father-in-law, was going to spend his windfall on a new piece of property in Guimaras. At least that’s what he told our helper, Mera, the other morning, as she prepared him for his morning shower and poop.

We pay our 17-year-old relative 3,500 pesos a month. That’s around 75 US Dollars. She has every Sunday off. Now by Western standards, that might not seem like a lot of money, but in the province, those are good wages.

There is absolutely no amount of money that I would take to do our helper’s chores. I get queasy just thinking about it.

In fact, Philippine Senator Antonio Trillanes pays  his houseboy, Eddie Ybanez, P3,500 a month, also.

The self-proclaimed moral crusader and graft buster Sen. Antonio Trillanes reportedly has 63 paid consultants, including his houseboy.

More than half of Trillanes’ office funds, with a monthly allocation of P2.93 million for his office, goes into paying his houseboy, some newsmen, family drivers, his campaign donors, his ex-mutineer pals (Trillanes was jailed for two coup attempts), and a brother who gets paid P71,200 monthly. (Source: The Daily Tribune)

In full disclosure, the salary for our housekeeper comes out of our own pockets and is not paid for by the taxpayers of the Philippines.

But back to Lolo’s windfall. When Lolo announced to Mera that he had won 300 million pesos betting on a cockfight in Guimaras, our helper asked him if he has so much money why he doesn’t pay for his own diapers.

My father-in-law promptly informed Mera that she should go to the cockfight where she can buy his diapers. To my knowledge, diapers are usually not sold at such events but what do I know?

Did I mention that Lolo, grandfather, has been suffering from dementia the past few years? Chances are that we’ll still be buying Lolo’s diapers.

2 thoughts on “Lolo Wins 300M in a Cockfight!

  1. Hi Dave. It’s good that you can see the funny side to something I know how hard it can be
    My mother suffered from a mental illness life could get really hard when I was a kid,
    But you have to get on with it at least lolo is being looked after very well, not like back
    Home where he would be left in a old people’s home, Derek in pasig.

  2. Hey Dave, been a long time since I visited your site. It’s good to see your lolo active at the cockfights. Make sure you don’t let him squander his winnings! I can think of no better place to be and have dementia than here in the PI. I definitely would not want to be back in the U.S. locked up somewhere.

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