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Valle Verde Mountain Spring Resort in Guimaras is  unlike any other Guimaras resort.  They offer a peaceful rural mountain setting to relax in.  Their mountain side haven is for those who seek a little rest and tranquility. Do you need to cool off? Enjoy their beautiful mountain spring or their full size swimming pool with showers and changing rooms. Pool side pavilions are also available to reserve.

Valle Verde Mountain Spring Resort in Guimaras

My asawa and I, along with our twin nieces, April and Michelle (see lead photo),  visited this pocket of paradise back in December 2009. My friend, Tom Cat, recently designed a new website for Valle Verde.  Since one of my asawa’s legion of relatives on the mango island, Luisa,  is also the owner, I thought I was long overdue for another report regarding this charming mountain resort in the Philippines.

Want to check out Tom’s latest design website while you’re surfing for his new website for Valle Verde. It’s called  “Tom’s Design Farm.” Know of any one that needs an awesome graphic artist?  The Tom Cat’s your man.

Valle Verde Moutain Spring Resort in Guimaras

(Valle Verde Mountain Spring Resort logo courtesy of   “Tom’s Design Farm.”)

Here’s one of the bewitching views you’ll see on your way to this alluring Philippines resort. My asawa grew up in the very jungle depicted in this photo. No electricity. No running water. Pythons in her backyard. But not to worry. The Valle Verde Mountain Spring Resort in Guimaras has plenty of modern amenities, and we didn’t spy any pythons when we visited.

 The view at Valle Verde Mountain Spring Resort

Easy to get there. From Iloilo,  just take a pump boat from Ortiz Dock to Jordan Wharf in Guimaras. Only 14 pesos. Take a jeepney to San Miguel, 13 pesos, and hire a trike or motorcycle driver. It’s past the Trappist Monastery outside of San Miguel, Jordan municipality, but well worth the fairly short drive.  Why not book your visit today?

Melinda, Michelle, and April at Valle Verde Mountain Spring Resort

(My beautiful asawa, and nieces Michelle and April taking it easy by the entrance to the mountain spring at Valle Verde)

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  1. Thanks Dave. You know even during our raining season I love that pool. They also sell buckets of iced beer to take down. I’m just sayin’

  2. Dave,
    Sounds like a great place to go. Another place to add to the list. Tom did a great job with there website. Looking forward to seeing everyone. Have a nice day

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