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Philippine Super Typhoon Hagupit (Ruby): Getting Ready Is Key

Terror-stricken denizens throughout the central Philippines, from Eastern Samar to Cebu City to our own island province of Guimaras, emptied the shelves of local grocery and sari sari stores Super Typhoon Hagupit (called “Ruby” in the Philippines,) rapidly approached the island country, renewing terrible memories of complete devastation created by Super Typhoon Haiyan  (Yolanda) a year ago. Philippine Super Typhoon Hagupit (Ruby): getting ready is key.New Site in Guimaras, Market Day


According to NBC News, thousands of families were evacuated Friday morning as Ruby (Hagupit)  closed within just over 250 miles of the country’s eastern coast. The military is on high alert. The Super Typhoon may hit Eastern Samar province on Saturday, crashing inland with devastating winds and rain along nearly the same route Haiyan took last November. That storm killed more than 7,000 and leveled villages in what was one of the planet’s worst weather disasters of 2013.

Many families in Tacloban City,  which was devastated by Yolanda, have packed their belongings and fled to relatives’ homes or sports stadiums in an attempt to survive the massive storm.

Haiyan demolished about 1 million houses and displaced about 4 million people in the central Philippines. Hundreds of residents still living in tents in Tacloban have been prioritized in an ongoing evacuation.

Hotels in Tacloban, a city of more than 200,000 people still struggling to recover from last year’s massive damage, were running out of rooms as wealthier families booked ahead for the weekend.

“The sun is still shining but people are obviously scared. Almost all of our rooms have been booked,” said Roan Florendo of the hilltop Leyte Park hotel, which lies near San Pedro Bay in Tacloban.

The government put the military on full alert, workers opened evacuation centers and transported food packs, medicines and body bags to far-flung villages, which could be cut off by heavy rains.

Some towns in the typhoon’s predicted path said they will shut schools on Friday. Inter-island ferries and some commercial flights were canceled. High school classes in Guimaras have been canceled. Our niece had to attend her college classes but we my asawa and I are keeping a close watch on the weather situation, and if necessary, will pull our niece out of class early if the typhoon hits this afternoon.

We had downed branches from high winds during Super Typhoon Yolanda in November, 2013. A resulting power outage, brown out, lasted 19 hours. We have learned our lesson from the last storm and have not packed a lot of perishable foods in our freezer or refrigerator. While my wife did buy some fish at the local wet market this morning, which was packed with shoppers, she is preparing it today. Many people on our island province do not have refrigerators and prepare their meals daily.

Here’s a list of materials needed for a 72-Hour Typhoon Survival Kit from TV 5 ‘s Rescue Squad:

Emergency cash, personal hygiene kit, first aid kit, water, ready-to-eat food, signaling device, communication devices,flashlight,important documents, and extra clothing. Make sure you have an adequate supply of batteries for any communication devices, such as radios, and keep you important papers, such as a passport, in waterproof pouches.

72-Hour Survival Kit by Rescue 5 (TV5)


(Story Source: Weather Channel)

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