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Steph, on the left, along with her Japanese roommate, were among some of the party goers we met during the recent 2011 Manggahan Festival held in Guimaras. I apologize for not remembering Steph's roommate's name, but I had already a few Red Horse beers before listening to the Twilight Band from Iloilo that was playing that evening. I'll have more on the talented Twilight Band tomorrow. I can tell you, however, that they had the place rocking. People were dancing and singing along with the group and having a great time.

DSCMy asawa and I had met Steph earlier in the evening.  She told me that she had seen me on a jeepney before in Guimaras, but I did not speak to her at the time. It just depends on what kind a mood I am in that day. I rarely speak to any women on a jeepney even if my asawa isn't with me. I just don't want them to think I'm hitting on them.  I told Steph my wife's family name, Gange, and much to her surprise, she was staying with one of my wife's relatives, a 2nd cousin Gange!

We later met some other Peace Corps volunteers, there are 20 in the area, if I remember correctly. Rob, Judson, Kelsie and Jeff are some of the other party goers with the Corps that we met that night. All quite a sociable and friendly group. They knew the local language, Hiligaynon, and put me to shame with their knowledge of it. They were also well acquainted with some of the favorite brews of the Philippines such as San Miguel and Red Horse.

DSCHere's my asawa, Melinda, standing next to Steph, who borrowed a kimono from her Japanese roommate, and standing next to Kelsie with the glasses. I failed to get (or failed to remember the name of the young lady on the far right.) Note my wife's slightly glazed look. She had just finished a San Miguel Light.

DSCHere's what The Sainted Patient Wife looks after just TWO beers (her limit for one night.)

DSC Peace Corps volunteer, Jeff, is on the right, arms raised. He had been dancing with his girlfriend before, but I think he might have had a few too many bottles of Red Horse and started dancing with this Filipino guy. Jeff was obviously having a good time. Whatever the gender of the person he was dancing with obviously made no difference to him at this point.

Nothing wrong with having a little fun. I know these young Peace Corps volunteers are dedicated to their work in Guimaras and other parts of the Philippines. I admire them for what they are doing and for embarking on such an adventure. They do not live in air con comfort as my wife and I do. They eat what the locals eat and sleep where the locals sleep. They are performing a great service for the people of Guimaras, and I salute them.

If they blow off a little steam sometimes, why not?  My wife and I sure had fun meeting them and drinking a few beers with them. OK, I might have had a few more than my wife as the next picture might reveal. At least I didn't have to drive home since I almost  fell off the San Miguel stage where the Twilight Band was playing once. I blamed it on my old age and not the Red Horse, though. My asawa wasn't buying it. DSC

5 thoughts on “Partying with the Peace Corps in Guimaras!

  1. Dave,
    I’m glad that you meet some of the US Peace Corp stationed in the PHILIPPINES,I’m one of their avid readers on the Peace Corp Blogs and i’m very touched and honored for all the dedication of these people to help my countrymen and our community, just to think that they left their comfortable lifestyle in the US to live in the less fortunate people and family in the Philippines for almost 2 yrs.and who are deprived of things they get used to live in their homeland was very commendable and i really thank them from the bottom of my heart.I enjoyed reading their blogs be it negatives or positives and i can’t blamed them at all coz i think of them as a constructive criticism but most of all they earned my outmost respect for learning to speak the local language that i know will help them blend to the locals , i followed them through their blogs since the beginning of their journey from packing their belongings, meetings their families and loves one before they fly off to their long hrs of journey to the Philippines. Their blogs are one of my favorites and keeps visiting w/c served as my daily newspaper about the Philippines. I’m familiar w/ those names that you mentioned above, they’re young, adventurous, funny, beautiful and dedicated people, pls. thank them for me when you have a chance to meet them again.

    1. Dave, Audry

      I strongly agree with Audrey that they should be commended for taking 2 years out of there life and volunteer and help the poor and unfortunate people in the Philippines. But there are worst things than living with kind and friendly filipinos and drinking a few SMB every once in awhile. Dave looks like you were feeling pretty good. Maybe you should try the San Miguel Strong Ice next time and then you would only have to drink 2 beers like your asawa. Funny as usual. Good day

  2. Well Dave you sure did have a good time but I think the good time was over when your photo was taken. The Peace Corp is a great outfit and do good works all over the world. Glad to see they are working there in Guimaras. What work are they doing???? I worked with a fellow that spent a couple of years teaching the local folks how to start fish farms. The fish farms never did too well and civil war drove the workers out of the country. The civil war still goes on and the people there still need help getting food. Funny how things don’t change that much except that the cold beer tastes good after a long hot day. Sure wish the doctor would let me drink it. The Strong Ice is a better tasting beer but the Red Horse is a couple of points higher on the “getting happy” scale and cheaper too. Party on dude!!!!!

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