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American Expats at The Shirven Hotel

Decided it was time to hang out at The Shirven Hotel with my American Expat friend, Brother Tom. My asawa came along. She needed to get out of the house more. It was a Saturday night, and the hotel in Guimaras has been known to have some expats that gather for a few San Miguels and small talk on the weekend. A great combination.

Brother Tom was going to be leaving soon for a stint in the States but would be returning to our little slice of mango heaven next March. Our beautiful Filipina server, Mae, seen in the photo above with Tom and myself, made sure the guys had a frosted mug along with bottles of San Miguel Pale Pilsen. However,  the pretty pinay had erred in assuming The Sainted Patient Wife would be drinking San Miguel Light instead of the Pale Pilsen her male companions were having.

When Mae returned to our table, I advised her that my asawa prefers the San Miguel Pale Pilsen  that the "macho men" were drinking. But since the bottle was already opened, my wife said it was OK, she'll drink it. My spouse is such a nicer person than her American expat husband.  We ordered some fried calamari (P100, 2.33 USD) and cheese sticks (P55, $1.28 for 12 pieces) for appetizers and chatted with Tom. Only P30 (70 cents) for a bottle of Pale.

I also ordered a serving of peanuts for  P20 (47 cents) which my expat friend from Florida supplemented with some of his own "Happy Nuts," his favorite brand of nuts from the Philippines. We always crack some remarks about "loving our 'Happy Nuts,'" and our juvenile humor is never recognized by Mae. I'm fairly sure my aswas understands, but she just lets it go and allows Tom and I to have our fun. She's a good wife.

Of course, that's my beautiful asawa in the following photo standing next to her husband, this author's website, who is not drunk (only had two Pale Pilsens that night, but was trying out one of his "tough" looks on Mae who took our pictures.) Brother Tom is on the right, teeth clinched and a "deer-in-the-headlights" look  with a bottle of San Miguel in his hand.


Here's another photo in which The Sainted Patient Wife said to me that "Brother Tom looks like he is possessed." Well, if he is, since he works at the Trappist Monastery in Guimaras, he has a lot of Brothers in the order that can help rid him of his demon(s.)  The last photo is a shot of the happy trio. We took off around 8:30. Total bill was 420 pesos ($9.78) which included Tom's bottles of San Miguel. Not a bad price for an evening of fun with the asawa and friends.  DSC

I'm not reimbursed in any way by The Shirven Hotel located a short 25-minute jeepney ride from the Jordan Wharf in Guimaras. Along with Mae, they have a great staff in Maricel and manager, Nick. Check out this link if you want more details about their establishment. The Sainted Patient Wife and I are returning next Saturday to our favorite hangout to meet Brother Tom, who is bringing a lady friend, for a final send-off for our American expat friend before he returns to the States. I highly recommend a visit to The Shirven whenever you visit Guimaras. I don't think you'll be disappointed.


4 thoughts on “American Expats at The Shirven Hotel”

  1. Yes, checked the website, and it looks like a nice place to hang out. I haven’t found a nice little place to “hang” in Nueva Ecija yet. I must do that! If not, I’ll be sure to meet you at the Shirven some weekend when I’m there.

    On my last visit to N.E. I was usually toting my case of San Mig around with me on the tricycle. Heck, I couldn’t count on anyone but myself to offer me a beer! Anyway, I made the comment to my youngest sister-in-law, who was looking at me with curiosity one time as I climbed into the sidecar, that “the party goes with me!” She gave me an odd look. I hoisted the case of beer and said, “See? The party is wherever I am!” Hmmm…she still didn’t get it! Whatcha’ gonna do?!!

    • Dave,

      Glad to see your asawa is back to normal again. It sure looks like you were feeling good even though you only had 2 beers. Thats ok you had your asawa there to watch over you. Have a nice day.

  2. I look forward to checking out the Shirven next month on the 9th for lunch. I can hardly wait to try the “fish and chips” Dave raves about :). Then taking a side trip over to my favorite hangout Villia Igang (formerly Puerto Del Mar) which is a very nice and laid back beach resort. Jeff will most likely be comming with me and I will see if there are any other adventureous expats from Iloilo willing to visit the provence.

    Paul in Iloilo.

    • Myself, Jeff and Eric will be there on the 9th, unless there is a typhoon or seas rough enough to keep the pumpboats from making the trip over to Guimeras. Will be seeing Jeff later on at “Jeffs bar” and seeing if his wife Rose wants to come along. If so count on my wife Bing going too and possibly Erik’s girlfriend. Maybe that will be enough of a draw to get the SPW out for lunch :).

      Paul in Iloilo

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