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BDO Online Banking Has Finally Added Our Dollar Account

I’m not a patient man. Ask my asawa. Ask any former co-worker of mine from AT&T. The older I get the grumpier and more impatient I become. Again, ask my asawa of almost 15 years. After trying for over two weeks, however, BDO Online Banking has finally added our dollar account. The process should only have taken five business days but after three emails to the eBusiness Service Center at Banco de Oro and one trip to our local branch in Iloilo (which requires a four hour round trip from our home in Guimaras) I finally can view all of our accounts online. BDO has no ATM in Guimaras where I can check our balances so viewing everything on my PC is extremely convenient.


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My asawa and I recently opened a dollar account with the Philippines banking giant and I was informed by one of our tellers that I could link our dollar account to our existing online peso account. So I went online and registered our new account and was informed via email that it would be forwarded to a department in Manila which would have to process my request manually.

One week later, still no dollar account added online, so I contacted the Customer Support email contact on the BDO website. Within 24 hours I received a reply from the eBusiness Center that my request would be processed in five business days and if my application was not cared for, contact the customer service center again.

Five business days later, still no dollar account registered with my BDO Online Banking. I fired off another email. Another reply which stated my request would be forwarded to the Customer Fulfillment Center which would take another five days.

Like a bat out of hell I shot off another email:

“So in another five days, I will receive another email which will tell me it will take another five days to complete my request. If this is not resolved immediately, I will contact your supervisor or manager.”

I had no idea how to reach a supervisor or manager and knew if I tried to call someone I would probably only end up getting more pissed off and risk raising my blood pressure.

In the meantime my wife and I had to make a Christmas shopping trip to Iloilo City and pay our Sun and Globe bills. After paying our Globe Cellular and Tattoo Broadban bill, I waltzed into our BDO branch where the teller that had fixed our dollar account was sitting. I informed her of my difficulty in linking our dollar account with our existing peso account online.

Ten dollar bill


The helpful teller patiently listened to me and asked if I would mind speaking to someone on the phone regarding my issue. I told her that was no problem. She spoke to a BDO employee for a few minutes in Filipino and handed the phone to me. After an apology for the delay I explained my problem. She assured me she would care for this.

Two days later, BDO Online Banking has finally added our Dollar Account. It took nearly three weeks but with the upcoming Typhoon Ruby, traveling to Iloilo City just to check our balance is no longer necessary. And now I’m going to follow the advice of my fellow American expat friend, Rease, and pay our bills online and avoid even ¬†more trips to Iloilo City and waiting in line. Life in paradise. Sometimes you hit a speed bump but it works out…eventually.

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