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Congratulations to Boracay Island which has been named the world's best island destination for 2012 by Travel+Leisure magazine. The magazine polled its readers, and they gave Boracay, known for it's powdery white-sand beaches, a score of 93.10. Last year the island ranked No. 4 in the same survey. (See table below for the rest of the Top 10 Islands in the World. BeFunky Boracay

A part of the Malay municipality, Boracay covers approximately 10 square kilometers. It lies two kilometers off the northwest tip of Panay Island (the island we reside on) and is approximately 315 kilometers south of Manila. 

Boracay has long been the favorite destination of scuba diving, snorkeling, windsurfing and kiteboarding enthusiasts.

It has more than 350 beach resorts with a total of more than 2,000 rooms. Also lining Boracay's beaches are restaurants, bars, pubs and nightclubs. (Source: Mb.com.ph)

My asawa and I have never made it over to Boracay but many of my expat friends in Iloilo have. They love it. Hope to visit there in the future.  Have to make that trip to Palawan first,  another Philippines resort mecca, to visit our niece that is getting married. 

Plenty of beatiful destinations to visit in the Philippines, and I'm looking forward to us exploring some of them in the years ahead. Remember, it's more fun in the Philippines! Boracay is proof of that!

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(Source: Travel+Leisure Magazine.)

4 thoughts on “Boracay is Named World’s Best Island

    1. It is nice to know we will be just a hop, skip and a jump away from Boracay, but I must say I have plenty of beaches closer to home to occupy my time. Someday perhaps if say there was to be an expat gathering?

  1. My gf and I were in Boracay in April and had a very nice time. The white sand is exceptional, as is the water.

    I had only one complaint: most of the girls on the beach were not pretty Pinays. Of course that fact probably saved me from the wrath of my Pinay 🙂

  2. Dave,
    Not going to have time to visit Boracay on this trip. But definately would like to visit in the future. Expat meeting would be great, alot of fun and plenty of SMB flowing. Take care my friend.

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