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The Sainted Patient Wife walked into the house the other day at our home in Guimaras carrying a pineapple. Not unusual to see. We have pineapples growing in our yard (see second photo.) But my asawa was excited because the pineapple depicted was from the top of a pineapple she had planted two years ago after I became an American expat and moved to the Philippines with my beautiful Filpina wife. To my knowledge, we didn't have pineapples growing in our backyard in Central Illinois. SPW informs me that bigger section of the pineapple is planted, a new one could sprout up in a year. A blossom rises from the top of the plant indicating a new pineapple is ready to be picked. The things you learn living on the edge of a jungle in the Philippines!DSC

On to the fresh crabs (I'm an old one, I will readily admit to that.) One of the mothers of the preschool children that my sister-in-law teaches at out home in Guimaras had some freshly picked crab for sale at only P120 a kilo (2.83 USD, or about $1.18 a pound.) My asawa loves fresh crab. She thoroughly rinsed them and cooked them in a huge pot of boiling water. She said the crab eggs are the best part, but I declined eating any of those, but did sample the meat which was quite tasty.  Life on the edge of a jungle in the Philippines. Yeah, it's a tough life, but someone's got to live it. DSC

5 thoughts on “Pineapples and Crabs. It’s a Tough Life in the Jungle.

  1. DAVE..The pineapple looked good, the crabs pass on those…how come no corn on the cob? Sweet corn not grow there in the jungle? I would think a few ears of corn cooked on the coals along with a big hunk of beef and a red horse be pretty darn nice this time of the year…..Oh, my mind just kicked in and remembered that nice beef hard to find there, or seems read that some place on one of these lets live in the Phillipines on line mags.

      1. Good to know, the larger crabs are easier for me to eat. The Filipinos are so fast eating crabs that they would be done their meal while I was still working on my first one. So I said that when I visit the Philippines I will buy the crabs for everyone as long as someone peels my crab for me, lol.

  2. Dave: Those crabs look very similar to the Maryland Blue Crab. Generously sprinkle a combination of course salt and Old Bay over the crabs then steam them for 30-45 minutes in 1 cup beer and 1 cup vinegar. Serve with fresh corn on the cob. Wash down with lots of beer. Take it from this native Marylander. You’ll thank me!

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