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The Sun Star Cebu reports that after receiving reports of cybersex dens operating in Cebu City, Mayor Michael Rama said he will order the Cebu City Police Office (CCPO) to create a task force that will run after illegal establishments. Mayor Rama said the existence of cybersex dens is “serious” and should be treated “not only as a police matter but also a morality issue,” especially that it often involves minors.  I recently published a post about human trafficking in Cebu City involving a raid at a karaoke bar, the Jaguar KTV Bar.webcam girl

The Sun Star article reports that former City Anti-Indecency Board chairman Dr. Rene Josef Bullecer revealed he got some information that at least three barangays in the city have cybersex dens in its subdivisions operated by foreigners.  Police Regional Office (PRO) Central Visayas Director Ager Ontog admitted it is difficult to track down cybersex dens.

Ontog said a lot of technicality is involved in finding cybersex dens. But he said they are doing their “best” to stop the illegal activity. However, following the Jaguar club raid, Ontog said the police will intensify their campaign against human trafficking.

PRO Director Ontog said he has directed all the police units in Central Visayas to monitor the human trafficking situation in their areas.

“This is a long-existing problem,” Supt. Armando Radoc , deputy director for the CCPO (Cebu City Police Office),  said about human trafficking. Radoc said they are monitoring some households in the city where there could be prostitution or cybersex operations.

Last week, a cybersex den in Barangay Poblacion Occidental, Consolacion was raided by the Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (CIDG) Central Visayas.

Poblacion Occidental village, Marilou Casul, in an ABS-CBN TV Patrol report, was shocked that a cybersex den was operating in her barangay (village or district.) Casul, who is also Consolacion’s Association of Barangay Captains president, said apartment owners should conduct a background check on their tenants. Well, it's doubtful, Ms. Casul, that many tenants would reveal that they had operated a cybersex den in the past, but I guess a background check couldn't hurt.

Hopefully, the Cebu Police will be successful in stamping out these cybersex dens. However, it is probably safe to assume that some of these operations are also  being protected by local barangay tanods (deputized watchmen) and police officers on the take making the eradication of these cybersex dens even more difficult.

6 thoughts on “Cybersex Dens in Cebu City

  1. Maybe they should start with the more obvious things, like the “by the hour” hotels which seem to be on most every corner at least in this part of the country.

  2. Hi Dave: While sitting in the Aquino Airport in Manila, I met a nurse in her late 50’s. She was on her way to the U.S. as well (returning home) in Oklahoma. She is an owner of a dive shop and internet cafe in Moalboal, Cebu. Her businesses are run by her daughter. She just purchased her retirement home. (It took her 3 months to research and negotiate for the property.)

    She was shocked at how young women behaved in her internet cafe. She noted that one young lady took off her blouse, nude, and faced the “camera cam” while chatting on the internet. She instructed her daughter to post “no nudity allowed” in her cafe. She did not want her establishments to be noted as one of these notorious places. She was really upset about the track that young Filipina women have chosen to tread.

    1. Dave, Roselyn

      It is unbelievable for someone to be as bold as that in a Internet Cafe. My G/F in Pilar, Bataan owns a Internet Cafe, but has never had a problem with inappropriate behavior like that in her cafe. But someone had the guts to steal one of her monitors, while she was there. She was distracted by one person while the other one just walked out with it. So she put CCTV System in. I think all Law enforcement agencies should have there own Cyber Units to locate the sites. We have one in our agency that monitors the internet for child pornography and pedophiles. I’m sure they could locate some of the sites that way. Good Article.

  3. While it is good that the Police is shown to be doing their duties, the sad part of these “cyberdens” are the private homes who set up a “little business” using their underage children to undress and do “stuff” for the internet perverts. And no, it is not just Kanos who patronize these cyberdens. I have heard of mothers offering to include her under-aged daughters in her performance. And no, I donot buy the rubbish argument that says one is poor and has to resort to these kinds of “making a living”.

  4. Dave,

    It seems like fighting the problem with fly swatter by going after the cyberdens. I don’t understand how the sites are operating and breaking US laws of using underage girls. The website owners and employees who run the sites (knowing that they are using underage girls) need to be busted. I don’t know everything about the internet but if I was law enforcement in the Philippines, I would be fighting the problem by shutting down the connections.

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