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Recently did a post about Boracay being named the world's best island destination when I saw a news article proclaiming an island in Palawan anointed as the world's best. Ariara island, located 160 miles southwest of Manila, ranked first in the Top 100 holiday destinations in the British edition of Vogue magazine. (photos from Ariara Island website.)  Ariara Island Palawan

ABS CBN newscom  quotes Tourism Secretary Ramon Jimenez Jr.: "What is remarkable is that the entire resort is a testament to the unique artistry and skills of Filipino designers and artisans. The use of local materials and traditional techniques serves as good advertising for Filipino craftsmanship and world-class products.

Tourism is not just about counting tourist arrivals. More importantly, it is about building opportunities on the ground and improving lives, in communities in very real places."

This "private paradise" has only eight spacious villas and beach cottages. All furniture used here are made by Filipino carpenters and craftsmen using indigenous materials. 

A UK publication,  "Times Magazine," described  Ariara as the "Best Private Island Resort," and described it as a "Philippine Island of such prettiness that you'd almost expect Johnny Depp to pop out with a parrot on his shoulder."Ariara Island Palawan

Other British magazines have also praised this paradise in Palawan. Independent magazine said Ariara is one of the best islands to visit this year. Angels and Urchins, Harrods Magazine, Harper's Bazaar, The Spectator, Wine and Dine, Urbanollogy and Tatler have also featured this spectacular  island resort in the Philippines. 

The UK brought 104,466 visitors to the Philippines in 2011 according to the Department of Tourism. 

5 thoughts on “Ariara Island in Palawan Named World’s Best

  1. With 7,107 islands in the archipelago, I wouldn’t be surprised to see 10 of them in the top 10 😀 Have any readers here ever been to or looked at Puerto Galera, Northern Mindoro?

    1. I have been to Puerta Galera back in 2008. My asawa and I enjoyed it very much. They have some nice beaches there and the waterfall is nice too. I have been reading this site for a few months now and enjoy it very much. Keep up the good work Dave I look foward to your future articals. Jim in Massachusetts

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