Pretty Pinays Parade of Photos Lost in Picasa

Sigh. Papa Duck and his Asawa Anne attended the Annual Mutya ng Guimaras, Pearl of Guimaras, beauty pageant, with my spouse and I during the world travelers’ visit to our island province home this past May. We were there for the coronation of the new queen and though I thought we had missed out on the swimsuit competition which was held in April, imagine our delight (well, OK, maybe I shouldn’t include the spouses in “our delight”) when I realized that the fabulous Filipinas would don swimsuits in this final phase of the competition. But, sadly, dear readers, my photo parade of pretty pinays in skimpy outfits got lost in Picasa, Google’s image viewer for organizing and editing digital photos. Here’ s a picture of a poster from the actual swimsuit phase of the contest which I missed.

swimsuit beauties at Manggahan Festival


Well, OK, one picture was somehow salvaged, the one shown below, but the photos with the bikini-clad beauties were wiped out during a recent computer crash. But at least the temporary malfunctioning of my computer did bring about our new WiFi from Globe and the World Wide Web to our remote rural location, when my computer tech performed his wizardry and got us a signal when no one else before could accomplish this.

Manggahan Festival 2014 part 2

But it came at a price. The loss of hundreds of pictures which I had not sent to my Picasa Web Albums. I’ve been using Google’s photo editor for around ten years. I had a ton of pictures stored on them, and have been able to rebuild the Picasa data base and retrieve some of the photos, but unfortunately, the pretty pinays parade of photos are lost for all eternity. ​

Now I’m not blaming Picasa. I could have transferred my important pictures to the Picasa Web Albums or store them on an external hard drive. But I didn’t. I’ve tried to recover those images by using some free software from the internet but nothing has worked out. If I understand all the Google research I’ve done, it looks like Picasa wasn’t storing the pictures anywhere and once they’re gone, they’re gone. 

I also attended the Mutya ng Guimaras, Pearl of Guimaras beauty pageant in 2011. Here’s a picture from that 2011 article. As you can see the pretty pinays are wearing one piece swimsuits as opposed to the two piece models they wore in this year’s competition.  

Swimsuit Beauties of Guimaras

Here’s another look at the one of the cute Filipinas from the 2011 pageant. The ladies’ measurements were posted on the big screen along with their name. 




No measurements were posted in this years’ Manggahan Festival, a disturbing sign that our local home province is becoming more politically correct. Here’s a picture I took a couple of years ago during a beauty pageant at Robinsons in Iloilo City.

2012 Iloilo Festival Queen Swimsuit Competition


But sadly, again, my pretty pinays parade of photos are lost in Picasa. I’ll have to wait until next year’s Mutya ng Guimaras, Pearl of Guimaras, and make sure I download the photos on a secure site where another computer crash won’t delete them. Maybe by that time I’ll have a new digital camera, too, that will enable me take better quality photos (if only for the sake of my readers, of course.)

12 thoughts on “Pretty Pinays Parade of Photos Lost in Picasa”

  1. Dave,
    It’s always good to see all the great photos you provide for your readers, but seeing them in person is always better. Hope You and Melinda had a nice 4th of July. Can’t believe its already here. Time really fly’s when your not on a schedule.

    • Dave,
      Sorry to hear about that. I know they are really painful. Hopefully the meds will take care of it. I remember the last time you had to go to Iloilo for treatment. We’ll be thinking about you and please keep us updated.

      • sad to hear that…will i know you can get through all that coz you have a loving and caring wife who take cares of you all the aew lucky to have such a wonderful woman in your life…

  2. yeah…how lovely to find your other behalf and be there for each other untill the end…now it’s hard to find that other behalf….i am still hoping for that if he is out there…heheheh

  3. that’s one my mother’s worries to end up a no good husband…she always pray for us to have a good husband and a stable happy family life…it’s hard now for their are some who looks like an angel with demons inside…i am not looking for a perfect man…i am just praying for a good respectful good provider and a father kind of man…that don’t hit a woman…some are alcoholic..lazy..womanizer and would physically and emotionally abuse a woman..a lot here..sad so..

  4. that’s what fears have a psychotic husband…well prayers is much powerful than anything else and you are right there are still good guys out there…just had to be positive always…how did your wife’s bestfriend knew about the husband being a murderer? that’s really scary coz you don’t know a person unless you live in the samd house…and it will take a lot of years before real attitude shows up…

  5. that’s really a traumatic experienced for her…well that’s the risk of marrying a total stranger..and even you are married for a long time there are still things hidden…good for her she was able to free herself from that person…i thought before that US is a free corruption country…now i know that there is no free from corruption when it comes to money…and the hunger for power and not give up the want of being on top always…easy money just so tempting and a few refuse graces like that…heheheh right dave???

  6. yeah i thought that ‘coz we look up so much to your country…the country for greener pasture as they say and we still have that notion….the problem here in the philippines the law can be bought and bend…if you have money you are not treated like other prisoners…well i think it’s how money makes the world go round…and the rich can hold it to stop on top for a long time..making the poor smash downward..

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