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American Expat in Philippines Rescues Report Cards at Iloilo

ushers at santa teresa guimaras

American expat in Philippines rescues report cards at Iloilo High School. Yes, I had to make a return trip to the educational institution which our niece Shaina and nephew Sharwin formerly attended. (Note: after misspelling our nephew’s name for over four years now, my asawa has finally corrected me on how to properly spell the young man’s name. My apologies, Sharwin, not Sharwen.)

Filipino nephew Sharwen the Filipino FarinaSharwin and Michelle. Don’t ask.

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American Expat Papa Duck’s Wife Anne Held by Macau Police

Readers, an extremely distressing incident involving two of our best friends, American expat Papa Duck, and his wife Anne, occurred recently. Papa D's lovely Filipina asawa was held by Macau police and had to appear before a judge. This event troubled my wife and I tremendously. Papa Duck has graciously allowed me to publish this story as a warning to other foreigners that might be planning to visit this Chinese-controlled territory. Papa Duck, Anne and The Kano

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Iloilo City High School Teacher Tried to Cheat My Nephew: Part 2

high school iloilo

Arrived at my niece and nephew’s high school around 6:30 am. Went up to my nephew Sharwen’s classroom to see if the instructor that had taken his 840 peso change for a new school t-shirt had arrived yet. She hadn’t. I wanted to have a chat with the Iloilo City high school teacher that tried to cheat my nephew. I wasn’t in the best mood. My asawa had stayed at home. She knew I was on a mission and there was no stopping me. 

high school iloilo(Photo Source: sunstar.com)

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Iloilo City High School Teacher Tried to Cheat My Nephew

An Iloilo City high school teacher recently tried to teach cheat my nephew Sharwen out of money owed to him. Now that Sharwen and his sister, Shaina, our niece, are  enrolled in the public high school system in Guimaras, I’m releasing this post as I feared possible repercussions from the “teacher” involved in this incident.The Scammer

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Meet Belinda Baylon, One of Guimaras’ Premier Teachers

Niece Shaina and nephew Sharwen are now enrolled in public school in mango land, Guimaras, my asawa's home province. We plan to follow them next month. Because the kids had a new grading period start in Iloilo, my asawa and I felt it would be a good time to bring them back to their old stomping grounds and stay at "The Compound" until we arrived.

Belinda B

Guimaras Teacher Extraordinaire Belinda Baylon

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Fleeing Jeddah

crew at halloween
The wife and I have to go to Iloilo City later today to pick up her sister Marjorie who has been working as an OFW (Overseas Filipino Worker) outside of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. The OFW’s used to be called OCW’s (Overseas Contract Worker) as was the case with my wife Melinda when she worked in Singapore and in Taiwan. Marjorie had a two year contract with an employment agency from the Philippines that was not due to expire until December 2010. Over 11 million Filipinos work overseas as OFW’s since unemployment here is so bad. Marjorie, Shina, Sharwin and JalAmiel

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Unemployment in the Philippines Rises

The unemployment rate in the Philippines  increased to 7.3 percent in July 2013 from 7 percent in the same period last year according to a  yahoo.news philippines report from the NSO, National Statistics Office.

Philippine Flag


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No Need to Show Printed Plane Tickets in Philippine Airports


The Bureau of Immigration (BI) in the Philippines has lifted its rule that requires passengers in airports to present their printed plane tickets when leaving the country, the Department of Justice (DOJ) recently announced.NAIA

(Photo Source: en.wikipedia.org)

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