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Looking to Buy a Cell Phone? Dual Sim Cell Phone is Handy in the Philippines.

My asawa's phone has gone haywire. She bought it some years ago back in the States, and we had it unlocked by a phone technician at an SM Mall in Manila for P1,000 (23 US Dollars) a couple of years ago. It was an expensive smart phone, so I figured it was worth the money to make it work in the Philippines. Now it only operates if she takes the back cover off of it and sticks a wad of paper inside the battery chamber. So what do I, the loving husband do; I buy her a cell phone; a fancy, dual sim cell phone from Cherry Mobile. The ladies shown in the next photo are from the kiosk we purchased the phone from and happily posed for us. They were absolutely charming and so helpful. DSCMy spouse had already purchased a new computer chair for my advance Christmas present, so when I heard her voice her aggravation these past few weeks about her dying cell phone and her inability to send text messages to her sisters in Manila, it didn't take long for me to realize that the smart thing would be to buy my wife a cell phone for her Christmas present. At only 799 pesos (18.45 USD), this dual sim cell phone was a bargain.

The "C-2" model that I purchased also has the following features: 1.77" Colored LCD Display, Dual Standby, Dual Band GSM, Loudspeaker, MP3 player, Flashlight, Fm Radio, Calendar, Calculator, Alarm, and SIM Tool Kit. I tossed in a 2GB Memory Card for P300 (6.92 USD) because my asawa doesn't always like to listen to the my Ozzy Osbourne Heavy Metal Radio station on my Jango Internet website. Thought I could download some music for her to listen to, since she doesn't seem to favor my favorite groups, Three Days Grace, Rev Theory, Amon Amarth, Shinedown and Breaking Benjamin.

But if you're wondering why a dual sim cell phone is convenient in the Philippines it's due to the popularity of prepaid phone cards that many people in the Philippines use. A lot of folks don't want to get locked into a one or two year contract and some simply can't afford it. Much easier and cheaper for many people to "buy a load" at their local sari sari store or purchase a phone card, which is what my asawa does.

That said, the three major communications players in the Philippines, Smart, Globe and Sun, offer different phone cards which some consumers might prefer over another brand. Or some, like my wife now posses, have a dual sim card, one with Smart and one with Sun so she can communicate with her sisters in Manila who prefer to use the Sun cards. Confusing?

Well, it's easier to have a dual sim cell phone so you don't have to keep switching the different cards back and forth which requires taking the back cover off and on. Since sim cards cost only around 50 pesos (1.15 USD), it's no huge expense to have two or three of them.The dual feature just makes life easier. My wife loves to send text messages to her siblings, and it  seemed the perfect (and cheap) Christmas gift for her. And I'm all about cheap, my friends.

So if you're looking to buy a cell phone, I highly recommend checking out the models, mobile phones that is, at Cherry Mobile. And if you're in the Iloilo City area, why not go the upper level and chat with the friendly employees that waited on us? These ladies exemplified good customer service and when we returned to ask if they had any cases for sale, the one young lady on the left in the photo gave my wife a free pouch to carry it in. It costs 90 pesos, about two dollars, but the sales associate wouldn't let us pay for it. Now you can't beat that for excellent customer service!

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  1. Dave,

    You got your asawa something she really needed for Christmas. No matter how much it costs. You got a new computer chair, which will be put to good use. Wouldn’t mind having those filipinas waiting on me. They are good for business.

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