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My new kano friend from Tennessee,  "Mickey" (see yesterday's post), had just related some surprising information to me. Though he has been in the Philippines for eight years, he currently did not have a visa.  He would be subject to a fine (based upon how many months he overstayed) if he ever tried to return to the United States. The fee used to be collected when departing the Manila airport, but currently, I understand   the person wanting to leave now  has to go to an immigration office to apply for a late extension and pay the necessary fees before they can leave the Philippines. Hypermarket
Truth be told, no one has ever asked me for my passport except when I first entered the Philippines.  I  do have my ACR-I (Alien Certificate of Registration) Visa with me, but never carry my passport unless I am traveling to Manila. However, Philippine law requires that a foreigner carry their passport at all times.  I plan to stay here legally and get my Permanent Visa next June before my current ACR visa expires. If I have to return to the United States (my Father still lives there), I want to be able to leave without any hassle.

Mickey also told me he was in the Vietnam War and received a Purple Heart. He was shot in the left knee as he tried to pull a buddy up from the ground into the moving helicopter Mickey was on as the Viet Cong opened fire.  I thanked him for his service to our country, and told him I was in the Air Force during the Vietnam War stationed as a Security Policeman at Whiteman AFB in Missouri. Happy Veterans Day to Mickey, my Dad (who served in the Air Force during the Korean War), and all other military personnel, past and present. Because of your sacrifices, I had the freedom to leave my great home country of the United States and retire and  live like a king in the Philippines.

By this time my wife was in view so I waved her over and introduced her to Mickey. He took out pictures of his fiancee and his current wife, and showed them to us. He said they both weren't the prettiest Filipinas,  but that he really loved his fiancee. I diplomatically replied "all Filipinas are maganda (beautiful)" and wished him good luck on his annulment proceedings (check out the legal opinions on the comments sections of Part One of this story.) 

Mickey gave me his cell number, and said we should get together for some "Dead Horses" ("Red Horse", a popular Filipino beer) at a bar near the Hypermarket. I told him I would look him up next time we visit Iloilo. My wife said Mickey was even a bigger talker than I was (which is saying a lot.) I agreed with her, and proceeded with the rest of my shopping. It was good to talk with a fellow American, and next time I stop in Iloilo City, I'll see what other stories my new kano friend has. Lord knows, I have plenty to tell.

12 thoughts on ““Are You An American?”; Encounter in Iloilo City. Part Two, The Conclusion!

  1. Wow! It makes me homesick to be back in Iloilo. I'm sure it was great to meet a new friend and get aquainted.

    I love the new blog you have started. The new look is good! How do like the new platform?

    Maybe early this next year we can meet for real and kill a few "horses".

    Sounds like a good time.

    I guess they speak Ilonggo in Guimaras? Someone asked me on my blog when I posted a little post about Guimaras. My mother in law from Pavia said they did (she is living with us now).

    Just wanted an expert opinion on that.

    Thanks Dave for all you do.

  2. Hi, Randall! Thanks for the remark on the new blog, PhilippinesPlus.com. The new site does have a more polished look, and I'm getting used to the new platform. It will just take me awhile to get it all figured out, but it's coming along.

    Your mother-in-law is correct. Ilonggo is spoken in Guimaras. I know a little Filipino, and if the words in Ilonggo are the same as the ones I know in Tagalog, then I'm in luck. Need to learn the language, though. Thanks for the comments!

  3. Happy Veteran's day to you also. Thanks for your service.

    Ohh, yesterday was a special day for us JarHead. Happy Birthday Devil Dogs!!!

    (Houston, Texas)

  4. Yeah, my mother in law speaks Tagalog, Ilonggo, Kapampangan. I think she is a little bit of an expert. At least when it comes to her native country. I do like the Philippines Plus blog and would suggest everyone check it out!

    I think I am going with Studio Press as well in the near future. I think David Starr is a pretty cool dude!

    Thanks for all you do and hope to see you soon!

  5. Hi MinnieRunner! Easier to find food than love, huh? Well, if any lady in the Philippines is looking for any foreign guys, I suggest McDonald's. Always see kanos there and plenty of burgers and fries!

  6. Hi, Randall! Thanks for the plug on PhilippinesPlus! Hope my readers check out your site,too, "The Philippines Project", You have some good articles on it. If anyone is concerned about traveling to the Philippines they should check out your site. And yes, Dave Starr is a cool dude, most of us "Dave's" are, LOL!

  7. Hi, Dave. Glad you found a compatriot you can hang out with. I know I'm always thrilled to meet other Filipinos abroad. 🙂

  8. Hi spinninglovelydays! Yes, it always is good to meet someone from your own home country. My wife had so many great Filipina friends when we lived in America.

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