Falling Off The Red Horse!

I ended yesterday's blog telling how I had just polished off three bottles in one hour of what is supposed to be the strongest beer available in the Philippines, Red Horse.  After socializing in our front yard, I went to our back yard where some relatives were gathered eating pancit and  pork dishes extracted from our recently slaughtered porker. One of my wife's cousins, Crisostomo,  invited me to join his brothers and other relatives to drink some beer with them.DSC
Again,  not wanting to be a rude host, I sat next to Cousin Crisostomos who evidently had downed a few "Stallions" already. His son, Christian, a former seaman that had been to America,   sat next to his father,  and acted as our interpreter.  Before I knew it I had downed another four bottles of Red Horse and was feeling pretty happy. Cousin Cristomos offered me some sliced pig's face that was sitting in a bowl in front of me. I took some, tried not to visualize what I was eating, and chewed it. Not much of a taste, strange texture, but the broth it was in was good. By this time my wife had caught wind of what was going on, and made an appearance by the back door. I yelled to her that I was eating pig's face (something she had never eaten) and took another bite.

Christian, kept apologizing to me for his Dad's behavior, but I told him it was OK. His tatay wasn't doing anything inappropriate, and I was enjoying my bonding time with the guys. Brother Jimmy was quiet and not drinking and Brother Chris, who I had talked to quite a bit at last year's festivities, would chat with me, but everyone else was watching the free entertainment. I remember Christian's wife coming over with her baby, and I remarked to Christian that his wife was "maganda" ( beautiful.)  I'm pretty sure that is all I said about her because I did not get slapped, kicked, or punched. 

The party broke up when Christian got his inebriated   father to leave.  I shook hands with everyone and made it inside our house without any assistance. I had downed seven beers in about 3 hours which was a lot for me. I promptly took a nap, and a few hours later my wife woke me up and brought me a dish of pancit and fried chicken for supper. I took a couple of Ibuprofen and felt fine. I had fallen off the Red Horse, but was able to get back on my feet. Next time I better stick with just plain Coke!

4 thoughts on “Falling Off The Red Horse!”

  1. its okay to get thrown by the "horse" just try not to tame him without proper supervison will be there in November might try to drop in. Hermit..

  2. Yes, had plenty of folks keeping an eye on me. Certainly nothing I would do outside of "The Compound."

    Hope you can stop by, Hermit, November is a great time to visit.

  3. Well, I guess I did go overboard a bit, spinninglovelydays, but, yes, it was fiesta time. All the relatives seemed to enjoy my company. They're a pretty good bunch.

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