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My Sainted Patient Wife and I were taking another walk on the wild side of the Philippines. I’ve been exceptionally lazy recently and haven’t even  been taking my daily walks. But after diplomatic suggestions from my asawa, I decided it would be in my best interests to resume this exercise routine.


When the exercise behavior of 1,200 study participants’ exercise was tracked over 20 years, those who showed higher heart rate and increased diastolic blood pressure (both signs of lower fitness levels) had MRIs that showed smaller brain volumes in their 60s. Truth be told, I think I’ve had a smaller brain volume long before my 60s.

Smaller brain volumes have been associated with age related memory loss and Alzheimer’s. Participants who exercised during the study, showed improved decision making, cognition, balance and executive functioning such as planning.

Is fitness tied to lower instances of dementia? That is yet to be determined. So whether you’re training for a specific goals or simply to stay fit, exercise has more benefits than just physical and may be the key to a healthy mind as well! (Source: Core Principles)

Listen, anything I can do to possibly stave off the onset of Alzheimer’s should be in my wheelhouse. Seeing the way this devastating disease has ravaged my father-in-law the past few years,  has motivated me to start walking again (along with the aforementioned nudge from my wife.)

a simple home in the philippines

Look, you don’t need a big fancy house to live in the Philippines. Yeah, we have one, but it’s a luxury. A home like the one seen above during our recent walk, works just fine. And why do we have a four-bedroom home with four CR’s, Comfort Rooms?

Because my wife wanted one. And since she grew up in the middle of the jungle in the Philippines, with no electricity, no running water and resided with eight other siblings, I felt she deserved a big house. Why not? Happy wife. Happy life.

our local church in guimaras, the philippines

Here’s a peek at a local church we spotted near our local barangay headquarters. We’ve never seen this house of worship before but we have been attending Mass again at The Trappist Monastery in Guimaras every Sunday now.

The Brother preached a fiery sermon on Hell the first Sunday we came. Whew! Powerful message. I thought I was back at my Independent Pentecostal Assembly of God Church back in Illinois.

If The Lord was trying to tell me something, I got the message.

basketball court and cow in the philippines

Outside of the local church was a basketball court with a cow standing nearby. Come on, how many times have you seen a basketball court with a cow back in the States? Only in the Philippines.

banana trees in the philippines

The view along our walk on the wild side.

little boy and his nanay in the philippines

A young mother, nanay, was walking her little boy, ahead of us. My wife stopped and talked to the lady for a moment and we both greeted the tot with a hearty “Good morning!” The lad gave me that look of astonishment I often receive from the little ones here.

After we arrived back home, my wife decided to move our brother-in-law Joery’s cow, Hulk.  The cow was in the sun and my spouse wanted to move him into the shade and into  a patch of fresh grass. Hulk is one of wife’s favorites, he provides her with a steady stream of cow poop she uses for fertilizer. I dish out my own B.S but my spouse is not able to use that for her plants. Too bad, there’s plenty of it to go around.

hulk the cow gets relocated in guimaras, the philipines

my asawa and hulk the cow

moving the hulk

hulk the cow in guimaras, mango land

My asawa inspired me to do some actual work as I picked up some branches to bring over to our dirty kitchen. We use this wood to cook with and to boil water for our coffee in the morning. It supplements the two LP stoves we have.

This is a rare shot, Pilgrim. I doubt you’ll see another one like it anytime soon. But the walks on the “wild side”? They will continue.

rare shot of the kano working in the philippines


4 thoughts on “Taking Another Walk on the Wild Side of the Philippines

  1. Hey Dave, love the articles! You know what, I believe you worked for the phone company or something like that for a long time. But you are a really good writer. You have a very natural way of telling stories that is both interesting and funny as hell. I really like reading articles like this. Wow, I really miss the Philippines.

    Also, as far as your home. Yes, it is amazing and if the wife wants one like that….great! I have a pretty good idea of how her young years were and wanting a big beautiful home is perfectly normal. You guys did a great job on your home.

    Living in the further out provinces is something I have done, and I like it. But I am one of the few foreigners I know that absolutely loves Manila. I really really love Manila. I wish I could find a place that gives me some of what Manila gives me and a place that gives me some of the “province” living. I could be happy, though, living in both places.

    And finally, I read with interest the story about Pop65z. My goodness I want to comment about that situation so bad!! LOL. Are you ever going to open comments on that site?

    Keep up the great writing, I am pretty sure I speak for many of your readers….we love stories like this.

    Take care,


  2. Hi Dave, I’m another one of those expats that loves to live in Manila, but I also like to
    Escape from it once in awhile ,yes exercise is good for you that reminds me lm getting
    A bit fat round the waist will have to start exercising again I blame it on the beer but it’s
    So hot I just got to have a beer to cool down, love reading this site and hope to meet you
    And your wife one day bye the way house looks great, lm like you I could live in a small
    House but we’re here to give our wife’s what they want, Derek in pasig.

  3. Hi Dave, yes, I really enjoy reading your articles. I check your site almost everyday. Very informative and nice pictures. My husband wish to live in Guimaras not in Guimbal, Iloilo.

    I don’t know if you remember that we bumped into each other at SM Iloilo few months ago. My husband says “keep your eyes open, you run into them someday.”

    We are planning to take his boat there this summer. We can check Shirven Hotel and their fish and chips again.
    Ofelia (Fred’s wife).

  4. Dave,
    I know Melinda likes the convenience of instant poop for her plants. I pulled a muscle in my back last week and haven’t exercised since. But will resume Wednesday since it’s almost back to normal. We have another cousin from Leyte along with here 3 year old living with us now. It keeps us a little busier. Actually the 3 year old is pretty well behaved for someone that age.

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