Life in the “Burbs” Outside Iloilo City

Travel back in time with me to the 1950's in America. A simpler time.  Some of you reading this might be willing to admit living in that era. Remember Captain Kangaroo and Romper Room in the morning? Forget Mr. Rogers. He was too creepy for me. Give me Mr. Green Jeans any day. I fondly recall hopping around our living room floor with my Romper Room pony as I listened for the teacher to call my name that day when she looked into her magic mirror. How in the world did she know my name? DSC

There was Mighty Mouse on Saturday mornings. And George Reeves in The Adventures of Superman. How did he always manage to keep his hair in place even when flying? And how I would have been shocked to learn that my idol was living with a married woman who was purported to be the wive of a LA gangster. Not my hero! At least he could have shacked up with one of the actresses that portrayed Lois Lane on the show.


Ahhhh, the 50's. Yes, a simpler and more innocent era. Well, time traveler, come with me to our new home located in a subdivision  outside of Iloilo City (see photo above), and witness some remnants of those days gone by, albeit with a definite Filipino twist and minus Captain Kangaroo,  Mr. Moose and Bunny Rabbit.

A proud young papa pushes a baby carriage down our paved roads that are dotted with street lights that actually work. We have one that shines right outside our sala (living room) window. A cute twenty-something Filipina navigates a lola (grandma)  down the road in a wheelchair with the happy senior  singing "la-la-la," "la-la-la" nonstop.  A young Filipina cruises down the road on her roller skates. KIds circle the subdivision avenues on their bicycles. Teenagers walk the streets on a Saturday night munching on fish balls instead of greasy fries from McDonald's. Groups of senior citizens briskly walk the streets every morning for their daily exercise. It's not heaven, but it's a lifestyle much more to my liking and quite more comfortable than our residence back in Guimaras.


Occasionally a motorcycle loaded with three pinoys passes by with soft rock music emitting from the bike's cheap speakers. But I do not hear any loud music at night. I do hear a rooster perched on a tricycle parked outside our front yard that starts crowing around 4 am. He belongs to our neighbor, Jesus, a gift from one of his employees (that will become a meal once Jesus gets him fattened up.)  I can't really hear the Gallus gallus  until our air con shuts off, but his days are limited anyhow.


Personal safety is really not an issue in our subdivision outside of Iloilo City. Have to go through several layers of armed guards to even reach our lot and block. Shuttles run throughout the day and evening offering rides to the front gate where one can hitch a jeepney ride to shop to SM City or one of the other local malls. Workers are constantly trimming the landscape which line the avenues leading to our little slice of paradise.


My asawa and I are adjusting quite nicely to life in the 'burbs. Had our first brown out last week on Friday which lasted just past three hours. The Smart Bro connection has been made, although several days past it's originally scheduled date.  Good thing since I fried our old 20-inch Panasonic television my spouse shipped over from the States many years ago in a balikbayan box.


Please note that when you plug a 110 voltage appliance into a 220 outlet, smoke will likely pour from the back of said appliance, and it will be rendered useless. I am spending more time in conversations with my better half now and go to bed much earlier. Just a little blip in the "burbs. But I sure miss my daily dose of "American Chopper" when I used to lean back on our sofa bed munching on some popcorn.  That Paul Sr. might not be Captain Kangaroo but he's my kind of guy (would like to grow a mustache like his, but the asawa is firmly against it. To keep peace in the 'burbs, that idea will never see the light of day. Wonder what Robert Young from "Father Knows Best" would have to say about that!)

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  1. Well the good news is that all the applice stores are running sales right now with 0% interest and up to 12 months to pay with a very low downpayment. I took advantage of it a couple months ago to finally replace my 8 yo computer :).

    Remember it’s Christmas time here now.
    I like being able to say that here and not “happy holidays” so I don’t offend any godless athiests like back stateside. lol

    Those old CRT type tv’s use double the electric of our much older ones. As you’ll find out Iloilo has a pretty high electric rate. At least that’s how I am going to justify a new LCD or LED TV in the near future :).

    Paul in Iloilo

  2. It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood…….you’re right he was kinda creepy. Glad to hear you are back to enjoying a peaceful life. I wonder if all those guards are like Barney, a single bullet just in case of an emergency.

  3. Dave I think you and I are living in a parallel universe. You have trouble with family at about the same time as I did. You blew up your TV, last night Ivan pushed our one off its stand, it is no longer functioning.

  4. Aaaah so its not just me that has put Mr. Rogers into the same category as the mincing boy hungry Dr. Smith from “Lost in Space”. Pretty creepy indeed. I am happy that you and your wife have found peace in your new place. When I met my wife for the first time she said that she liked my beard and mustache and that I look like Chuck Norris. The second comment was “Now you can shave it off”. So pretty much she went from girlfriend to Asawa in two sentences! I even tried to reason with her that she would not force Chuck Norris to shave but she will insist that I have to. I guess that you have to choose your battles.

  5. Since lighting hit my TV back in Michigan I didn’t have a TV to bring over. As for American Chopper they only show the program once a week now. American Chopper – Sr. vs Jr.! The fight between Paul Sr. and his 3 sons is not a pretty sight. He seems happy to have them out of his life. He says his real family now are the workers at the shop. It is sad to watch at times.

  6. Dave,

    You mean you don’t have one of those Mr Rogers sweaters lol. Sounds like a nice neighborhood at a good price. Beats walking in cow poop. Take care

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