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Palawan. One of the most beautiful beach resorts in the Philippines. Our niece, Luz Maria, seen in the next photo with my own pretty pinay, my asawa, lives there and visited Iloilo the other day.  We didn't know she was arriving on Panay Island, where we live, but the cute Filipina was in nearby Antique Province visiting a friend , and met us a week ago Saturday at Langfords behind SM City. DSC

Luz Maria is engaged to be married to a Belgium gentleman that she met while employed at a Palawan resort. Her fiancee is filing the necessary Fiancee Visa papers in his home country where they will be married.

This is the first time I have met our niece, and my spouse has not seen her since 1990. We recently met her mother and father, but their daughter was not with them at the time. 

I was having a "few" bottles of San Miguel Pale Pilsen and an order of fish and chips from Langfords with my friends, Jeff, the self-proclaimed "Crazy Cano.". Our French Canadian amigo, Fergus, joined us later (see the following photo.)

Our Canadian expat friend has a website  that has some terrific pictures of historical churches on Panay Island and detailed information about them. With the Lenten season upon us, it would be a great time to check out his site.  DSC

Jeff has now planned bi-weekly meetings at Langfords, every Wednesday and Saturday at 11:30 am. If you have some spare time and would like to have some cold brews (or Cokes) in addition to some good food, stop on by. Don't be shy. Just drop by our table. Asawas are encouraged to attend. My  beautiful wife and Rose, Jeff's lovely spouse, get together and after lunch,  do some window shopping at SM City.

Jeff's monthly expat meeting will be held  Friday, April 13th, at Langfords. Future monthly gatherings will be held the first Friday of each month in addition to the weekly meetings. All English-speaking expats are welcome. The "Crazy Cano" is in charge. Jeff's a big guy. We don't argue with him. 

But back to our niece, the pretty pinay from Palawan. I remarked to her that she was even more beautiful in person. I had seen pictures of her before, but rest assured, her future Belgium husband is one fortunate guy (just as all of us kanos married to Filipinas are.)DSC

Luz Maria had trouble understanding my rapid-fire English slang. I try to make it a point to talk slower sometimes, but since I already consumed a few bottles of San Miguel, I had forgotten to do so.

Our niece only spent a short time with us at Langfords as my asawa and her went back to SM City in Iloilo to continue their shopping. Luz Maria's shopping companion from Antique was waiting for her, so the guys just continued enjoying their liquid refreshements.

We hope to travel to Palawan sometime and visit our niece and my brother-and-sister-in-law, but it was great to talk to Luz Maria in person. I wouldn't mind traveling to one of those beach resorts that Palawan is famous for and checking out how the San Miguel Pale Pilsen tastes there!




8 thoughts on “The Pretty Pinay from Palawan

  1. Nice stuff bro, like Dave said stop by and dont be shy, its all about having fun and meeting new people. Langfords, we renamed “the Cano Cantina” is a great place,reasonable,clean and peaceful, the owner Alan is a great guy who wont treat ya wrong, he always seems to give us freebees for our patronage there, cant beat that!

  2. Amen to that, eh! The Cano Cantina – a great place to have a few cold ones and the ladies enjoyed their time out together too. What could be better? Great afternoon! See you next week, eh!

    1. Dave,
      Was looking at flights to Iloilo for Oct when i visit. Good prices for both my g/f and myself. We will also be visiting Davao also. Price for visiting both places is under $300.00 and thats with the regular price and no promos. So it looks like we will be visiting you for sure, just don’t know which dates though. Will be either the 24th-27th or 26th-29th. Looking forward to meeting everyone there. How far is the airport from Langfords and need your recommendation for a hotel too. Much appreciated. Your niece is really beautiful, how did it take that long for someone to claim her. Her fiance is one lucky guy. Be safe my friend.

      1. Dave,
        Thanks alot for the suggestions on the hotels. Rates look really good at Century 21. Sarabia Manor’s promo rates look good too. They come with free breakfast buffet too and have 6 different restaurants. I like like that 3 liter beer tower too lol. Have a nice day.

  3. Hi guys…Its lynchie from australia..just thought I would add a little on Centry21 as I stayed there as Dave knows for 8 nights from 30mar12.
    Staff are super friendly, language is a bit of a problem ie speak slowly. We hired a family room, it had 4 single beds, two of them joined together, also had a big table and chairs to sit on. TV worked and room was cleaned and beds made with clean sheets every day. The basin in the bathroom has two taps but only the cold water on the left works, so no hot water from basin. Had to run the shower for one hour on first night to get hot water but seemed ok after that.
    Also the room cleaners always forgot to put new toilet paper in bathroom every day. So we chased that up every day.
    The meals were very pretty ordinary but the bill after 8 days was $50 aust dollars per night. That was room breakfast every morning and some extra meals during the 8 days.
    Hope this helps

    1. I should have remembered that, Dave, but I didn’t think of it when the pretty filipina at the McDonalds on my recent trip to Iloilo had a confused look on her face when I asked for some napkins. Wonder what she was thinking.

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