Carny Girls at the Manggahan Festival in Guimaras

Attended the annual Manggahan Festival in Guimaras this past Sunday, April 10, 2011 and Monday night. The mango festival runs until April 17. Had the opportunity to take some new photographs, all snapped with my asawa close by, and wanted to share  a couple pictures of some female carnival workers on today's post.


The next picture depicts two young ladies that live in the Jaro district of Iloilo, and they also had a firing range booth. The young lady on the left is 24 years of age and is married. Her husband was standing nearby, unbeknownst to me, but said nothing as I took the photo and chatted with the ladies for a few minutes. They were quite happy to have me take their photo, and struck a pose for the picture and were more than willing to talk to me and answer my questions.

DSCHere's a gambling game at the Manggahan Fesitval. The young man on the right with the stick and colorful hair was smoking a cigarette the entire time he was working this game. The cigarette is hidden from view in this photo.  The young lady in pink seated next to him is also a carny girl, and is giving anyone who has won,  a peso to match the peso they bet. If your block  matches the color of the square  on the counter that you bet on,  you're a winner. The blocks are dropped  out of the funnel.

The carnival group that provided the rides and games for the festival were from Iloilo, and actually the whole area was cleaner than a lot of carny games I've seen at county and state fairs back in the States. It cost five peso for admission to the game and ride concessions, but if you stick out like a sore thumb as I do, the folks collecting the entrance fee recognize you and your party  if you leave and return. "You don't have to pay again, sir," they told me when we came back, "you've already paid." Your hand wasn't stamped proving you've paid admissions,  which is common in America. Things are pretty laid back in the Philippines. And the carny girls at the Manggahan Festival? Well, judge for yourself.  There are certainly some cute Filipinas in the group. Ahhh, the Philippines. You've got to love it!

Author: The Kano

POST AUTHOR: "THE KANO." Dave DeWall, "The Kano", is the Publisher & Editor-in-Chief of "Philippines Plus" in publication since August 2009. He is also the CEO of Lizard Poop Productions and author of the best-selling guide book "The Philippines Expat Advisor." Dave moved to the Philippines in July 2009 from Central Illinois with his lovely wife of over 19 years, "The Sainted Patient Wife." The couple reside in a rural province in Western Visayas, Guimaras. The small island province is said to have the sweetest mangoes in the world. They do not have any children but are the proud owners of eight active canines, including a Belgian Shepherd called "Killer" "Killer" has bitten five people in the last two years along with one goat and a carabao. "Killer" doesn't like strangers. Or goats. Or carabaos.

4 thoughts on “Carny Girls at the Manggahan Festival in Guimaras

  1. Yes, Dave, aside from other things, the eyes of the Filipina are what get me the most. The girl in the cap does, indeed, have beautiful eyes.

    1. Well, Monty Man, I’ll have some photos of some more beautiful Filipinas coming up. Some gorgeous young ladies from Iloilo that played in a band in Guimaras the other night. I think you’ll agree they have some beautiful features aside from eyes.

    1. I was surprised to see so many young carny girls working there, Gary. Don’t know how safe of conditions they would have traveling with a bunch of guys, but as I noted the one young lady’s husband was near by. Maybe the workers are employed by relatives that own the carnival and travel with them. Guess I’ll have to research that when I go back to the festival tomorrow or Sunday. Gives me a good excuse to down some more San Miguels or Red Horse.

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