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More Fine Filipinas at Guimaras’ Manggahan Festival

Here’s more fine filipinas  that I observed at the Manggahan Festival held in the sweet mango province of the Philippines this past April. The young lady pictured below gladly posed for this photo as she clung to her cute baby daughter.

Manggahan Festival Mother and Child


Aside from a few shy South Koreans I met during a recent visit to Raymen Beach Resort, I’ve never had anyone refuse my photo requests. I always approach everyone politely, pour on my considerable charm (remember, this is my website) and explain I have an asawa. Most filipinos smile and let me snap their picture with my wife’s Sony CyberShot Digital Camera.

The pretty pinay featured in the next two photos was involved in the  ABS-CBN Kapamilya Karavan 2013 that was held Sunday afternoon at 3 pm on April 14, 2013, the first official day of the Manggahan Festival. The noise from the stage show was deafening at times. My American expat friend, The Tom Cat, and I, had difficulty hearing each over as we quaffed a “few” bottles of San Miguel Pale Pilsen. We must have heard the official Manggahan Festival theme song around a thousand times. 


Pretty Pinay on stage on Family Night


It was hotter than the skin tight leotards the cute Filipina emcee was wearing, but we sat in the shade underneath Lisa’s Talaban and managed to catch a breeze from one of the few fans found at the mango party. Would be great if  misting fans could be set up throughout the festival grounds, but I doubt that’s in the budget.

With the mango mash being held in April, one of the hottest summer months, a cooling station could provide some relief from the heat. Even after four summers as an American expat living in the Philippines, I still find the summer months the most difficult to deal with weather wise. I’m ready for the rainy season which should be starting soon.


Pretty Pinay exiting

Don’t know the lovely lady’s name in the colorful leggings pictured above, but believe she was from the ABS CBN Iloilo City television station.  I sincerely do not know how some of these pretty pinays manage to get into the tight-fitting jeans, leggings and other form-fitting outfits that I’ve admittedly noticed since moving to the Philippines almost four years ago.

During my teen years I could have poured myself into a straight leg pair of regular fitting Levi’s, but with my advanced age, 61, I’ve put on quite a few pounds over the decades and wear loose fit Levis now. If not for my daily early morning walking regimen around our subdivision, I would probably balloon up like Jerry Lewis on steroids. 

Muyta Ng Guimaras Talent Night


Here’s a shot of the posters for the Mutya Ng Guimaras, Pearl of Guimaras, Talent Show contestants. The talent show was held during the Manggahan Festival on Tuesday, April 16, 2013.  One of my asawa’s countless relatives from the mango province, Maria Daziella Lazaro Gange,  was in the group of eight ladies vying for the title in the beauty contest portion of the competition which was held later that week, on Friday April 19.  My wife and I went to the finals of this competition two years and covered it in this post

My wife has never met Maria Daziella L. Gange from San Lorenzo but believes they are probably related since they share the same family name. When I jokingly state on this website that my spouse is related to half the people on this province, I’m probably not exaggerating by much. 

It seems we’re always running into some relative on the pump boat, jeepney, or the local market whenever we visit our former home. If you encounter a relative (or friend) on a jeepney or boat, expect to pay their fare. That’s a custom my wife faithfully observes. Here’s a large poster that was displayed on the festival grounds at a kiosk set up by the town of San Lorenzo where the Filipina beauty resides. 

Maria Lazaro Gange


Maria Daziella played this musical instrument for her portion of the talent night. Each person was allowed three minutes for their performance and would be penalized if they went over the time limit. The entire talent show only lasted 30 minutes.

Maria Gange on stage during talent night


Have no clue as to who won the talent competition or who ended up as the winner of the overall beauty competition on Friday night. My asawa and I left on Thursday morning. The original plan was to return to our home in Iloilo on Saturday and attend the  Mutya Ng Guimaras contest on Friday evening. But after four days, I was anxious to return to our domicile.  There’s only so much partying a 61-year-old geezer like me can handle. 

Dancing duo at Manggahan Festival


The pretty pinay featured above had a dance partner. The contestants were not required to do their act solo as my wife’s relative, and the young lady depicted below, did. 

Talent night contestant at Manggahan Festival


Don’t remember the song the lovely Filipina warbled. This was back in April. I can barely remember what I had for breakfast this morning.  And please don’t ask me what day of the week it is. Since moving  to the Philippines, I have to look at a calendar to determine that. Every day is the weekend when you’re retired. 

More dancers at Manggahan Festival


But the excitement level went up (as did my blood pressure) when this dynamic Filipina went on stage to do her dance number with some energetic pinoys. She put on quite a show and in my opinion, should have been one of the favorites to win the talent portion of the competition. 

Pretty Pinay at French Fry Stand


The next day I spoke to this young lady operating a hot dog stand at the Manggahan Festival. Pleasant girl who also happened to be related to my spouse. Somehow I wasn’t surprised. 

Cute Filipina at Manggahan Festival


I’ll close this segment with a cute Filipina that had her back to me.  She was checking out the hot dog stands which I avoid. The red dye color they inject into the most of the hot dog products in the Philippines is not one bit appealing to me. But a pretty pinay with nice legs?  That’s a different story. 

4 thoughts on “More Fine Filipinas at Guimaras’ Manggahan Festival”

  1. Too much party for an old goat like me Dave… Just stay at home in front of the fan. Sometimes we go to the mall and watch a movie. The air-con is nice on a hot summer day.

    Meriam keeps the camera so I don’t take photos of the pretty girls. Meriam would just delete them if I did. 🙂

    The last big event I went to was a trip to Davao City to have lunch at Gerry’s Grill.

    You are living the good life Dave. Thanks for the photos and updates…

  2. Thanks for your latest post on your website, I greatly enjoy your stories and the pictures of pretty pinays. I am planning to retire in mid-2018 and I may move to Iloilo instead of Cebu, as Cebu is becoming too crowded and expensive. I agree with you %100 on the hotdogs, the artificial coloring is definitely something to worry about. I joke with people that you can use the hotdogs from Philippines as markers at the airport, the pilots can see them from miles away as their bright color can illuminate any field they are placed on. I don’t eat them at all when I go to Cebu.

  3. Dave,
    Again you provided us with some great photos. Much appreciated. Life is good on my first day of retirement. Looking forward to enjoying it there. Take care and stay safe

  4. Dave, A day in the life of an American expatriate in the Philippines. Thank you again, Dave., for showing me what I can expect when I get there. Why stay in my fifth floor condo with the aircon blasting, 24 hour security and CCTV and/or my house with privacy/perimeter fence in a gated/guarded sub-division when I could be out there taking in the sights and sounds of the Philippines in all its glory. You do not have to sell it any longer…. You had me at, ” I’ll have a cold San Miguel Pale Pilsen waiting for you, Eric” And that was quite a few blogs ago. Thanks again for sharing details of your life, Dave. PapaDuck, Congratulations on your first week of retirement. I will see you when I get there. Iloilo or bust. Eric

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