Preschool Nutrition Day Party! Coke Is Served For Lunch!

Pancit noodles, macaroni soup, sweet baked goods, and regular Coke was the lunch menu for a special Nutrition Day at my sister-in-law's preschool which is located in the back of our "Fortress" (I used to call our home "The Compound" but "Fortress" sounds a bit more menacing) in Guimaras province in the Philippines.Nutrition Day in the Philippines
One of the main lessons for today was to make sure one has a healthy diet consisting of fish, beef, vegetables, milk, and bread but the actual food served to the kids today for their "Nutrition Party" included none of the healthy items their teacher mentioned.  It's kind of like your parents preaching to you not to smoke as they take another drag from their cigarette.

However, since I was served some of the Coke  (which  my loving wife has removed from my daily diet due to a kidney stone attack earlier this year) , and was also given some of the tasty baked items,  I did not voice my concerns to my sister-in-law since she provided the aforementioned goodies.  
And I have to tell you, that Coke tasted pretty good since I am now "forced" to drink copious amounts of tubig (water) each day and make multiple trips to our CR (Comfort Room/Bathroom.) It's either that or face the wrath of the wife.  See you next time, I have to go and refill my glass; the boss just walked into the room!

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