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Cheap beer. 25 pesos (57 cents) a bottle for San Miguel Pale Pilsen. Cheap food. A heaping bowl of smoked oysters for only 30 pesos (68 cents.) Good friends. Murray, Irish, Sam, Ivan,  Alan, Lori and Mike. We’ve all made several trips recently to one of our favorite local eateries in Guimaras, Lisa’s Talabahan, Etc., with The Sainted Patient Wife along with our niece JalAmiel, shown in the next photo with a bottle of Sprite (12 pesos.) Her Uncle Dave’s bottle of Pale Pilsen is in front of her.  It has an ambiance you can’t beat.DSC

We are treated like celebrities when we visit this local oyster bar. It’s not very often that they see a contingent of three or four expats accompanied by their beautiful Filipina companions. They’ve had a good crowd every time we have visited for the cheap beer and cheap food. Mike picked up one lunch tab for our group for a total cost of 180 pesos (4.11 US Dollars.) You can’t  beat that for value.

Plus,  where else can you go and witness a rooster being drained of it’s blood by the cook in the open kitchen? Sure can’t experience that kind of ambiance at The Shirven. Plus it costs 30 pesos for a bottle of San Miguel there, too. And don’t forget to take advantage of their luxurious wash-up area pictured below. You can’t find this at McDonald’s in Iloilo City, that’s for sure. On second thought, maybe I should have used that hand sanitizing gel my asawa always carries in her purse.



The above photo takes a look at the serving area where plenty of cheap food can found. If you’re ever in Guimaras make sure you visit this local Talabahan. The staff is friendly and quick to bring you another cheap beer upon request. A lola (grandma) scurries around serving rice and other dishes. The baby that used to be in the playpen in back is gone, but the lobster tank (300 pesos, 6.85 USD,  each lobster tail) is still there. You’re sure to always find a great dining experience at Lisa’s in Guimaras. Just tell them The Kano sent you. 

5 thoughts on “Cheap Beer, Cheap Food and Good Friends

  1. Very nice, I might visit this place and stuff myself full, which I don’t get to do in manila because of the cost. Where’s this located dave?

  2. Dave,

    You can’t beat the prices there. $4.11 for the whole group. Unbelieveable. What other kind of food do they serve there? May make it down there when i visit next year. My g/f has never flown on a plane before and would like to sometime, so it would give me an excuse to come visit your paradise. Take care.

  3. I think I will pass Dave. I am having my oatmeal at home now and after seeing the photos the oats don’t taste so good now. Thanks, you owe me breakfast. 🙂

  4. Dave,
    Doesn’t look “Cheap” at all to me, more like a feast for a King. And having the good friends to share it with, now that’s priceless 🙂 .

  5. Dave,
    Excellent plan! By draining said bottles of San Miguel Pale Pilsen, your doing a lot more than you think. 1st: your supporting the local economy. 2nd: your ensuring your kidneys stay healthy by continual flushing. 3rd: by continually taste testing said elixer, your ensuring the San Miguel Supplier is maintaining the standard of excellence in brewing when shipped to world wide vendors, so it’s almost like saving the world. 4th: it just taste damn good ! :-).

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