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I’m Giving Up My Spam!

I'm Giving Up My Spam! Yep, after being one of the staples of my diet these past ten months in the Philippines, I have decided to delete Spam from my grocery list. I've sent a couple of letters and some emails to Hormel, the makers of Spam hoping to get them to sponsor my blog.spam

I don't think there are that many old geezers living on the edge of a jungle in the Philippines with Spam a major part of their diet. But since I have not gotten any response from them, and I am in the process of losing weight (over eight pounds in the last week, down to 195 and going for 185), it is time to let the Spam go. I actually had vegetables with rice for lunch today, and I am having some fresh  milk fish tonight.

I'm still doing my one hour daily walk early in the morning, and thought it was wise to add some more healthy routines to my life, so I am starting the eating healthier bit. I am doing this without any prodding whatsoever from The Sainted Patient Wife, who had nagged encouraged me in the past to eat better, but being a man, I did not listen. 
And at the age of 58, I doubt that any amount of suggestions from SPW will get me to change any other bad habits I may have, and I think after over ten years of marriage she has probably realized that. Or just given up trying. Oh, don't get me wrong, I may still get the occasional "Dear, don't do that!" when I pick food up from the floor and eat it (she really hates that), but in the Philippines I have to be careful to not accidentally grab a piece of lizard poop by mistake. Or Spam I dropped a couple of months ago.

(Spam is a registered trademark of Hormel Foods Corporation, but you probably already knew that!)

10 thoughts on “I’m Giving Up My Spam!”

  1. Don't you mean "Dear, don't do Dat?" I love it! Filipina women are the greatest! How about all those hotdogs?

    Yes, my wife has something about anything touching the floor as well. If a clean piece of laundry touches the floor you would think that it is instantly contaminated.

    It is a good idea to eat better. I have been eating more vegetarian lately. Not to strict or anything, just trying to watch what I eat! Finally put your link up on my blogroll. Have a great day!

  2. Tokayo, Congrats on losing weight. Yes, forget about SPAM, too much fat, and high in cholesterol. Vegetables, fresh fish and fruits is the way to do it..Cheers!

  3. Hi homsic! Yeah, I love my Filipina wife. She sure keeps my life interesting, but she does not have the laundry dropping issue. So does your wife just wash it again if it falls to the floor?

    Many thanks for the link! I appreciate it.

  4. Hi Tokayo! I really never ate that much Spam back in the States, and you're right, it's really not too healthy for me. I am trying to eat more fish, fruits, and vegetables as you mention. Plenty of that here as you well know.

  5. I like that blackened fish they cook. The whole fish with a pile of white rice and some fruit. Good meal there! I would have that everyday Mr. Dave. It's good for you, low fat. Keep you healthy and blogging about these kind of things for years to come.

    Stay Cool..

  6. I don't eat spam, but my wife likes it. Only for special occasions, though, since she thinks its expensive. Best of luck with your new spam-free life!

  7. Dave,

    Forget about all processed meats. SPAM kills!

    I don't see why you would need them anymore. You are in a place where you can literally pluck fresh veggies if stretch your arms out of your window.

    Fresh meat should also be available. Just order/command (ask/plead) the crew to fetch your Highness some good fresh meat every morning. I am sure they know the places where to get them. Nothing works wonders like a fresh catch for the day.

    Now Id like you to live long and provide plenty of blogs. Its fun to read!

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