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The Annual Filipino Christmas Shutdown

electric supervisor

NEVER expect any work to get done in the Philippines during the last two weeks of December. It’s the Filipino Christmas Shutdown. The Philippines has the longest Christmas season in the world which begins in September, the first “Ber” month, and extends into the beginning of January with Three Kings’ Day. January 6. We have been waiting for an inspector from Guimelco, our so-called utility provider in Guimaras,  to check out my brother-in-law Joery’s handiwork at the nipa hut we are building for my father-in-law but it’s been an exercise in futility.

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Never Buy Your Asawa Clothes for Christmas

I love santas helpers

Lead Photo from Imgur  

Never buy your asawa clothes for Christmas. If she’s anything like my wife, you’ll end up going to a SM City Mall the day after Jesus’ birthday celebration and face massive mobs that rival the hordes of Hade. I kid you not. I would (almost) rather have each of my fingernails and toenails pulled out then encounter the crowds that my spouse and I had to deal with.  I had to navigate the crowded mall filled with morons that hypnotically gazed downward at their cell phones as they checked their latest asinine Facebook message and never watched where they were going. Crowded eateries that reduced us to eating at Pizza Hut (at Robinsons, our first stop) which is never packed out.

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Isuzu D-Max 4×2 Automatic Truck Was Merely a Pigment of our Imagination

Isuzu D Max

(Lead Photo Source: Eastern Motors Info)

No, it’s not a misprint. Our Isuzu D-Max Automatic Truck was merely a “pigment” of our imagination. I worked with a Filipino back in the States who would pull a Norm Crosby (for you old geezers out there) and mangle her English occasionally. One of my favorites was her substitution of “pigment” for the phrase “figment of your imagination.” Unfortunately our recent situation with our Isuzu salesman in Iloilo who told us the Isuzu passenger truck we wanted to buy was “available” was only a “pigment”of that salesman’s imagination, also.

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Encounter with Arrogant Salesman at Ford Dealership in Iloilo

ford wildtrak white

Our Isuzu D-Max 4×2 Automatic truck is available. Well, that’s what our salesman at the Iloilo City Isuzu dealership told us. After an all day ordeal at BDO that involved transferring our funds from our Dollar Account to our Peso Account, we only had 45 minutes before the dealership closed. But first,  we had one previously unplanned stop to make before we would head over to Isuzu, the local Ford dealership in Iloilo where we had an encounter with an arrogant salesman.

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Does BDO Belong in the Philippines’ Top Ten Bank List?

Christmas tree Philppines

Does BDO belong in the Philippines’ Top Ten Banks List? That’s a question I asked myself repeatedly this past Friday as I inquired on a transfer of funds we have been waiting on since late November. Our local SM Shopping Mall, where our Banco de Oro branch is located,  was filled to the gills with Filipinos fishing for last minute Christmas bargains. I like Christmas but I hate the crowds it brings. Yes, even in the Philippines, which is over 80% Catholic and virtually shuts down on Christmas week for Baby Jesus’ birthday, is becoming increasingly commercialized. More and more people are buying gifts, much to the delight of SM and all other merchants, and potbellied Santa’s litter the landscape everywhere you go. 

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Headless Ghost in Barong Visits Our Nephew at The Farm

Headless Ghost in Barong Visits Our Nephew at The Farm. Regular readers of Philippines Plus must be scratching their heads and wondering if “The Kano” has consumed massive qualities of Red Horse. No, I haven’t quaffed an adult beverage for a few days now. The following story is true and without any embellishment. 

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Most Affordable Places to Retire in the World: Dumaguete, Philippines

dolphin dumagete

U.S. News and World Report states that Dumaguete, located in Negros Oriental province, is one of the most affordable places to retire in the world. After Nha Trang, Vietnam, where an expat can live on $650 a month, and Chiang Rai, Thailand, $750 a month,  and Ipoh, Malaysia, $897, Dumaguete, with a monthly projected budget of $1,000 a month, comes in at number four. 

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