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Cab Drivers of Manila! Part Two! Related some bad experiences with taxi drivers in the Metro Manila area yesterday, and I'm continuing that theme for today. One rainy Saturday  this past June while shopping again at the Fairview SM Mega Mall in Novaliches, my Filipina wife and I tried to hail a cab. I stood in the background as my wife tried to get a cab. No luck!DSC
Five piece-of-crap drivers refused to take her to our destination, the Kingston Subdivision in Novaliches, about a thirty minute cab ride!  After the third refusal I started shouting at the drivers,  making my poor asawa extremely nervous. She was afraid one of the drivers was going to come out and stab me!

As the rain subsided, we decided to cross the street filled with racing jeepneys to catch what is called a FX van that would take us to a tricycle station where we could then get back to my sister-in-law's home. The fare for the FX is only a little over 30 cents (USD) each passenger, and the tricycle's fare is about 60 cents per tricycle, no matter the number of passengers. 

Fortunately, my wife's sister, Emily, was able to get us a driver,  a reliable neighbor, Boy, who used Emily's van to take us to the Immigration and Visa Office in Manila. His salary was a little over six bucks a day plus gas.  I'm sure there are some honest cab drivers in Manila, and as a recent commentator, Tony B., noted, he did find an honest cab company while in Manila and stuck with them. That's a good plan.
Our driver, Boy, while taking us through Manila, pointed out one company that had bright yellow cabs, believe the name of the company was "Sturdy" and said they can be trusted to go on the meter. Also, please take note, that my wife and I, the Kano, were not the only ones snubbed by the cabbies at SM Fairview, many Filipinos were also refused service because they would use an off-meter taxi, either.
So if you are planning a trip to Manila and can arrange a driver or find a reliable cab company,  you will save yourself a lot of grief. And check around on the FX and tricycle routes, you could save some money there, too. I would recommend an FX van over a jeepney since the vans have air con. One FX driver even had a small television and had the NBA playoffs on. Thankfully, he turned it off when he started his route!

8 thoughts on “Bloodsucking Cab Drivers of Manila! Part Two!

  1. Hey Dave hope you get things worked out there. I am planing to be there in September but will advise. I have same problems living here in the US like you do there. When I go to Atlanta or another big city I always get shell shocked by the prices. I like your new blog. One thing I liked about the old blog prior to this one was where you broke down prices. For those not familiar with the RP adivse some things can be bargained for but you just got to know when to walk away… James in SC

  2. Hi Dave

    I like the new site. Hope everything is well at the compound. You still haven't explained, unless I missed it, why you decided to stay.

    Take Care and Good Luck!


  3. Daaave! Hi! I'm so glad I checked out your old blog today to see if there would be updates or I wouldn't have found out about the new blog. I'm off to read the rest of the entries now, but first… nasty Manila cabbies are lower than scum. You can always report, but unless you have the time and patience to follow up on your report, it's pretty much a futile undertaking…

  4. Locals and tourist alike here too can fall victims to these dishonest cab drivers like in Manila. In fact some do get nasty over the usage of meter..so do be careful.

  5. Hi James! Great to hear from you! Well, if you check my two latest blogs I give a little info on some costs of living in the Philippines. Future blogs will have a new updated monthly budget along with some stories from "The Compound." Good advice on the bargaining aspect, but I never have much luck, "rich" kano that I am. I let my Filipina wife or brother-in-law bargain for me as I stay out of sight.

  6. Hi Andrew! Thanks for stopping by! I never really explained in detail why we have decided to stay, but the short answer is that I decided I didn't really want to return to the rat race and start all over again. I'm going to do a blog on my upcoming one year anniversary of living in the Philippines and give some more details on why we are staying.

  7. Hi Dave,
    Confrontations with taxi drivers in Manila is one of the reasons we bought our own car now we live here.
    I can tell several stories of this. I am going to make a post about this on my website soon.
    It is hard to find decent taxi drivers, but they exist and you have to look with a magnifying glass for them. The honest ones are those who own their car. They cannot afford problems with authorities.

  8. Hi Jan! Sounds like you have found a good solution to the cab driver issue. Look forward to reading your story about it. Thanks for dropping by.

    I'm trying to add your blog to my favorite website but some reason I'm not having much luck installing it on my new blog. I'm working on it, though.

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