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Our neighbor, Jesus, a carpenter,  recently sold his old VW. it was a dull black VW that barely ran. His rooster used to perch on top of the ancient Beetle and crow every morning around 4 am. Doesn't crow any more. I think he has become someone's dinner. I honestly don't miss the crowing or the battered vehicle that used to sit in front of our property. DSC

With the old beater, construction material and general mess in front of our house, it brought back found memories of an old trailer park I lived in for a year back in the States. The junk certainly was an eyesore, and I was glad when our landlord had a little talk with Jesus about the mess.

As mentioned in an earlier post, I  did not want any trouble with our new neighbor. He supplies our drinking water for us, and I feel it is wise to stay on good terms with someone who provides such a valuable service. I didn't want our tubig to get spiked; we have to boil it anyway for me to drink it without any side effects as it is.  He's a friendly guy anyway, but I doubted that he would take action on our landlord's request. But I was wrong.

Couple days after our property owner's discussion with Jesus, my asawa and I saw his construction crew starting hauling away some of the old lumber and material sitting on the street by our home. I was pleased to see that and was amused when one of the workers carried a load of lumber in his arms as his co-worker zoomed him away on a motorcycle. Try doing that in America, my friends!

But the old VW still remained. An ugly sight. Though I do confess I have fond memories of riding in a Beetle a senior friend of mine had back in high school. A friend and I, both juniors, used to occasionally snag rides from our upper classmate and thus getting to avoid riding the school bus home. We certainly felt like a couple of "big shots" riding around in Steve's black VW. Those were the days.

But much to my surprise the next day I heard a loud racket outside our home. Jesus and his guys were outside firing up the old VW, and it was actually running, though wheezing and coughing like (well, like me, after I've made the 30-minute walk to our subdivision's main entrance to catch a jeepney.)  DSC

One of the crew circled around the block a few times and parked the car across the street from us in front of another neighbor's house. Since the home was occupied (we have a load of vacant residences in our subdivision outside of Iloilo City), I imagined those property owners would not be too thrilled about an ancient black VW parked in front of their home. But at least is was gone from our house, I thought. (Now come on, honestly, wouldn't you think the same thing?)

About an hour later the racket started up again. A group of young Filipinos had gathered around the old VW and cranked it up. Coughing and sputtering again, this time like an old blue-haired lady at a Vegas casino smoking a cigarette while playing the slots and hooked up to an oxygen tank (don't laugh; I've witness that numerous times.)

I thought the guys were just starting up the vehicle to move it again, but no, it actually looked like Jesus was showing the faded black VW to a potential buyer. The young man looking at the machine definitely had a gleam in his eyes. He was probably thinking of all the cute Filipinas he could impress as he slowly circled SM City in his new set of wheels. Teen-aged guys. Doesn't matter what country they live in. Their hormones are racing faster than the car they're speeding around in with the boom box stereo cranked up listening to old Run D.M.C. rap songs.

After a few laps around our block, the young buyer closed the deal with Jesus. No longer do we see the old VW parked in front of our home in our subdivision outside of Iloilo City. It's just as well, that was the rooster's favorite perch, but now the rooster is gone, too. The place won't be the same without either of them.

16 thoughts on “Jesus Sells His Old VW

  1. Maybe you should have bought the bug and made it your fix er up project. Will always be able to find parts. Can cruise around reliving old memories. But I cant ride in a car with no a/c. As if its not hot enough, the exhaust from buses would kill me.

    1. Actually, would be ok with the heat and humidity. But in Manila, its the exhaust from buses. Need a gas mask. In the countryside, you have fresh air.

  2. Hi Dave,

    I have been having a bout of back pain so my sleep pattern is somewhat screwed up due to the medication. Since I ended up sleeping from 3pm till 6pm yesterday I could not manage to go to bed at a normal time. The result of my sleeplessness was that I started a website as per your suggestion. I will provide the link so you can take a look. Be aware that it is still in its infacancy. But also be aware that since you made the suggestion you are partly responsible. May God have mercy on your soul for your crimes against humanity!


    1. Actually it felt like work last night when I was trying to figure things out. I will definately limit my time. It would be a shame to miss out on the nice life I have here. Thank you for adding me. I aspire to write this blog as a form of entertainment. If useful information creeps in there that would be cool too.Just like you I plan to keep it real. My only concern about this is avoiding sounding like I am bragging. I am honestly humbled by what a nice life that I have and grateful for the way things have turned out so far. I am a little different than the normal person who moves here because of my age and a few other factors. I will probably point that out in future postings. After that I will probably regale my reader or hopefully readers with accounts of my mundane existance.

    2. Thanks John for the words of encouragement and for adding me. I usually stay pretty busy but lately I have had some reoccuring backpain. After a lecture from the boss about how iI am getting old and shouldn’t have unloaded a truckload of cement at our hardware; I finally went to the doctor. He gave me some oxycodiene which really makes you feel worse in so many ways. I think it is not possible to get addicted to oxycodiene unless puking and dizziness is your idea of a good time. The involuntary downtime has given me some time to write. See you at the Pulitzer award ceremonies.

    3. Dave,

      That VW is a classic. Just needs some TLC. I remember when i was in high school in Ohio. Our Principal drove a blue VW. Well we had a big snowstorm. So we were going to play a joke on the Principal. We made a huge snowball and packed it hard. Rolled it over by the Principals VW. Several of us lifted the front end up and placed it on the snowball and left it there until the Principal went to leave. Needless to say he wasn’t too happy. Glad to see you and your asawa were finally settling in. Hopefully no more problems. Have a nice day.

    4. Thanks Dave,

      I appreciate the advice. Of course you and John are invited to my Pulitzer award ceremony if those fine folks choose to recognize real talent. haha. If I wasn;t retired already I would have invited you guys to the ceremony when I recieved the golden boner award. Aaaah but that was a different time and place so long ago……..

  3. Dave,

    I have many fond memories of the old yellow VW that I had in college. Being 6’5″, there was a spot on the dashboard that was worned out. It was a minor inconvience since it had great head room. During the summer, the starter went out and I didn’t have money to repair it so I parked it on a top of the hill so I could pop the clutch to get it to run. The best memory was going swimming at the rock quarry with 5 of us in the car with a big dog.

    1. Thank You Sir!

      It is very flattering to hear that from you. I have always seen you as the voice of logic and reason on LIP. Feel free to add either one of those things as they may be lacking by my own hands. haha! Take care.

  4. There are some things in life that are better left unsaid. I can tell you that when a VW bug is in the water that you can turn the steering wheel full to the left or full to the right and nothing happens…NOTHING…it just keeps going!

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