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Is the premier dating website, Cherry Blossoms, right for you, whether you be a single man or single Filipina? A recent remark by Lee, got me thinking. And that doesn’t happen very often. “Dave, at this point I am a little nervous to unleash ‘Baby Sister’ on Cherry Blossom. She is 19 but she hasn’t  ‘fallen off of the pineapple truck’ yet, so to speak.”  previous post regarding this Asian dating site  has generated over 100 comments thus far and contains many informative remarks from readers that have used this dating website.

Morena Cherry Blossoms girl

(Dark-skinned Filipina Morena beauty from Cherry Blossoms)

Lee is rightfully concerned about his 19-year-old sister-in-law, “Baby Sister,” signing up with Blossoms.  While I encourage male readers to use this dating service, I wouldn’t recommend it for all Filipinas, though my 19-year-old twin nieces, April and Michelle, have used it in the past.  

Michelle is avidly searching for an American or other foreigner she can meet on Cherry Blossoms (or Facebook) and is very serious about developing a committed relationship with one. 

While it’s free for the ladies to sign up, some of the pretty pinays may be naive and too trustworthy.  In the Philippines,  many of the ladies are very innocent. Some are raised in rural provinces, such as our twin nieces, where cable or satellite (or even electricity) is a luxury many cannot afford.  Television and movie standards are very strict. They’re not exposed to the steady diet of trash television and movies that’s found in the States. 

I can assure you that “Dad” and their aunt, my wife, “Tita Daday,” keep a close eye on the girls, not that we need to. But the two are absolutely clueless when it comes to more adult issues and that’s entirely fine with us.  

While the Internet is not yet censored (a “Cyber Martial Law,” which would jail those even “liking” a comment on Facebook some politician didn’t like,  has been put on hold by the Supreme Court)  many of these girls are raised in a strict religious environment in this predominantly Catholic nation. Many are more interested in chatting with their Facebook friends and following their favorite K-Pop stars than exploring the dark side of the world wide web.  

There are predators, male and female, of course,   waiting to pounce on unsuspecting victims, on all these dating websites.  I would hate to see any of the girls that signed up for Cherry Blossoms,  or any other Asian dating service,  to victimized by some moron that only wants to use the ladies for sex chats or to ask them to undress on their webcam.  I am equally disgusted with the female (and lady boy)  gold diggers which are  also very prevalent. 

In full disclosure, I do earn a commission from guys that sign up for the premium paid services that Cherry Blossoms offers through any of the links and ads on my website, Philippines Plus.  But if anyone ever asks you for money, no matter what site you are using, DROP that person immediately!

You won’t find any perfect dating website online. There are scammers on all of them. The majority of readers that commented on my previous Cherry Blossoms post had a lot of good things to say about CB,  along with a few warnings.

  • Michael S. said: Cherry Blossoms is how i met my wife. First day i posted my profile i had over 100 messages from women. Lot of scammers on there so be careful. even with all the scammers still a good site.
  • Garf said:

    My husband and I met on Cherry Blossoms. We have been married for seven years now. We are currently living here in the US but are planning to move to the Philippines in the not too distant future.

  • Dave W remarked: I too met my gf on Cherry Blossoms. I received 100 emails and smiles the first day, same the second and the third, etc. Yes, there are plenty of girls on there you do not want but many sweet ones you do. Of course I am no longer active there, but I have several friends from my CB days, all of whom found Western bfs and fiancees.
  • Todd stated the following: I highly recommend Cherry Blossoms. I met my first fiance on that site and many terrific women. In the end run my ex-fiance and I breaking up had NOTHING to do with CB. I met my present fiance, the best women by far I have ever known and the love of my life, on CB. She is an angel if there are such things.

    Cherry Blossoms has many many terrific woman. There are some scammers but they are so easy for me to spot.

  • And this from The Ice Man: I also met my wife through Cherry Blossoms, “a single blossom” as they used to say. That was in ’97 when I had to purchase her address and actually write a letter. Imagine trying to purchase a thousand contacts and write a thousand letters! One had to scrutinize the magazine’s bio’s and photos carefully and choose a select few girls to write to. As it turned out, Vilma was the first and best reply I received, so we became pen pals for a year before I went to visit her.
  • John remarked: Meet my wife there in 2008 and happy married up to now but before i got scam and there are still a lots of scammers. A scammer sending hundred and hundred smile can catch hundred of man that can send her money even if CB remove the profile after few days the scammers doesn’t care because she is already chatting with her personal messanger and they do make a lots of money. And they go back again with an other profile and do the game over and over for years and years.
  • Gary Wigle posted this nugget of wisdom: Want to find a nice girl here in the Philippines? Look in church and then have Bob Martin’s PI service check her out. Even if you meet them in person you really don’t know who they are…

Pretty pinay from Blossoms

(Pretty Pinay from Cherry Blossoms)



Filipina cutie from Cherry Blossoms

(Another Filipina cutie from Cherry Blossoms)


Pretty Pinay from Cherry Blossoms

 (Beautiful Filipina lady from Cherry Blossoms)

That said, I would still encourage Filipinas to sign up for Cherry Blossoms but would advise them to first seek the advice and permission from a parent or guardian.  As far as the guys go, I think the majority of you will find this premier Asian dating site a good way to meet some incredibly beautiful, loving, loyal ladies from the Philippines.

Island girl from Cherry Blossoms

(Filipina Island Girl from Cherry Blossoms)

Click any of the links or ads on this article (like the one below), or on this website,  to sign up today. Again, it’s free to sign up. And if you decide to upgrade to one of their premium services, it does put a little extra change in my pocket. Of which I share half with my wife. After all, she’s the one that does all the work around here. You can bet I don’t.


12 thoughts on “Can You Find Your Special Filipina on Cherry Blossoms?

  1. Dave – You are right that with all the emphasis on men getting scammed by Pinays, at least as many (probably more) young Filipinas get conned by men, who are inevitably older and more experienced. But still the girls can triumph. In my CB days I made Pinay friends, as well as gfs. One was 23 or 24 and completely naïve about the ways of men. We became good friends (only) and I practically became her mentor in her search. She would ask me almost daily “What does it mean when a guy says this…” Some of the men she got to know where total douche bags. In one case I got so incensed that I contacted the guy and encouraged him to take a hike. Finally my friend met a good guy, they fell in love, and now they are married, where she is freezing her tiny butt off in Minnesota! And loving every minute of it. I really am proud of her. Point is these girls who join are naïve and often virginal, but if they stick to it and have a parent or friend to guide them, they too can be successful! And BTW, I met the one for me too, and she will be joining me in the US within a couple of months!

  2. I met my wife Meriam on Cherry Blossoms. Great woman and wife. I now live here in the Philippines. Scams on CB are a two way street. Most of the men want only one thing. A sex tour. There are so many nice ladies here in Philippines and there are so many scammers too.

  3. Ok, this subject is very near and dear to my heart for one MAIN reason….I LOVE filipinas.

    There are many many many terrific filipinas on CB. Many. However, there are also scammers, but the scammers are almost always easy to spot.

    Rule 1. Get them on cam
    Rule 2. If they ask for money…get rid of them NOW!
    Rule 3. If they seem more interested in coming to America or whatever country you live in than really being with you…get rid of them.

    I also want to say something else. As I mentioned…there are scammers on CB…but the amount of scamming filipinas is FAR FAR FAR less than the absolute sickening men that regularly frequent that site.

    Some of the stuff I have heard from my filipina friends that guys do on CB, Filipina Heart, ect. is absolutely ridiculous. Totally disgusting.

    Filipinas can be very flirty and have a lot of fun…but what some of these men do is disgusting.

    Please, please, please….treat the filipina with courtesy and respect…you can be a bit naughty at times….but no the boundaries.

    Also, if you have no interest in learning the filipino culture, visiting the family, and actually wanting to visit the filipines on a semi-regular basis…move on.

    I am tired of seeing American guys go to the filipines, spend two weeks there, and then bring the filipina back to America and force the American way down their throats. Ridiculous.

    Remember, BOTH cultures matter. Don’t take her away from her family and not allow her to see them for years and years. I am f’n fed up with that crap. I see it all the time.

    Ok, off my soapbox. CB is a darn good place to meet the woman of your dreams….but please, show some respect and remember the filipina is not some possession you just show off.

  4. Dave,
    Great article about CB. I met Anne on Date in Asia. It has the scammers, ladyboys etc like all the other sites. I was very lucky and fortunate to find someone like Anne. She is the best thing that has ever happened to me. One unusual thing about her also is she has no immediate family members. She is very independent and able to handle most situations that arise. She is having a great time here in the US and we are both looking forward to getting back to the Philippines.

  5. I am sporadically on Cherry Blossoms. I have the worst luck on that site. There is the scammers of course. Then there are the gals who are talking with so many guys they can’t keep track of them. I was chatting on cam with one and, of course, she was a good Catholic girl (since that is what I am looking for) but after our conversation she didn’t close her cam. Well, she was talking with another guy and started putting on quite a show for him…and me until she realized she didn’t close the video.

    The scammers are usually pretty easy to spot. I agree with Todd’s rules. I would add if she has a name like “honeybabes”, it’s probably best to skip to the next profile. Other simple things like how she is dressed, how she poses in pictures, etc are clues to scammers.

  6. Oh, and I would agree that there are a lot of scumbag men on CB. I’ve had more than one Filipina tell me about guys that say the will marry her and they love her. They will even sometimes come to the Philippines and have sex with her; and, then, when they go back home, tell the Filipina ‘oh by the way I’m married so I can’t marry you’.

  7. Cherry Blossoms is a good way to go and a way I would start with for sure. Just follow the rules I listed above and you will probably be ok.

    Also, if they are slutty in their profile pics…pass on by unless that is what you want. I have never met a good filipina that shows a lot of skin in her profile pics. EVER. That is not to say every filipina that shows far too much cleavage in their pics is bad…but usually it is not the best way to go.

    Also, you can just arrive in the Philippines and fly by the seat of your pants. If that is the case then this is how I would do it. I have met many men that have met their dream woman doing it this way. It is very easy to do.

    1. Get yourself a cell phone in the Philippines.
    2. Get some cards printed up with the following on them or just write it on a piece of paper.

    “Hi, my name is Todd and I would like to get to know you better. If you are interested in lunch or dinner please text me or call me at XXX-XXX-XXXXX.”

    3. EVERYWHERE you go, and see a woman that you are interested in, just walk up to her and say hi and give her that card or say to her face what is on the card.

    This works AMAZINGLY well. Much better than asking the woman for her number as the filipina is probably initially going to be very cautious.

    But by giving her YOUR number and mentioning her sending you a text if she is interested, you tap into what filipinas LOVE to do…or at least most of them. They love to text!!! I cannot believe how much filipinas text.

    If you approach 100 filipinas and don’t act like a freak and give them your card…I guarantee you at least 70 will contact you. It is amazing how well this works. I have seen it done sooooooo many times.

    Except for the initial contact you are now putting the filipina in charge. If she is not at all interested she will not contact you…or she could know of someone she thinks is interested in you.

    If she is interested in you she can slowly and cautiously start a text conversation with you….then go from there.

    I have friends that have done it this way.

    Just be cool and be courteous. Being polite and courteous goes over in the filipines and with filipinas a 100 times more than in America and with American women.

    But if you want to meet women BEFORE you step foot in the filipines then CB is a great way to go. Just be courteous and respectful and follow the rules.

  8. And one final point…no matter what I say, Dave says, or anyone else says…when you step foot in the Filipines you are going to be shocked by how many beautiful, pretty, cute, and sexy women there are. And most of them sweet as cotton candy….not all….but most.

    And if you are just an average guy…you really do have a shot with them.

    What truly amazes me about the the women in the filipines is how many just cute women there are. I have been to the filipines many times and lived there…in numerous places.

    I am still stunned every time I go to the filipines at how many nice, sweet, and good looking women there are.

    Honestly, if you cannot find the woman of your dreams in the filipines you have ZERO game, you are some sort of digusting FREAK, or you simply have ZERO personality.

    It is highly unlikely any of you reading this are any of the three, so if you want a great woman get to the Philippines. It will change your life.

  9. Dave,LOL. You make me laugh with the personality disorder deal. Really funny!

    I am trying to get more and more of my friends to read your site because I think they think I am full of it! But what I say is the truth!

    You, Gary, PapaDuck, we all have seen it and experienced it.

    Guys….don’t wait!! If you can get to the Philippines soon, and you have GOOD intentions…get there!

    I will say this one more time, because it is REALLY important to me. Please respect their culture and if you do find the woman of your dreams…don’t take her away from her family for years and years. God, I just HATE to see that.

    I talk to filipinas on a DAILY basis back here in America and so many miss their families terribly. In ALMOST every case these filipinas have not seen their families for two, three, four, and five or more years.

    My goodness! If your filipina has a family in the Philippines all you really need is the plane ticket. You will not be spending much money (if any) on hotels and that.

    I am sure this is going to offend some…but so be it. If you are one of those guys that have only one intention and that intention is to go to the Philippines, find a woman in two weeks, and then take her to your country and force that lifestyle down her throat…please do not do that!

    You must respect her culture, even if you disagree with some of the things you see. She loves her country. She knows of the issues, but it is her country and her family lives there. Please be respectful and don’t try to take her culture away from her.

    I know of guys that would NOT let their filipina wives even have a cell phone in America! Ridiculous. They have nothing good to say about her country. The filipina just smiles on the outside, but I GUARANTEE there is plenty of hurt on the inside.

    Please be a good guy and appreciate where the woman YOU love came from.

    The Philippines is certainly not for everyone, I get it. I personally absolutely LOVE the people and the country…even with plenty of issues.

    You do not need to love it…but respect where she comes from and let her be her! Don’t force what YOU think is the right way down your filipinas throat. She is likely to be very miserable.

  10. I had considered just going there instead of doing CB. Perhaps I should give it greater consideration. Todd, excellent suggestion for getting a phone.

  11. If you do go there yourself contact me if you need any help. I have helped many guys in their travels.

    CB is actually a very good choice….just follow the rules and you should be ok. But I will tell you this…I am very happy with my fiance. She is the best woman I have ever met. I met her on CB three years ago….

    ….but….if I were to do it all over again I would go there with maybe a few “friends” in mind and meet them. Do not promise anything. Be honest. Once you get there you are going to find that there are soooooooooooo many available filipinas that your head will be spinning like Linda Blair in the Exorcist.

    It really is amazing. And many of them, MANY, will be interested in you.

    So find a few that interest you on CB…then go from there. If one happens to really float your boat you can settle on her and meet her. That is what I and many guys I know have done.

    But in my many travels and times in the Philippines I have talked to many men that said they wish they had gone over as a “free agent” and then met women. The only issue with that is that it can take some time so you might have to make an additional trip.

    That is not a problem for me, but for some guys they want to make the trip, seal the deal, and then apply for the fiance VISA. And that works also.

    But I can GUARANTEE you this…once you set foot in the Philippines you will be STUNNED at the great women that are available. And I am not talking about just physical beauty. The average filipina has a personality and heart that is much more beautiful than any physical beauty she will have.

    I laugh when I travel to the Philippines and talk to guys on their first trip to the Philippines. They THINK they get it…then sometimes I see these guys on the way home or we chat through email or whatever…they admit they THOUGHT they knew what it was like but in reality they had NO idea. It always makes me laugh.

    Anyway, CB is the way I would start with and then see how it goes.

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