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Do I Recommend Neptune Pittman’s Garden Resort in Guimaras?

Guimaras, the island province we call home, is lousy with beach resorts and other tourist attractions. Do I recommend Neptune Pittman’s Garden Resort? Yes. And, no.

If you’re a plant propagator like my lovely asawa, then you need to visit this oasis. The entrance fee to the gardens is only 50 pesos.

But if you’re on a limited time frame, then visiting Raymen Beach Resort might be a better option.

Now don’t get me wrong. I thoroughly enjoyed our recent Sunday afternoon sojourn. My wife was extremely happy and you know how the saying goes, “Happy Wife, Happy Life.”

So if your loved one is possessed with a green thumb, then Neptune’s in Guimaras should definitely be one of your stops on this island province.

my lovely asawa at neptune pittman's gardens in guimaras

My lovely asawa at the entrance of Neptune Pittman’s Garden Resorts

rooms available at neptune pittman's garden resorts

Rooms to rent 50ยข? No, but rates for overnight stays run from 800 to 1200 pesos. The room shown above goes for 1200 pesos per person.

pool at neptune pittman's gardens in guimaras

There’s a beautiful outdoor pool for guests. It’s probably not heated but this is the Philippines. Unless you’re in a resort in Baguio, you don’t need a heated pool.

neptune pittman's garden resorts

There was a cornucopia of plants and a few water features at the garden resort, such as the one which featured a sleeping frog. It’s a good way to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon in the Philippines.

one of the features at neptune pittman's gardens, guimaras

That’s my spouse again in the next picture. She was really enjoying talking to the tour guide and getting the lowdown on the plants and flowers we saw.

my wife poses at neptune pittman's

my spouse poses with the pig at neptune pittmans's

There’s my wife posing with a Chinese pig that bears a striking resemblance to me after I’ve chowed down at the annual Manggahan Festival.
my lovely asawa poses at neptune pittman's garden resorts, guimaras

One final look at my sparkling spouse as I finish this post with one of the eagles that welcomes all visitors to Neptune Pittman’s Garden Resorts in sunny Guimaras.

eagle stands guard at neptune pittman's gardens

Do you have time to spare? It took us six years to visit this Guimaras landmark. We plan to make future excursions on our island province and post them in the future.

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