The Comfort Room is Done! Life in the Philippines Vastly Improves!

I know this photo of one of Sainted Patient Wife’s flowers in our yard at “The Compound” has nothing to do with the completion of our new Comfort Room, but I thought I could score some points with SPW if I featured one of her babies (she loves her flowers!)  And you guys out there know that it doesn’t hurt to make the wife happy every once and awhile. If she wasn’t sleeping over at her sister Alida’s nipa hut in our front yard, I would ask her what kind of flower this is. All I can tell you that it’s a flower. But wait until she sees this picture! I may be a Bonehead most of the time (and proud of it), but on occasion I do get a good idea that is going to benefit me.
The new Comfort Room was done by noon today, and I have already taken it out for a test drive. I have to fin
d some new reading material for it, since I don’t get a daily newspaper delivered here because we don’t have a daily newspaper. Who needs a newspaper when I have a lola (grandma, The Feared Giant Lizard Killer), who goes into town and collects the lastest chiz miz (gossip)? She can gather information quicker than Aunt Bea on a  party line talking to the Mayberry operator Sarah. God Bless my mother-in-law, whose real first name is Rogelia; I’m sure it must be difficult having a bonafide Bonehead as a son-in-law. Maybe that’s why she prays faithfully every night at 6, and goes to Mass all the time. I’m sure God will reward her for the trials I am putting her and everyone else through at “The Compound.”

I’m going out later this afternoon down the road just past Albert’s Motorcycle Shop to get a photo that relates to my upcoming news event of the witch situation here. I’m going to drop you a little clue, the latest information that I have is not related to the witch that is reported to be attending our local high school here, but is another supernatural entity that has been seen, again just nearby us, and has been responsible for….well, I’m just going to have to wait a few days more to tell you that. Hopefully, I’ll make it back from the site where this latest evil has been spotted, and will be able to continue with this blog. That’s life in the Philippines, a little risky at times, but never boring. Thanks for checking out “The Rooster Crows at 4am!”

10 thoughts on “The Comfort Room is Done! Life in the Philippines Vastly Improves!

  1. Dave, I think the flower is Hibiscus, belongs to the gumamela species. They come in various colors, some have double petals and some are only single. It is very beautiful! Looking forward to your Haloween surprise re -withches in Guimaras Island!

  2. Hi David. I was going to agree with you on the name of the flower, and then Sainted Patient Wife walks up behind me and says that is not a Hibiscus (which we do have in our yard), but it is a flower which my mother-in-law calls Caballero in their local language. In a previous photo I posted on our new roof you can see our Hibiscus near the front gate on the left. As you can tell, I am not much of a flower authority but SPW is.

    I will post in a couple of days the latest information I have on our supernatural situation here as provided by my local sources.Thanks for the comment, David, and I thought it was a Hibiscus,too! Take care.

  3. Beautiful photo Wally … I might not ever get out to your neck of the woods (jungle) but you are showing us the beauty that is there! I really enjoy your blogs!!

  4. Thanks for the comment. Sainted Patient Wife took the photo, and you must be an old friend if you call me by my old nickname of "Wally".
    Now they just call me "Bonehead"or "kano"(which means Yankee or Causcasion.)The wife has been known to call me worse.

    There are a lot of beautiful things out here;I try to mix in some photos with my commentary, and I am really glad that you enjoy the blogs.

    Take care and thanks again.

  5. I think it would be interesting to get your SPW to write on the blog once in awhile! Need to hear the woman's point of view sometimes! Would she do it?

  6. Hi Sandi, good idea, but I don't know that she would do it. She doesn't think her English is very good (but I think it is, and I have to type emails she sends. I will ask her. Thanks for the comment, I'll see what she says.
    Well, I just went out back where Sainted Patient Wife is burning our garbage, and she says "no". She doesn't know what to write about. I told her just write about crap like I do every day. Let me work on her.
    Thanks for the comment, Sandi.

  7. Thanks, The Expat Directory,my Sainted Patient Wife loves her flowers and had a bunch of daffodils back in Illinois.
    Thanks for your support, I finally got your Top Spot message to post and thanks for the comment!

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