Whose the Hotter Wonder Woman? The Filipina Version, Darna, or America’s New Version?

It was  a slow Saturday. Saw a photo of the new Wonder Woman, Adrianne Palicki. Hot! Hotter than Lynda Carter's portrayal of the Amazing Amazon? Hard to say. I grew up as a teen-aged boy with raging hormones watching the original Wonder Woman with Ms. Carter.  I sure didn't see any females dressed  like that running around our small town in central Illinois!   But I thought,  why go with the ongoing debate about who is the sexier Wonder Woman, Carter or Palicki? Done? Now what do you think? I'm honestly having trouble making a decision. I want to be fair and not be  influenced by the fact that I am married to a beautiful Filipina. Both have sexy bustiers, but in this particular shot, I have to admit Adrianne Palicki looks a bit more scandalous than Marian's.  Both ladies are extremely attractive and look fabulous in their costumes. I'm going to give the slightest edge to Marian Rivera because I like the exposed navel and bare legs. In other words, my votes goes to the female with the skimpiest costume. What do you think? Ladies are welcome to vote. This is an equal opportunity, though not politically correct, website.


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