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I can't even swim. But yet I live on Guimaras Island, home of sweet mangoes and sweet Filipinas, and surrounded by beautiful beach resorts with white sandy beaches. I grew up in Central Illinois. My wife can swim like a mermaid on steroids. I'm lucky to even make it out of bed each morning, let alone try to learn how to swim and go scuba diving in the Philippines at my advanced age. I'm a 59-year-old geezer. I remember my Grandpa turning 62 and remarking "This is probably the last birthday I'll be celebrating." He lived to be 80. I don't plan to say that when I reach 62, God willing,  and The Sainted Patient Wife doesn't clobber me with her bolo before then. More episodes like the recent incident in Iloilo City at The Moon Cafe, and she just might. DSC

OK, but say you want to visit Guimaras Island and do some scuba diving in the Philippines. How do you get here? You will have to catch a pump boat from the Ortiz Dock in Iloilo City if you want to reach the Jordan Wharf, a 15-minute pump boat ride. The wharf is about 20 minutes or so from our home. You can catch a jeepney to San Miguel and pick up some sweet mangoes, have a couple bottles of San Miguel Pale Pilsen at The Shirven Hotel, and catch another ride to Tiniguiban Islet  (Pulang Pasayan), Igang,   in Nueva Valencia; a haven of scuba divers. Clear Water Beach Resort is nearby and also offers a great place to do some scuba diving.

The Natago Beach Resort is located on a private island in Sinapsapan, Jordan, Guimaras and offers some fantastic scuba diving opportunities in the Philippines. It's about a one hour jeepney ride from the Jordan Wharf. Keep in mind that the Ortiz Dock in Iloilo City is the easiest and cheapest way to reach the Jordan Wharf. Only costs 14 pesos (33 cents in USD) each for a pump boat to Guimaras. A jeepney ride from the Jordan Wharf to San Miguel is 13 pesos.

You can catch a tricycle ride to the various beach resorts on Guimaras Island for very reasonable prices. We've taken a tricycle loaded with three passengers before to Raymen Beach which is about 35 minutes from our home in San Miguel for a total cost of P150 (3.53 US Dollars.) You can sometimes a negotiate a better price, especially if there is another trike or two nearby who would be more than happy to take you to your destination.

Plenty of beautiful beach resorts to visit in Guimaras if you don't want to do any scuba diving. Great places to relax and enjoy the peaceful surroundings. Come on over and visit us some time. There's lots of friendly folks with warm smiles waiting for you.

3 thoughts on “Scuba Diving in the Philippines. Check Out Guimaras Island.

  1. Dave..I would think most Fillipinos can swim good because they live by the sea or a lot of them do. I noticed in one of your posts some time back….I think it was the one on skining bamboo…that your wife was teaching the younger’s on how to use bolo’s…so she must have all different sizes of them and teach them young to keep the tradition of the bolo going!

  2. Hey Dave, my wife might be the first Filipina you’ll meet that will not even think about trying to swim, she says it is because of a fishing boat that turned over when she was about 9 or 10 years old, she went under but luckly her uncle caught her before she went to far and me growing up on Lake Michigan I love to swim and I’m an advance diver so maybe one day we can take you up on your offer to visit Guimaras but I’ve got to get retired first ;( 1 year and 9 months ! Which reminds me your Ebook, The Philippines: A Guide To Moving & Living In Paradise, was a Great read and very informative I’ll be using some of the information that you have supplied us with also a bit of humor which made it really hard to stop reading once I started . The only time I stop reading it was to take some notes!

    Oh thanks for the add on FB…..CJ

    At 59 it must feel pretty good to finally be able to enjoy some of what the Man upstairs has put here for us. One more time 1 year and 9 months 🙂

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