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Cherry Blossoms. The dating website. My twin 19-year-old nieces, April and Michelle, that live with us,  have registered with CB. They enjoy chatting with the guys online. They call me "Dad." As their "Dad," I keep an eye out for any boneheads that might be online, but thus far the girls have told me it's been a positive experience for them. I'm glad to hear that. DSC

Check out the remarks from a  previous article I did on CB. I invited comments from anyone that had any experiences ,good or bad, regarding  Cherry Blossoms. The overwhelming response I received was positive.

Sure, there were a couple of negative reviews, but I want to let my readers know that. The fact that I'm making a commission from this dating website is honestly not going to make me withhold any info that can help you, the reader, make an informed decision. I sincerely want you to find the best Filipina out there for you, just as I did over 12 years ago.  Cc

More cute Filipinas from Cherry Blossoms.



So if you already are a registered member that has signed up from my website, please consider a paid membership when the following screen pops up next time you're on Cherry Blossoms

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I would sincerely appreciate it plus it should help you in your own search for that special Filipina. Here's a screen shot of their latest membership prices. 

Fullscreen capture   PM

Thanks for your consideration and good luck on your search. As I've said over and over again, the SMARTEST thing I've ever done is "MARRY A FILIPINA." We've been married over 12 years now, and I mean that statement even more as each day passes by. 



Author: The Kano

POST AUTHOR: "THE KANO." Dave DeWall, "The Kano", is the Publisher & Editor-in-Chief of "Philippines Plus" in publication since August 2009. He is also the CEO of Lizard Poop Productions and author of the best-selling guide book "The Philippines Expat Advisor." Dave moved to the Philippines in July 2009 from Central Illinois with his lovely wife of over 19 years, "The Sainted Patient Wife." The couple reside in a rural province in Western Visayas, Guimaras. The small island province is said to have the sweetest mangoes in the world. They do not have any children but are the proud owners of eight active canines, including a Belgian Shepherd called "Killer" "Killer" has bitten five people in the last two years along with one goat and a carabao. "Killer" doesn't like strangers. Or goats. Or carabaos.

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  1. My second month just started. Here are my 2 pesos based on my experience…

    I want to encourage anyone who is curious to give it a try; and, if you do give it a try, you should buy at least a 3 month membership. One month is not long enough. The first week or two you will be bombarded with smiles from lovely ladies. You will spend hours writing women back; this will frustrate you, burn you out, and you’ll want to give up. Mid-way through Month 1, ladies will poof on you or you will get tired of the their one line emails that don’t say much of anything and you will curse CB and want to throw your computer out. By the end of the month, you will have your sea legs and be able to navigate things much better making the experience more enjoyable.

    Be honest about what you want. Set some parameters, it will keep you sane while you are looking at profiles and choosing who to respond to.

    There are many men who use the anonymity of the internet to be total douche bags, pardon my language. Be a gentleman. Not only will the ladies appreciate it…not only will it make you stand out among the crowd…it is the right way to treat women.

    Yes there are scammers but they aren’t lurking in every profile. They are obvious 99% of the time if you use your brain. If they start to talk money or give you some sob story…say nothing and/or change the topic; the scammers will quickly move on. If their username is something like “HoneyLover” or “SexyVixen” and/or they are posing provocatively 1/2 naked chances are you should click on the next profile…but hey, it’s your money and sanity, if you want to click on the profile, go for it. Likewise if they have multiple children by multiple men, for the love of God, click on the next profile. You have to trust your spidey senses. If something doesn’t seem right, move on to the next woman.

    1. Steve, I appreciate all your helpful tips for the single guys out there that are considering using Cherry Blossoms. Sounds like that first month was pretty rough. I sincerely hope you find the right one. We all know they’re out there but as you said, plenty of scammers, too. But I agree with you, I think they would be pretty easy to spot especially when they ask for money. How about the girls that show a LOT of cleavage and in their profile state” “They fear God.” (The cleavage profile issue is coming up in a future post.)

      Good advice, Steve, hope the guys follow up. Only need one more sign-up this month and that will put me over the top to get that new fridge. Thanks to everyone. I appreciate it.

    2. I agree with this Steve, although my only problem during my first month was lack of sleep, staying up half the night chatting with cute girls.

      But after you have gotten over the ego rush of receiving hundreds of emails from pretty girls, you will set up your own standards, and then you perform the search.

      You can customize your search based on your criterial: age, location, height, weight, education, smoker, and many others. Once you have done that and contact your faves, then you become the hunter so to speak, and are no longer quite as overwhelmed from receiving the messages from cute girls who don’t meet your needs.

      1. More good tips, thanks, Dave W. I wish you guys all the best and I appreciate the helpful advice that you’re handing out. “Hundreds of emails from pretty girls,” huh, Dave W. That’s not a “problem” I had back in my single days back in the States years ago.

    1. I agree, Fearless One. And that’s only a few of the thousands of ladies searching for their “significant other” on the site. I think there were about 80,000 people online when I checked the site on one my niece’s accounts. 😯

  2. Great advice in the comments. Guys, there are a huge amount of great filipinas on CB. Use your big head and you will be fine.

    Always get them on cam, sure, you might miss out on a few gems (such as Dave’s nieces) but in the long run you will benefit. Without the aid of a cam that cute 25 year old you think you are chatting with could be 60 and toothless…or worse yet…another man.

    Now if you are into toothless 60 year olds…no problemo. Just trying to warn you though.

    CB is a great place to meet filipinas….and guys, be respectful. I have actually seen conversations with my ex-fiances friends that would shock you. The men were HORRIBLE. I am no prude and might say something slightly naughty at times, but what these guys were asking for was pathetic. Shameful.

    1. Appreciate the input, Todd. You guys are really handing out some good advice. My niece April will soon be able to use a web cam at an Internet cafe once she gets her first paycheck from SM City if she so chooses. I know there are a few guys she is chatting with. Her twin sister, Michelle, is also chatting away in CB.

      I totally agree with your admonition for the guys to be respectful. I’ve got a pretty good bunch of guys here, and doubt that any of them would be anything less than respectful to the ladies they chat with. But I know there are some guys out there like that. And Todd, you’re right, “shameful,” indeed. But hey, thanks for all the info, Todd, and everyone else. Sign up today and I’ll be able to get a couple of ice cube trays to go with the new fridge we’re going to buy. 😛 Thanks much, guys. All the local sari sari stores were out of ice last night. Funny how you miss the simple things when you don’t have them.

    2. Also, sometimes they look better on cam than their photos. Some people aren’t that photogenic. There was one filipina I was emailing. I didn’t find her particularly attractive but she was nice to chat with. She asked to go on cam and she looked way better “in person”.

        1. Remember Dave, if you aren’t feeling particularly gwapo on cam, just do the pretty filipina gang sign thing and it will make you look great! lol

  3. I too have tried CB on your recomendation. Sorry to say,,,it would seem a VERY high percentage are indeed scammers. Many hours of wasted time later…me thinks it best to just wait until i arrive in the Phils to meet a nice lady.The stories are endless as to why they will need money from you…some at least put some effort in before asking…many are talking money in 5 being..i love you honey…but i have no money for internet cafe…lol.#2…i sooo want you to see me on cam…but i need money to buy a webcam for you honey…lol.I am sure there must be a few honest girls looking for a true relationship….but…does needle in a haystack ring a bell…just my 2 cents.

    1. Sorry to hear it’s not working out for you, Paul. There are PLENTY of good Filipinas out there looking for a decent guy. It’s seems you’ve run into nothing but scammers. Have you reported the scammers to CB?

      And according to some of my single expat friends here, you have plenty of chances to meet some nice ladies once you arrive in the Philippines. But beware of the scammers you meet in person, too, since I have heard “gold digger” reports. But don’t give up hope. The good ones are out there.

    2. Sorry to hear about your experiences Paul, but I have to say that I am bit surprised. I’ve come across a handful potential scammers but I have never been asked for money outright. I would respectfully submit that if someone is only talking to scammers that they might be unintentionally putting something out there that is attractive to them. I’ve found that staying “invisible” helpful; it is my hunch that scammers generally just cruise the “online” profiles rather than actively search for victims.

      Again, this is only my experience, but I have found the vast majority to be very earnest and sincere. Back to my earlier comment about setting parameters. A good profile is also a good filter. I have a very detailed, honest, no-nonsense profile about what I want. I think this gives me a certain firewall to help control the scammers. Certain filipinas find my profile off-putting. I know this because they’ve told me. lol. Many others filipinas have found it refreshing. I know this because they also have told me.

      Definitely report the scammers to CB administration, they are very quick to deal with them.

      1. Thanks for the info, Steve. Whatever you’re doing in your profile must be working even if it might be ticking a few of the ladies off. I’m glad to hear that the CB administration deals quickly with the scammers. I’ve got more people registering and signing up for a paid plan. It must be working for a majority of the guys and that’s good to hear.

      2. You are so right…I too have become “invisible” and suddenly the scammers have also dissapeared…lol. I also made a few changes to my text…suggesting that perhaps girls who would ask for money after just meeting should “look elsewhere” and low and behold..I am no longer fending off ATM hunters near as often…lol.Now if only the ladies didn’t always use their very BEST picture to get me to look at their profile…hehehe. P.S. just a warning…Cherryblossoms can be hazardous to your time management….smiles

        1. So becoming “invisible,” is the trick, huh, Paul? Glad to hear that the tips from Todd and Steve have helped out. Listen, guys, I SINCERELY want you to meet the right Filipina for you. I have been extremely fortunate to have met my asawa (using a pen pal service) over 13 years ago this past June (that’s when I got my first letter from her.) If it ever gets to the point where I think I’m doing you guys (and gals) a disservice by promoting a certain product, I’ll get rid of it in a heartbeat no matter how much I might be gaining financially from it. I’ll say it again: “Marrying a Filipina was the SMARTEST thing I’ve ever done in my life. Moving to the Philippines was the second smartest thing.” Paul, I honestly wish you the best of luck.

        2. Hey Paul, that idea of an ‘up-front disclaimer’ may be a good idea. Seems to be working for you. I have never used the dating sites (they didn’t exist when I was hunting) and I am by no means an expert in this area, but I do understand the Filipina gold digging logic and would venture to say the ‘hottest and sexiest’ babes are simply using their looks as bait for income. Also, along with very good looks comes a hard-to-harness ego, and if you are anywhere over 50, it may be something you may not want to deal with. I have learned though, up front and in person, that the girls with above average looks and under will make the most devout wife you could ever ask for. I am reminded of an old Navy buddy who chased different women nightly while stationed in the RP in the early 80′. He explained to me once that his propensity to collect a STD was directly proportional to a girl’s good looks, and once he figured that out, he began chasing the “fat ugly” chicks (his words) and he never caught the ‘clap’ again. Accurate analogy, possibly, but those are just the risks and odds you will have to figure out for yourself. But, keep on searching and soon you will find the woman of your dreams as most guys have discovered there can be much more to a good Filipina than meets the eye. Filipina beauty is truly more than skin deep. 😉

          1. Good advice, Randy. I started communicating with my Sainted Patient Wife via a pen pal service just before I purchased my first PC for my home. No doubt the gold diggers were out in force using the mail to snare some unsuspecting victim. I totally agree with your statement that “Filipina beauty is truly more than skin deep.” When I received my first letter from my future asawa I knew immediately she had a good heart. I was right. And now over 12 years, she still puts up with me. I’m truly one blessed guy. Thanks for sharing your wisdom, Randy.

          2. All – I think you can have both. That is, there are many pretty women on CB that are not scammers. You don’t have to just look for an average or ugly one to find one with a good character.

            OTOH, I will agree that if a girl shows lots of skin or cleavage like a Western girl might, it’s a sign she may be a bad one. But even then I have seen exceptions.

            If the girl looks somewhat conservative, works hard and/or goes to school, has worked to get a degree – those are signs she has good character.

            That being said I estimated when I did CB last year that 20% of the girls asked for money; some right away and others on the 5th or 10th chat session.

            1. Dave W, I saw one online report that said women on dating sites with “cleavage shots” got about 50% more messages than those ladies that didn’t. Sheesh! I’m surprised the increase was only 50%. 😯

              But I would agree that you can have both. I’m sure there has to be a lot of pretty pinays out there that are not scammers. 20% asking for money is not even close to one online report, Dave W, where they said 70% of Filipinas online were scammers. I don’t know how in the world they came up with those figures, but I can assure you that the majority of Filipinas, friends of my wife in the States and people we’ve met since moving here, are certainly not scammers. My biggest problem with scammers are those people that chase after me at SM City trying to sell me a lot in their subdivision (my own subdivision is included in that.) Whenever I stop and ask them if “such and such” subdivision they are selling lots for has ever had any flooding, ALL of them say “No.” Sorry, I’m not some dumb kano that just hopped off the pump boat, I know that’s a total fabrication.

  4. Seriously, EVERY guy that I know that had a hard time finding a good filipina on CB was doing something wrong.

    I had over 1600 filipinas contact me and only about four every asked for money and it was very minor. Make it clear in your profile that you are not an ATM or the Bank of America.

    And USUALLY when there is an issue with a filipina on CB asking for money it is more with the guys where there is a big big age difference.

    I could write a book on how to find good filipinas on CB, all of my friends have found GREAT gals on CB…including me.

    1. Thanks for your insight on this, too, Todd. My original article about Cherry Blossoms did net a couple of bad reviews, which is only natural I think. The vast majority of the reviews were of a positive nature as Steve has noted, as you just have,Todd. Write that book, Todd, in E-book format, and I’ll be glad to put it up on my site for sale.

  5. Ok, I tested my “invisible” theory last night.

    I stayed “available” and waited for women to contact me. I chose 3 ladies to chat with. The first asked for money within 5 minutes and then I blocked her; I had never communicated with her before. The second was a normal chat; we had exchanged emails a few times over the last week or so.

    The third, who I also had never communicated with, immediately asked to go to Yahoo IM. Gents, this is an online dating red flag on any dating site. If someone wants to leave a dating site before exchanging a few pleasantries, take a pass. For the purposes of the test, I agreed. On Yahoo she said “hi” and the next thing out of her mouth was “can you help me out? i’ll do anything on cam if you can help me”. I asked her how much. She said $25. I told her I was not a stupid kano that gave money to cam whores and then blocked her on Yahoo and CB. I’m so mean. boo hoo.

    By the way, those were the only 2 women to ever directly ask me for money.

    The reason I like the “invisible” feature is that it allows me to stay in control of my CB experience and go out and find women who fit my criteria. When you are “available” on the site, you get too many of the wrong kind of women finding you. It is better to be the hunter than the hunted. Also, the women who find you when you are “invisible” (in other words, they went out and searched for men meeting their criteria) are better quality.

    1. WOW! Steve, I had no idea the extent of scamming that was going on. Sounds like the best way to go for you guys is to become “invisible.” I just told your story to my asawa and our niece, April. They’re outraged at the behavior of these scammers and are very glad you are blocking them and reporting them to CB. On behalf of those guys out there searching for their special Filipina, “the one,” your Yahoo IM tip and other info is good advice no matter what dating website the guys might be using. Steve, a big thanks from the staff at “Philippines Plus” (which is comprised of myself and Official Staff Photographer, my asawa, but we’re both sincerely grateful.)

    2. These are all great suggestions Steve, but I have one minor quibble. Lots of people (me included) recommend taking the chat to YM or Skype. Yes some might do it for nefarious reasons. But there are several good reasons. The video/audio quality on YM/Skype or Facebook is much better than on the CB app. If you build a relationship, chatting there is more practical than chatting on CB. Also people are more likely to be online on YM/Skype or Facebook than on CB, so once I have met a girl on CB we usually continue our relationship on one of the other venues.

      But be careful no matter where you chat.

      1. Hmmmm, I just said Steve had some good advice about not going on YM and I get your opposing point of view, Dave W. Well, you make some good points, too (wouldn’t I make a great politician :P) I suppose we all can agree on your last statement: “But be careful no matter where you chat.” Thanks for your viewpoint, Dave W.

        1. IMO, it’s a subtle difference. If the girl asks immediately to leave CB and go to YM, well my antenae go up. But if you’ve been chatting for an hour and she asks if you have YM or Skype for the video/audio quality or because it’s easier for future chats, I dont think this is a red flag. I often ask girls if they have Facebook since FB not only uses Skype’s video application, but then I get to see cute pics of the girl on FB and can see what her life is like.

          So you have to be at least as clever as the girl.

          1. OK, Dave W, I’ve got it. Man, you guys are out in the battlefield out there. I hope you’re at least having fun. Btw, some morons from CB have been trying to chat with my nieces and sending very inappropriate messages. Nothing from my readers of course, but the girls immediately block the guys. I’ve told them to report the idiots to CB. But the vast majority of the guys that have contacted them are decent guys.

          2. I don’t think there is quibble, minor or major, I said going to IM immediately and before a few pleasantries were exchanged was a red flag. An hour isn’t immediate in my mind.

            1. Makes sense, Steve. If you’ve chatted with a lady for about an hour you should get a fairly good sense of where she’s coming from. You can always block her on IM if necessary.

  6. I doubt CB will do anything about Woman # 3 because she asked for money on Yahoo, not CB. This is why scammers try to get you off the dating site and onto Yahoo right away. CB will argue that it didn’t happen on their site so they really can’t kick her off for bad behavior.

    I don’t want to give guys the wrong impression of CB or filipinas. I just want you guys to be careful and go in with eyes wide open. I’ve been on many dating sites over the years and this is a problem on all of them. Scammers target these sites because there is a certain percentage of users that are naive, lonely, or both and scammers use that to their advantage.

    Here is the other side of the coin….I made a “rich kano” joke to two filipinas recently who promptly read me the riot act and informed me that they were raised properly and perfectly capable of providing for their own needs. I joked back to both that if that was the case would they provide for me so I could hang out and drink San Mig all day. One laughed and the other still thought I was serious so that didn’t go over so well. lol.

    1. One more item. Unfortunately in my experience CB does not do much about reported scammers. I have reported several even quoting the text of their requests for money. I never saw any kicked off. Maybe it happens but I never saw it. Perhaps CB requires more than one report – who knows.

      In my experience, scammers are easy to deal with than flakes. The girl who seems mad about you today, suddenly does not respond to you tomorrow – maybe she found someone else or maybe she knows you are chatting with others and gets angry. This is why it takes many chats to determine who will match up with you.

      Nonetheless I have met many great women on CB – not only gf material, but good friends as well!

      1. I’m not happy to hear that CB doesn’t do much about the reported scammers, Dave W. I’ll have to look into that further and express my concerns to them about that. I have an expat friend who found a scammer using a fake profile pic on “Filipino Cupid,” and the scammer got the boot immediately.

        Flakes? I have talked to some expat friends who certainly have run into their fair share of flakes. I don’t envy you guys in the dating game, but I commend you for searching for your future “significant other” in the Philippines. Shows you’re a pretty smart bunch in my books. 😀

      2. The disappearing flakes, on another site, we called them “poofers” because you would talk to them one day and then the next day…POOF…they were gone. lol

    2. Good point, Steve. So I think your advice to avoid Yahoo IM is good. The scammers are using it to avoid getting the boot from Cherry Blossoms. You’re just painting a realistic view for the guys, Steve. You’re always going to have the scammer no matter what, but as you illustrated with your “rich kano” joke, there are sincere ladies of good character out there. A bunch of guys, myself included, have married those “good girls.” They’re out there. Thanks, again, for your input, Steve. Always enlightening.

  7. Dave, I see that you mentioned your nieces have had a few bad guys contact them, it goes both ways. They did the right thing in blocking them.

    It doesn’t matter if it is CB or doing the normal dating deal. There are always going to be jerks and scammers. Scammers are easy to avoid….when they ask for money get rid of them.

    As far as CB goes here is the BEST way to meet a lot of nice women.

    1. Put up a good profile. Be brutally honest and let anyone that reads your profile know that you will NOT tolerate anyone asking for money. Period. Tell them you are looking for a nice woman and possibly marriage and you want NO games.

    2. The profiles that show racy type of pics, avoid them. Now not all of these gals with pics like that are bad but most good filipinas will not put pics like that on a profile.

    3. When you chat with them be polite but ASK a lot of questions. Do not act like a CIA interview, but if they say something that does not seem right…call them on it.

    4. Get their phone number and call them if they seem like someone you might be really interested in. Getting them on the phone is really important. It makes YOU more real and they think you are much more serious.

    Now as far as how you contact them. CB might have changed a bit since I was last on there (a couple of years ago) but it is still basically the same.

    If allowed to send smiles send a smile or email to EVERY single woman that meets your criteria. And I mean EVERY single one. You will get a lot of responses just from them seeing your profile. But if you send smiles or Emails to all of the women you are interested in you will EASILY find the woman of your dreams. It is impossible not to.

    Now, here it the really important thing. I mentioned not putting up with them asking for money. Well YOU should not act like some totally lame pervert. Geez, the things I have seen and read with my own eyes makes me sick.

    And if you are not serious about making it to the filipines then do not waste your time or theirs. There is not much point to just chatting with a gal knowing you are never going to make it.

    I have seen women waiting at the airport, with their families, to meet their boyfriends that told them they were on the way…and these scum sucking jerks never showed up!! The hurt in these womens hearts brings tears to my eyes right now. This happens on a regular basis!!! Men tell these women that they are coming to see them…and they never do. Disgusting.

    Most of my friends are in relationships with filipinas and swear they make the best girlfriends and wives…I completely agree. Do not let a small percentage of scammers cloud your opinion of filipinas.

    1. Thanks for the encouraging words, Todd. I met a gf on CB last year and though the relationship ended we had a wonderful time and she was as sweet as can be. Now I am back and looking for someone a bit more real and can’t wait! Your tips are right on the money.

      I am shocked that some of these girls continue. I too have heard many horror stories about what men do and say to them. Fools!

      1. Dave,
        Sounds like a good percentage of experiences on CB were positive. When i utilized DIA there was quite a few scammers, but they are so easy to spot. Glad i won’t have to worry about those sites any longer. Is there a problem with ladyboys on CB. Sometimes its hard to spot one, but alot of them will be upfront and say it in there profile. Good luck to everyone who is looking, just be patient, there is alays a match for everyone. Have a nice day.

          1. I got an email on CB from a ladyboy who had, according the profile, had the surgery so are they considered ladyboys if they’ve had the snip? lol

            I’m seen a few on there that I wasn’t sure if they were men or just very unfortunate looking women.

            1. OMG, Steve! Snip or not, I’d think I would stay away. 😛

              Well, I guess all of the ladies can’t be beauty queens, but I bet they have a nice personality. 😛

      2. I’m sure you’ll find the right one, Dave W. I was very fortunate to find my special Filipina on my first attempt. A lot of friends and family thought I was crazy going to the Philippines over 12 years ago and marrying someone I had never met before and getting married four days later. Crazy? Smartest thing I’ve EVER done in my life. 😛

    2. Excellent post Todd. I agree ask questions and then ask some more. Presumably this is your potential lifemate. Ask for clarification if something seems inconsistent…sometimes it is nothing more than a language barrier issue and nothing serious…but definitely get to the bottom of your concerns.

      And as those men that would leave a woman at the airport like that….I got pissed off just reading it. I dont get how someone could do that to another person.

      1. I think you’re right, Steve, about the language barrier issue. Man, after 12 years of marriage to my own wonderful Filipina, language issues come still come up (and probably will the rest of our lives :P)

    3. Todd, thanks so much for your advice. I sincerely hope the guys out there take your advice to heart. I cannot believe some scum sucking piece of sh*t guy would tell a Filipina they are coming to meet them and don’t show up. Totally inexcusable behavior. A person that does that has no conscious or soul. I can only imagine the hurt and pain those girls that were lied to must feel.

      Todd, you are absolutely correct” “do not let a small percentage of scammers could your opinion of filipinas.” Guys, don’t give up hope. Listen to Todd’s advice. You will not find a more beautiful, loving, caring and loyal woman than a Filipina.

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