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Looking for an alluring Philippines beach resort? I highly recommend visiting Guimaras, a rural province in the Western Visayas region on this archipelago of 7,107 islands. And when you step off that pump boat from Iloilo City and dock at the Jordan Wharf, you will be met by an employee of the Philippines Tourism Department, our own Guimaras Greeter. The pretty pinay posed with my own beautiful asawa as we visited the dock to wait for one of the faithful supporters of this website, Murray, who hails from New Zealand. DSC

Murray and his Filipina girlfriend, Irish, had been staying in Iloilo City on vacation the past few days. Paul from Iloilo had treated our kiwi friend to endless rounds of San Miguel Pale Pilsen at The Moon Cafe. Murray was going to send me a text message when he left the dock and headed out on the Guimaras Strait. He was going to stay at one of the finer Philippines beach resorts available on our rural province, Villa Igang. Paul has visited Villa, and previously had frequented Raymen Beach,  which we have been to several times, but preferred the quiet secluded beauty of this beach resort that The Sainted Patient Wife and I had never visited. I wanted to make sure that my asawa and I would be ready to meet my new expat friend, so we hopped on the jeepney near our home and made the trek to the Jordan Wharf.

We arrived around 9 am on a gorgeous sunny day and checked with the Guimaras Greeter to see if any visitors from New Zealand had arrived yet. I explained that I did not know what time our friends would arrive, and I mentioned that I had a website in which I encourage tourists to visit our rural province. She handed me some travel brochures, a staple of any Philippines tourism department, and offered us a plastic chair next to a round table emblazoned with a Pepsi logo. We had a fantastic view of the dock area, there was a pleasant breeze blowing, and my wife and I chatted as she tried to work a puzzle book she had stashed in her purse. But since she had forgotten her reading glasses, she held the book at arm's length trying to decipher the words on the page. Did I mention that The Sainted Patient Wife will be 47 years old next week?

I asked our Guimaras Greeter how many daily visitors on average came to the island. She asked if I meant Filipinos and foreigners altogether. I replied, "YES," I wanted to know the total figure. 500 visitors a day came to visit, many of them coming to enjoy the beautiful beach resorts our island has to offer. The majority of the foreign tourists were Koreans since nearby Iloilo City has many universities with Korean students enrolled that want to learn English. Not many Americans were among the foreigners that visited.

I noticed the construction around the Jordan Wharf and was told by our local representative of Philippines tourism that a new Tourism building was being constructed. She said it would take many years before it would be completed. The next photo is a depiction of what the new building will look like. It looks quite impressive and will be a welcome addition to the Jordan Wharf.


More pictures and stories in my next post, including my first encounter with a "Pay-for-use" CR, Comfort Room, and a jeepney driver that almost runs my asawa and I over as we head back to our post at the Jordan Wharf with some snacks and Pepsi in a plastic bag. I had a few words for the driver. I drank the Pepsi.

4 thoughts on “Philippines Tourism: The Guimaras Greeter

  1. Hi Dave,
    So if you need some extra money you can teach Engrish to the Koreans. The downside is that if you don’t know Korean it is going to involve flash cards and a lot of wild hand gesturing.

  2. Happy Birthday to your wife a week early. First, it was the wild motorcycle ride now this, but I think you should watch out for cyclists now because it seems everything on wheels is after you. Yes, the pinay is very very pretty.

    1. Dave,
      So is that beautiful Pinay single? If i wasn’t already taken she would be a good choice. Looks like that new Tourism Bldg is going to be nice. Should be a big help for your province. So Dave what are you going to do for you beautiful Asawas birthday next week. She deserves something special for putting up with you for all those years lol. Hope you had a good visit with Murray. Take care my friend

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