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Buying a Smart Sim Card or Globe Sim Card? Big Brother Might Be Watching!

Buying a Smart SIM  card or a Globe SIM card in the Philippines?  A new House bill, Bill 3940, is being proposed by two Mindanao lawmakers in the Philippines with evidently too much time on their hands. This according to a recent January 20, 2011 article in the Philippine Star.  Shades of Big Brother! I move to the Philippines and enjoy the relative peace of  having the Philippine government not butt into my business to the extent Big Brother in America did, and now these two bonehead Filipino lawmakers want telecommunications firms that sell prepaid SIM cards to activate the purchased card only after entering the name of the buyer. The buyer will now have to present a valid government ID when purchasing a Smart SIM card, Globe SIM card or other SIM cards in the Philippines.  Violators would be fined P100,000 to P1 million and imprisoned for one to two years.

The "lawmakers" noted that SIM cards have been used in making ransom demands and in robberies, and by individuals that threaten, harass, and solicit donations.  Note to lawmakers: "ANYONE CAN PRESENT A FAKE ID. ANY CRIMINAL CAN HAVE SOMEONE ELSE BUY THE SIM CARDS FOR THEM!" According to mobile phone service providers in the Philippines, most of their customers (myself included) use prepaid SIM cards.  I, along with millions of other cell phone users in the Philippines, will now be registered into a national database if this asinine law is passed.  The "lawmakers" state that Singapore and Kenya already have such registration laws in place. "Duh!" What does that have to do with the Philippines?

I guess with the spate of recent tragic car hijackings in the Philippines involving used car dealers that resulted in the torture and burning of the victims, this might have prompted the proposed bill. But again, what criminal is going to be stupid enough to use a SIM card in his cell phone that he himself had to present an ID before purchasing it? While I profess that I've read stories of some stupid Filipino crooks since living in the Philippines, I seriously doubt there will be  many that will be that ignorant. But then again, what do I now?  Maybe those "lawmakers" from Mindanao know more about the criminal mind in the Philippines then I do. After all, they are politicians!

6 thoughts on “Buying a Smart Sim Card or Globe Sim Card? Big Brother Might Be Watching!”

  1. Most of the people committing crimes PROBABLY have a stolen cell phone with a SIM card already in it, or they will begin stealing them. I have to admit, the lawmakers are serious with the steep penalties imposed if this becomes law.

  2. Good Grief! I could have staying in Michigan for this. 1984 all over again. Maybe I could find more freedom in China. There goes the cellphone in the canal.


  3. Dave…its just another example of the New World Order taking place…A little here and a little there…Soon if they have there way…All computors will have soft ware on them that will read all your e-mails before you send them and if they are not up to the New World Order aproval then you will not be able to send them…I no some of you are laughing it up on this little response, and its ok with me…but take a moment and put the brain to work and ask your self how many freedoms you as a person have lost over the last 25 or so years.Example..soon all those that get a SS Check will have 2 opitons…starting in 2 years..You either sign up for the Goverment national debit card…..or give them the info for your bank account for direct deposit…Then they have a pretty clear record of what you are doing with your money,if you use the dbit card they can soon profile what kind of spender you are..where you spend it and where you go all most to spend it..if you have it put into your bank account then they have a record there also of your activities, etc. I am sure there are many other examples of all of this loss of freedom by ordinary people…sad to hear they are thinking of that plan on the sim cards………They all ready do it in Vietnam..and sure other countries also……I wonder what it will be like 50 years from now??, maybe just a few people left fighting the machines…hahaha

  4. For those of you that having nothing else to do and have not all ready heard this..it might be interesting to watch and listen to…its kinda way out there but a lot of truth in it…..CHECK IT OUT

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