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I kept seeing "Kim Kardashian" run across the top of my news headlines toolbar, but I didn't click on it. Don't follow their reality show. Could care less about it. If it weren't for former Olympic star Bruce Jenner, the program wouldn't have even gotten on the air in the first place. But something tugged at me. I kept seeing the reality "star's" name flashing, so I clicked on the story when it said "Kim Kardashian Divorce." Divorce? I just barely knew she got married. But I thought to myself. This could be good for the Philippines. And no, I hadn't been hanging out with Paul and Jeff from Iloilo having a "few" bottles of San Miguel Pale Pilsen.


(photo copyright Delortae Agency from Flickr.)

While I was wondering if that whole 72-day marriage to some guy named Kris Humphries was just a publicity stunt to boost ratings for her show, the thought about this whole thing being good for the Philippines hit me. Here's my "reasoning." In my opinion, the fact that Kardashian "stuck it out" for a whole 72 days and files for divorce is just outrageous and points out how easy it is to obtain a divorce in the America. In the Philippines there is no divorce law, only annulments which are costly and hard to obtain unless you're a rich movie or television star or connected politician.

My own American ex-wife held on for nine months before she filed for divorce. A good, church-going woman with two young children. I did not abuse her nor did I cheat on her. My step kids simply did not want me around any more and my mother-in-law didn't like me, so, "POOF!," I was gone faster than a shotgun roll of quarters in a Las Vegas slot machine. But it turned out to be one of those "blessings in disguise," because I would never have met my beautiful Filipina wife of over 11 years and be living in the Philippines if it weren't for the divorce.

Thank God for the loyal, patient and loving Filipina. My wife, The Sainted Patient Wife, has endured my grumpiness and stupidity and has never given up on me. We work through our problems. She's my best friend and always will be. Now don't get me wrong. In cases of  abuse and infidelity, I think some kind of divorce law should be passed in the Philippines, but not some quickie, "Las Vegas" style law.

So there you go. The Kardashian divorce situation could result in an increase of guys coming to the Philippines looking for that perfect mate. That means more tourism dollars and more foreigners settling in the Philippines marrying Filipinas which would be good for the Filipino economy. Well, Kris Humphries, there are a lot of lovely Filipinas residing in the Philippines that would love to meet you. And they wouldn't leave you after 72 days.

9 thoughts on “Why the Kim Kardashian Divorce Situation is Good for the Philippines

  1. Hi Dave,

    You are the master! It took me twenty years to drive my ex-wife away and you acheived success in only nine months? Hmmm maybe an E-book outlining your technique is in order. Haha! When I remarried I made sure that there were no step-children were involved. I have many friends that experienced the same fate as you and the key factor was stepchildren. My two children love me dearly but they will not hesitate to tell you that I have a demanding nature. I have lost most of that in the last two years. Not by choice but out of necessity. It doesn’t bide well to be demanding here. I admit also that since I grew up as a impovershed and abused child my tolerance for spoiled brats is not just low but nonexistant. The problem with Kris Humphries coming to the Philippines to find love is simple. For 72 days he has had the Holy Grail of pa dunk a dunks and regardless of beauty; Asian women would be hard pressed to compare in that department. More that likely he has become brain damaged from listening to her and her friends talk for that long. It would be as annoying as a Paris Hilton and Lindsey Lohan spelling bee. Oh and Dave; Nine months your the man! haha!

    1. Someday over some cold San-Migs in the recently completed sky-kubo we will have to compare notes. We have many similarities. Just goes to show you that God has a sense of humor!

    2. Tom,

      It only took me 25 years to get divorced. Dave really made us look bad. I believe Kardashian and her Ex were in a bitter dispute over Pre-Nup Agreement before they agreed to get married. They did not bode well for a sucessful marriage. Hopefully he will get some kind of settlement from her. Be safe.

  2. Dave,
    Kim & Kris who? I was waiting to see if you were gonna receive a plugged up pooper containment distribution disposal or excise tax 🙂 . And by clicking on some “Kim” thing, it appears your starting to slack in your duties of SMG product consumption. But it’s ok, probably just a low point that day in your life. So just relax Dave, have a few SMG, thank your sainted wife for being there for you and all will be well in the kingdom again. 🙂

  3. I’m waiting for word on my request for reconsideration on the extension of authorized stay. (I failed to leave the country before 16 months and am currently an illegal alien by one month.) I stumbled upon your website while searching for fees and penalties for my transgression. Not too painful, and your information brought my blood pressure down to normal levels. I’d been having nightmares of deportation and fifty whips from the cat-o-nine tails…

    What a great site. I commend you, Dave, for your effort to educate and guide us expats about how to be a gracious stranger to this remarkable country. I’ve been here in Dasmarinas with my wife (another Sainted Patient Asawa) and two teenage step sons for close to a year and a half. All I can say is my Joi is also my best friend and love of my life; she makes me want to be a better man.

    Seems Filipinas are willing to work and struggle to create a successful marriage, as my asawa has, remaining supportive of me beyond what should be expected as I “grumpily and stupidly” adjusted to life in the Philippines as an expate. And, yes, I agree with your observation. Western men are looking to the Philippines for a loving relationship, after two or more failed American marriages and their associated cost and messiness. Finally fed up with the American PC rules and the culture of selfishness in American marraige politics, we look beyond the boarders for relationship success. Yes, this could certainly be beneficial to the Philippines GDP.

    Just wanted to poke my head in here and look around. I only bookmark websites that are interesting have value to me. PhiliippinesPlus.com has been bookmarked. Thank you, sir. I’ll be back…

    1. Hi Dave,

      Your last paragraph where you said that you wished that you had met SPW earlier rings a bell. Marie and I had a similar discussion before. I told her that while I would have loved to have spent my entire life with her that things would have been different. We routinely express our appreciation to each other for the sacrifices that we made to be together. The point that I am trying to make is that unless you have some bad things in life it is hard to appreciate the good. All things are somewhat comparative. I also pointed out that over time and with experiences people change. Maybe she would not like the young version of me. Maybe she would have been the jealous type when she was younger. My ex heard the numerous stories of my exploits in high school and stated that she would not have liked me then. Apparently in college where we met I became much more mature. Yeah right! So Marie and I decided that we have been afforded a chance at happiness and we now have the clarity to realize what we have.

    2. Dave,

      Totally agree with you about the attack on the American Male. Unfortunately i’m not as lucky as you and will have to give part of my pension to my Ex. Her lawyer was a real bulldog who tried to ream me a new one in a deposition that lasted an 1 1/2 hours. Which was fueled by lies from my Ex. But like i say what comes around goes around. She has bad karma now, which in her case is bad health, a uncurable disease which is slowly deteriorating her health. Also i can claim alimony as a tax deduction. So in the long run things will work out alright. I don’t like to wish bad things on anybody, but it is what it is.

  4. Hi Dave. The Philippine pro-divorce groups are claiming divorce would be a way out of abusive relationships. Their proposal does not include the faultless, Las Vegas style divorce like Kim Kardashian’s. Nevertheless, it seems to me “faultless divorce” is just a few steps away from “divorce with fault.”

  5. Well..that guy that married her must have had a bad connection up stairs!! I think this Kim Kardashian is front heavy and by looks of some of the photos seen of her back side is heavy also….she should be a real looker by time she is 50!! Over the years have seen many Fillipina’s that in my mind are better looking than her…a heck of a lot more sexy and probably a lot more appreciate over all if they had a good man…….also they were a miss match…he’s way to tall and she is on the short and plump side…and she is a spoiled brat that probably no man could ever make happy…because she has not grown up in her mind yet……So if this Ex man of hers has any sense he would scout out all the pretty Fillipinas over there in the lady of enchatment and etc….

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