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An unpaid P41,800 tab (975 US Dollars) ran up in 2005 at a Quezon City girlie bar in the Philippines got Alex Rellosa nine years in jail.  Quezon City judge Bayani Vargas handed down the sentence last week after Rellosa jumped bail and no longer attended hearings on the case against him, that according to an article in the April 6, 2011 newspaper edition of The Philippine Star.Bar girlsSeems like Rellosa and three of his buddies entered the Classmate KTV (karaoke) bar on March 18, 2005 to do some drinking and have a little fun. Many karaoke bars in the Philippines have girls employed that will, let’s just say, be more than happy to do more than help you sing Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen.  Rellosa introduced himself to the floor manager as a colonel in the military, rented a VIP room, choose girls for their entertainment and ordered food and drinks.

The floor manager checked the VIP room the next day after 4 a.m. and was quite shocked to see that Rellosa and his friends had gone, except for one  buddy that was still asleep. Charges were dropped against Rellosa’s friends. Now facing nine years in a Filipino prison, I would suspect that Mr. Rellosa will have some new buddies to entertain him. But I suspect they won’t be beautiful Filipinas.

4 thoughts on “Unpaid Girlie Bar Bill Gets Filipino 9 Years in Jail

  1. I’ve run up some bar bills back in my drinking days, but never that much. By the way I like the new size font, don’t even need my glasses to read it!

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