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First year in the Philippines! Part Three. To end this series about my experiences after retiring to the Philippines with my beautiful Filipina wife one year ago (she is in front of the doorway with the green polka dot dress),  I am publishing my list of  what I have liked most about dwelling in this paradise. So I present my list of what I like enjoy the most about the Philippines:New Year's Eve with the relatives

  • Change!  After reading a recent blog post at Spinninglovelydays about change, I was inspired to put change at the top of my list. Tired and bored with my old life in America, I thirsted for a radical lifestyle change. I got my wish by moving to the Philippines! Talk about a change from my usual routine!

  • The People. The vast majority of Filipinos are kind, happy, friendly, and eager to help. Most have a smile on their faces, and it is not unusual to hear them spontaneously break into song. The women are beautiful (that's one reason I married my gorgeous Filipina wife.)

  • The Fresh Food. Now I am not putting Filipino food, classic Filipino dishes such as adobo, on my list, but I am talking about the fresh fish caught the same day, and pineapple just harvested, along with the sweet mangoes and other fruits and vegetables that make my mouth water. I do like some traditional Filipino dishes, but plan and cook the majority of my meals (except when I devour some delicious milkfish that my wife prepares), and I mix in a generous amount of fresh food now. Eating much healthier than I did in the States.

  • The Cheap Cost of Living.  Check out my currency converter on the left of this blog. My wife and I can live comfortably in the Philippines on my retirement investments. No job. Less stress. Would still have to work if we had stayed in the United States.

  • The Transportation. Check out my recent blog on why I don't need a vehicle in the Philippines. I love riding all the different modes of transportation here, and the best thing is, I don't have to drive anymore. I love it!

  • Personal Freedom.  I can pee in a public street if I want. I can burn whatever I want in my backyard. I don't have to wear a seatbelt if I don't want to. I could go on and on. Not to say there are no laws in the Philippines. Of course there are. But it reminds me of living back in the 50's in America when I was a young kid (not that I would pee in the streets, though.)  Don't have big government shoving stuff down our throats as is the case in America now.
I'm sure there are many more items I could list, but these are the ones that impress me the most at this time. The first year in the Philippines has been an adventure, and I'm looking forward to many more years of happiness here.

4 thoughts on “First Year in the Philippines! What I Like Most About the Philippines!

  1. Hi Kano, este Dave, It's very nice reading your new blog, as I enjoyed reading your posts on your old Rooster blog.

    I agree with the reasons you have stated about what you like most living in the Philippines.

    But I think you have forgotten one more thing: You like to drink San Miguel beer even early in the morning, which you couldn't do while still working in the States. In addition, you can ride in a jeepney at the roof, while observing the picturesque rural scenery in Guimaras. Those things are absent in the U.S.

  2. You forgot "Warm weather" (oh how I would love some now), and the ocean all around, wherever you go! I agree with your others too!

  3. Hi Eli, my amigo! Good to hear from you! You are absolutely right, however, about leaving drinking San Miguels early in the morning and riding a jeepney on the roof off my favorites list. How could I forget those two things? Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Hi John. Well, to be honest, I really do not care for warm weather that much. Back in America, winter was my favorite season. I don't miss shoveling snow, however. But the ocean all around, yes, that is one I should have included on my list. Thanks for the comment, John, and take care.

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