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Super Typhoon Ruby, International Name Hagupit (which translates to “smash” in Filipino), is getting ready to hit the Philippines, and according to The Weather Channel could be potentially catastrophic. The Philippines gives its own names to typhoons once they move into Philippine waters, rather than using the international storm-naming system. Haiyan, known in the Philippines as Yolanda, was the most powerful typhoon ever recorded over land. Local news reports on TV 5 already have stated that the typhoon is bigger than Typhoon Yolanda which took over 7,000 lives and was the biggest storm to ever hit the archipelago.

typhoon images


The typhoon is expected to approach the eastern shores of the central Philippines on Saturday local time. During this initial period of contact with land, Hagupit will likely unleash its most powerful winds which have already been clocked at 350 kph, 217 mph. It should be at least a Category 3 equivalent tropical cyclone by that time, but could easily still be a Category 4 or 5 storm.

In areas where the wind blows onshore, a very dangerous storm surge is likely.

We’ve already made a trip yesterday to Iloilo City to stock up on supplies and we  are having extra water delivered this morning to “The Farm.” Our water has not been delivered yet as the local tubig delivery service has probably been saturatyed with calls for  water delivery.

We made a trip  this morning in Guimaras to purchase another container of LP for 740 pesos and made a visit to the local wet market to buy fish and vegetables. The market was extremely busy as residents of our mango island province stock up on essentials before Super Typhoon Ruby hits.

Our path at The Farm

Calm before the storm at “The Farm.”

Yolanda left us without power for over 19 hours but thankfully we suffered no major damage in Guimaras, the island province we call home. All of our flashlights and lanterns have been recharged. My portable fan and LED lantern has also been recharged and provides a strong enough breeze at maximum speed for four hours, enough for me to catch a few hours of rest.

I will try to keep readers posted of our situation as soon as possible. Please remember those in the path of the storm in your prayers. They will need them as many people in the area are still homeless and without any infrastructure despite the millions of dollars of foreign aid that have been poured into the area.

7 thoughts on “Super Typhoon Ruby, Hagupit, in the Philippines: Getting Prepared

  1. We just talked to family in Eastern Leyte-some are leaving others are tying everything down. They got it bad last time in tolosa by Tacloban. The last weather map shows the storm Hiting Samar and than going further north which is what I had been hoping for. This way the worst would not go over the top this time. Time will tell. They are still building back from last year.

  2. Hi Dave. Have you thought about building a concrete storm shelter room inside your new house? Many houses in the USA’s Tornado Alley have them.

    1. I wouldn’t bury a storm shelter in the Philippines, I’d be worried about flooding. Some people have a storm shelter above ground but inside their house. They cover the cement walls so it looks like a normal room (except for the heavy door). As long as the shelter is cemented into the concrete foundation of your house, it should be safe to have it above ground.

      1. It’s not really a “panic room”, although maybe it could be used for that too. A “tornado room” is a reinforced interior room that is attached to the concrete foundation slab of the house and has a heavy door. Here is a photo of one being built:

        Some above ground tornado shelters are in the garage, others are inside the house with the concrete walls covered so that it just looks like a regular part of the house.

  3. Dave,
    Yes, Hopefully it won’t be as strong as predicted. It seems like they are better prepared this time. It looks like the path may come close to us. I know Typhoon Glenda in July was not fun. All we can do is pray.

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