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Spoke to The Tom Cat the other day while I still had my magicJack which is due to expire soon. But since I can only renew my subscription with them using credit cards, which I do not have, I won’t be able to continue their service.  Tom had emailed me a few photos, which he has given me permission to publish on Philippines Plus, so I wanted to share them with my readers. I’ve given this post the title of “The Tom Cat and Fearless Frank Frolic in Florida.” Though “frolic” might be inappropriate for a couple of guys approaching their mid-Fifties, I’m feeling in a generous mood today.

GilliganThe Tom Cat with his boat, “The Ark.”



Tom is doing extremely well with his freelance graphic design work back in the States. He’s an excellent Engineering Illustrator/Designer who worked for NASA at one time. Check out some of his work over at Tom’s Design Farm.

Regular readers of Philippines Plus will recall that my friend lived in the Philippines for a few years and worked as an oblate at The Trappist Monastery in Guimaras.

“Fearless Frank from Florida,” seen in the next photo, was a classmate of Tom’s many eons ago. Frank, a master plumber, among many other talents, visited Tom in the Philippines a couple of years ago. He hopes to return to the archipelago in the future.


Fearless Frank


Aside from working on his freelance graphic design gigs, Tom is busy refurbishing a home he bought across from Cape Canaveral. He’s a busy guy and spends any free time he has communicating with the love of his life, LenLen, who remains in the Philippines but is working on getting to the United States so she can join Tom. And who can blame her? Tom is a handsome dude that turned many a head wherever he went in Guimaras or nearby Iloilo.


LenLen and The Tom Cat
That’s the two love birds shown in the photo above.

“Fearless Frank from Florida” also a head turner when he visited the archipelago,  has a Significant Other in the Philippines along with a handsome young son.  I have exchanged emails with Frank on occasion and believe, like MacArthur, he shall return to the Philippines at some point.

Fearless Frank from Florida at the Manggahan Festival

The “classic” Fearless Frank from Florida pose

If memory serves me correctly, Frank is currently operating a motel in Florida though what other ventures he might be involved in, I am not aware of. I had a blast hanging out with the Fearless One at the Annual Manggahan Festival in years past. Put The Tom Cat, Fearless Frank and The Kano together and you have a trio of true party animals despite our advanced age.

Here’s hoping that the Dynamic Duo will make another appearance in the Philippines some time soon. Both of them are good guys and I miss their company. I’ll leave you with one more photo from The Tom Cat that he’s titled “The Long Paddle.”


3 thoughts on “The Tom Cat and Fearless Frank Frolic in Florida

  1. Too bad you couldn’t ask anyone here in the states to renew your magicjack. But, you’ll be back here soon enough to get their newest model.

    BTW, when I was in Iloilo, Guimaras’s monastery was one of my favorite places to go. I loved talking to the Monk who kept the store. I wish I could remember his name. He had such a nice disposition, and serene look. Too bad I didn’t know about your website sooner, Dave. I would have loved to have met you, Melinda and Tom. It would have been fun to trade stories. Maybe next time.

  2. Dave,
    Glad to see Tom is doing good. So happy for him. I miss seeing him too when we visit there. He’s funny and a character and I enjoy being around him. Hopefully LenLen will be able to get her annullment and make it to the states. Anne is willing to help her of she wants. Is Tom planning to visit here soon? We may visit him when we go to the States next year. Love those photos too.

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