The Rudest Doctor in the Philippines!

It had been almost two years since my wife had a pap smear or mammogram. Received a recommendation for a female gynecologist, Dr. Ma. Sisa B. Fernandez, located just a short distance at the Soriano Building just a short distance from Doctor's Hospital in Iloilo. The Sainted Patient Wife is 46 now (I'm sure she would love me sharing all of this personal information, but she seldom reads what I post on this website so I should be safe from the wrath of her bolo.)st pauls

We're hoping to have better luck making contact with an actual doctor since we failed miserably  at our first attempt at St. Paul's Hospital in yesterday's post. Catch a jeepney from Ortiz Dock in Iloilo to the hospital and walk the short distance to the Soriano Building. See a lola (grandmother) sitting inside the office. The door is locked, but she lets us in. It is nine o'clock, the posted opening time. However, we are informed by Dr. Fernandez's receptionist that the doctor does not arrive until 9:30. The Sainted Patient Wife fills out a short medical form which  basically consists of her name, address, and telephone number. That's it. No medical history required. No questions about what allergies she might have. No medical privacy forms to fill out. Completely different experience from a visit to a new doctor in the States.

Around 9:15 a tall middle-aged Filipina arrives. It's Dr. Fernandez. She greets us as she walks by and a minute later my wife is told by the receptionist to go back to the examination room. The doctor is ready to see her. I'm liking this doctor already! After a day wasted at St. Paul's Hospital in Iloilo yesterday, things are looking a lot promising today.

I ask my wife if it is necessary for me to go into the exam room with her this time, as I have had to do in every visit to her gynecologist in America. Thankfully, she lets me off the hook, and I get to sit in the waiting room. I pass the time playing a  car racing video game on my new free Samsung Champ phone. After about 20 minutes my wife joins me. The doctor has done the examination and a pap smear test already. She will send a text to my wife with the results. That's a lot better deal than the gynecologist at St. Paul's who required a patient to return in order to get the results. Probably so the doctor could extract another fee for an office visit.

I go back to thank Dr. Fernandez who has also scheduled a mammogram for my wife the next day, Friday,  at Doctor's Hospital in Iloilo. I pay the very reasonable 700 peso fee (around 16.07 US Dollars) which includes the cost of the pap smear test, and my wife and I walk back to the hospital to find the Mammogram Department with the referral in hand. My wife is very pleased with her new gynecologist, and I am happy to hear that. Looks like today is going a lot better than yesterday.

However, as part of the deal to entice my wife to go to a gynecologist and to get a mammogram, I had to agree to find a doctor that would give me a referral for a blood test. I haven't seen a physician in a few years, and my last blood test done in the States revealed that I had slightly high cholesterol levels. Since we already are  near Iloilo Doctor's Hospital, we decided to find a doctor that could refer me. I hoped  the medical technicians that would draw my blood would do a better job than the techs and the doctor at Great Saviour's Hospital in Iloilo last year who weren't able to draw blood from me after five attempts.

We have to go to the emergency room of Doctor's to find a doctor on duty that could help me. The mammogram can be done anytime in the afternoon so we have some time to locate a physician for me.  We're referred to a Cardiologist and Internal Doctor located in the hospital. After finding his room, the receptionist informs us that the doctor is at lunch and will return at one. My wife and I go across the street to The Atrium for lunch at Chowking and return to Doctor's Hospital around 1:15. There are two doctors located in the office. The male doctor was the one I was supposed  to see. After a few minutes of waiting, the other doctor, a middle aged female arrive and loudly greets everyone. She calls us into her office.

  • "What do you need?" she loudly asks.
  • "I need a blood test. I have not had one for several years, and my last one showed I  my cholesterol was a little high." I answered.
  • "Why do you want to waste your time with that? You're probably OK." she said.
  • "Well, I told my wife I would get one done. I had a kidney stone attack last year and was taken to Great Saviour's Hospital where the three technicians and a doctor could not even draw blood from me. They're incompetent." I informed her.
  • "Incompetent? How can you say they're incompetent" the "doctor" loudly asks.
  • "If someone at a hospital cannot even draw blood from me after five attempts, I call that incompetent. Sometimes the nurses and techs in America had trouble finding my vein to draw blood, too." said I.
  • "Oh, so the nurses in American are incompetent, too?" the annoying doctor remarked.
  • "No, if the first nurse could not draw my blood, they always had someone that could do it." I said with obvious irritation in my voice.
  • "I just don't understand why you think it's necessary to have a blood test  if you are not having any problems." she stated.
  • "Well, I guess since you don't think I need one, I'll just find a doctor who will give me a referral." I said as I stood up and stormed out of her office. "Let's go!" I loudly exclaimed to my wife.
  • "Is he German?" I could hear the doctor ask my wife as I walked away.
  • "NO, I'm German-American, and you've pissed me off!" I replied.  (My great-grandfather came from Germany.)

I go outside of the hospital, and I soon realize my wife is not following me. She stayed behind to talk to the doctor so she could get a referral for my blood test. The doctor did not even refer the lab at Doctor's Hospital where she had her office, but gave my wife a referral (for a charge of 200 pesos,$4.59 ) so I could get the blood work done at St. Paul's Hospital.

My asawa also informed me that that the doctor asked personal questions like how we had met and also remarked that Americans have short tempers. My wife did not like her  saying the doctor was loud and unprofessional. I completely agreed with her. Absolutely the rudest  and most obnoxious doctor I ever met anywhere, whether it be the United States or the Philippines. What kind of doctor discourages you from preventive health measures? Did she want me to wait until I had a stroke? At least we had the pleasure of meeting a doctor that my wife and I both liked, her new gynecologist, Dr.Fernandez. Tomorrow's post: disturbing mammogram results.

Author: The Kano

POST AUTHOR: "THE KANO." Dave DeWall, "The Kano", is the Publisher & Editor-in-Chief of "Philippines Plus" in publication since August 2009. He is also the CEO of Lizard Poop Productions and author of the best-selling guide book "The Philippines Expat Advisor." Dave moved to the Philippines in July 2009 from Central Illinois with his lovely wife of over 19 years, "The Sainted Patient Wife." The couple reside in a rural province in Western Visayas, Guimaras. The small island province is said to have the sweetest mangoes in the world. They do not have any children but are the proud owners of eight active canines, including a Belgian Shepherd called "Killer" "Killer" has bitten five people in the last two years along with one goat and a carabao. "Killer" doesn't like strangers. Or goats. Or carabaos.

17 thoughts on “The Rudest Doctor in the Philippines!

  1. Sounds like the doc had a bad experience with a German once….maybe one of them actually demanded that she do her job or something odd like that.

  2. Dave, sounds like you found a good Doc for your Wife, or from sounds of it she seems happy. Now you need find one you be happy with.When you mentioned what your Wifes Doc bill was, I got to thinking..that was what a office call was for me near 50 years ago…so things are pretty reasonable there I quess. I think things here as far as medical goes are going to get bad with this new national health care bill they pass about a year ago.Ok lets hope You find some Doc. You like.

    1. I need to find one, Dan. My wife wants me to. I would like a cute qualified Filipina doctor, but don’t know if the asawa will go for that. I can always say” “But honey, you WANTED me to go to a doctor!”

      1. Dave…that will never work..for you to have a cute and young Fillipina Doc. Your sweet honey be more happy if you get a ruff and tuff Fillpino man Doc, one that will not put up with any of your Lizard sxxt!!That will make her the most happy…because the other way…..would just not work…she would have to go to all appointments and carry 2 of her bolos with her to make sure there was no “hanky” “panky” going on…and of course that would crush all your dreams…

        1. Yep, you’re right, Dan, the asawa would never allow me to have a cute Filipina doctor. She would smack me upside of the head with her bolo if I pursued that avenue. I would like to find a good male doctor like you say. I had an excellent physician in the States, Dr. Craig Backs, who gave up his private practice to work as an administrator at a local hospital. But realistically, the cute Filipina doc idea is just a fantasy.

  3. I don’t think there is such thing as doctor and patient privacy in the Philippines. My wife’s sister took her to the hospital to see a doctor because she was having chills and sore throat. The nurse showed her into room where docter was working on another patient to stop bleeding from what she heard from doctor was from illegal abortion. He was asking my wife what her problem was at the same time the woman was screaming and the doctor was telling the patient she should not of did what she did. This scared my wife so bad that she said she would just suffer from now on until we got back to states to see a doctor. Now she does’t want to retire in Philippines after building house. Just want to visit and take chance won’t have to see doctors.

    1. What a horrific, story, George. We were fortunate to find the gynecologist for my wife that we did, but after what your wife experienced, I can understand how she might feel. I did find a great dentist last year along with an excellent EENT doctor. My wife had a orthopedic surgeon check out a knee injury she got in 2009 over at St. Paul’s Hospital that was excellent. But then there are people like the rude doctor I wrote about, and the surgeon from Guimaras who gouged me for a P5000 bill when the going rate is from P350-P750. Hope you can convince your asawa to make the move.

  4. HAHAHAHA, Too funny. Has she ever heard of “annual physical” or “preventive maintenance?”

    I would have told the doctor, “hey doc, if you wait till problems show up, then it probably a little to late.”

    Houston, Texas

    1. Evidently, not, EJ. I was simply dumbfounded by this doctor’s attitude. I can guarantee you that if any problems do show up, by the time I get that jeepney ride from our local hospital in Guimaras, which does not have adequate emergency room facilities, and take the pump boat to Iloilo, and THEN take a taxi to a hospital in Iloilo, I will be one dead kano.

      1. Dave

        Sounds like the Doctor has no bed manners at all. Hopefully you will at least get a good male doctor, but maybe a a young filipina. Nowadays its hard to find a good doctor in the states that will take the time to talk with you. Most want to just rush you in and out because its all about money. Good article take care

        1. Thanks, Papa Duck. It was a challenge for me back in the States when my favorite doctor gave up his practice because of all the restrictions from the HMOs. He took time to talk to his patients and told me that being a doctor was his “calling.” Hopefully, I can find someone like that in the Philippines.

  5. My wife absolutely prefers female doctors, John. We were fortunate to find a good one that she really likes.
    After my kidney stone attack last year I was forced to go to the hospital. It’s been quite an experience adjusting to the differences in healthcare offered here, but I honestly think we’re finding some good hospitals such as St. Paul’s and Doctor’s Hospital in Iloilo.

  6. hi..if u want some blood tests done…you can try going to any diagnostic center without doctors order. i do that all the time. so if anything alarming with the results.. i go find a good doctor next. 🙂

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