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The Pump Boat Adventure to Iloilo City

Only a 15-minute, 14 peso (33 cents) journey to the Ortiz Dock at Iloilo City on a pump boat from Jordan Wharf on Guimaras Island. The vessels carry around 44 passengers and Coast Guard personnel are usually on hand at both docks to supervise. Each passenger boarding the craft is required to sign a log with their name, age and place of residence. Failure to do so can result in a delay in departure as the Guard will require boat crews to pass the log back to waiting passengers who did not sign. The pump boat will not leave until the amount of tickets sold equals the log numbers. I've been guilty of not signing off before if there was a long line at the log in desk and would have to sheepishly scribble my John Hancock along with other scofflaws on board who failed to do so. DSCBut with Iloilo City offering a lot more services and shopping opportunities than our home on Guimaras Island, my asawa and I often brave the sometimes choppy waves on Guimaras Strait. Been having a tremendous amount of rain and some wind that can really make the trip a real adventure. Here are some more photos of the Ortiz Dock.  As you can see the steps are somewhat narrow for a big-footed Kano as myself. I've stumbled and slipped on more than one occasion, and I am always grateful for the crew members who hold out their hand to lola's (grandma's) and clumsy American expats.


Iloilo will soon be ready to start its multi-million peso Guimaras Iloilo Ferry Terminal project  (GIFT) that will construct a modern passenger terminal   in the area for commuters between Iloilo City and the municipalities in Jordan and Buenavista, Guimaras. Hopefully, the new terminal will have better facilities that many expats, tourists and the elderly need  to easily get on and off the pump boats.


The new pump boat terminal will be located in the Fort San Pedro area and will also include  the refurbishing of a one-hectare plus park abandoned by the local Rotary Club.  As you can tell by these photos, improvements are needed and will be welcomed by many passengers traveling the Guimaras Strait. Though The Sainted Patient Wife and I plan to move to Iloilo City in about three years, we still be making frequent trips on the pump boat back to Guimaras. Anything that will make those journeys safer will be greatly appreciated, especially by this aging geezer.


2 thoughts on “The Pump Boat Adventure to Iloilo City”

  1. Dave,
    Hope you will have the new terminal soon. I can see how Lolas and American Expats stumble getting off the boats. I know its especially hard after a few SMB’s. I can just imagine myself falling in the water. Take care and have a nice day.

  2. I have lost all the feeling in both of my feet. Not sure I could get into one of the pump boats. I can walk but only slowly as I have to be sure where I am stepping. Diabetes does that to you, now my hands are going numb. Great, just great!

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