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Continuing with how I met The Sainted Patient Wife, my previous blog ended with me wondering why after a month of correspondence from Maria Melinda, the letters abruptly halted. Could not call her; there was no number to call. Her employer in Taipei City, Taiwan, did not allow her to make or receive any calls from their home. (Photo below is one that Melinda sent to me in her first letter! I had the photo enlarged, framed it, and always kept it on my desk at work.)spot

Had something happened to her? Had she lost interest and maybe writing another pen pal she is more interested in? Being a guy and a Bonehead (or maybe those two things just naturally go together), I was not (and still not) capable of comprehending the inner workings of the female mind to understand what had happened. But I was disheartened; looks like another opportunity for love had passed me by.

Three weeks passed by. Still no letters, and I had been averaging at least two letters a week from her. Giving up hope, I retreated into my little world of just going to work, not going out anywhere except to do necessary shopping, and playing video games on my Playstation 2. Pretty pathetic, huh? When you give up all hope the world becomes a dark and lonely place.

Drove home from my job at AT&T in Springfield, Illinois, down 55 South and took the Pawnee/Auburn exit on Route 104 as I had done hundreds of times before. Walked up to my front porch, and saw the mailbox was stuffed. What was this?!? Enclosed were six letters from Taiwan, all with different postdates on them! I tore open the letters and discovered that Melinda had been writing me all along. In her letters she was wondering why I had not been writing back but she optimistically kept on corresponding hoping the mail from Taiwan was delayed as sometimes happens there. Quickly I wrote a letter back telling her I just received all her letters on the same day. I was so excited and happy! That is what happens when you are in love (yeah, I am getting all mushy on you now.)

We exchanged letters throughout the summer, and the cool crisp air of autumn was just starting to hit Auburn and central Illinois. I knew in my heart that I was in love, and that I had met that “special one". My co-workers had to endure my endless chatter about Melinda (they were used to the ongoing banter between fellow co-worker and partner-in-crime “J” (I will spare him and not use his full name here) and myself. I am pretty sure they just tuned us both out by now but that did not slow us down one bit. "J" had spent some time in the Philippines when he was in the Navy, so of course took (or feigned) a special interest in my daily prattling about Melinda.

And then on September 21, 1999, disaster struck Taipei City and all of Taiwan! A major earthquake measuring 7.6 on the Richter scale rumbled throughout the whole island! Over 2,400 people were killed! A 12 story hotel in Taipei City was completely demolished : Taipei City! that is where Melinda was! I still had no contact number for her and had never spoken to her since we started corresponding in June. Melinda’s employers still had not given her a day off and would not allow her to make any calls. If she went out to do shopping, her boss would always go with her; Melinda never had an opportunity to call me.

I was at a loss! Melinda had given me a number for one of her sisters, Emily, who lived in Manila. I called the number, and whoever answered the telephone could not understand me. This went on for several minutes, and finally her sister Emily came to the phone. She could understand some English, but she had not heard anything from Melinda, had no idea whatsoever what was going on. Meanwhile, five more major aftershocks hit Taiwan, and reports of more death and destruction continued to pour in. I had no idea what to do!



4 thoughts on “How I Met The Sainted Patient Wife— Part Two

  1. Bonehead, of course i was interested. What you were doing was so outragiously outside of our view of the "normal" way to meet someone. We were concerned that you were naive, and certain to be taken advantage of. But Anytime someone trusts their heart to another person they are taking that same risk. Each step of your saga was more breathtaking and incredulous than what came before. We were truly dumbfounded when you went to the RP to meet her. Time has shown Melinda to be a warm person with a good heart, You enjoyed some pleasant years here together, and now you can look forward to several more as she shares her world with you. kapayapaan para sa iyo aking kaibigan

  2. Thanks Dave= I've been reading your blog for about a month now and it is inspiring this midwesterner to take the next step to visit the beautiful Pinay i've been chatting with for over a year now….everyone here thinks I'm nuts, but I gave it a year and feel she is sincere—your writing is prolific, and your latest blog is something I look forward too- Fellow Illinoisan

  3. Thank you fellow Bonehead, Jay, aka "J". Of course what I did was unbelievable to everyone around me, and I'm sure all of you were quite justified in thinking that I was crazy (I still am.)

    I am extremely fortunate that things have turned out well for me, and that Melinda as you so graciously stated is a warm person with a good heart; the exact opposite of her insensitive grumpy Bonehead of a husband.

    Thank you Jay. You are really a good friend, and as you know I never claimed to have any friends, but I do claim you as one. Your Tagalog is quite impressive. Sainted Patient Wife is outside spreading cow poop on her garden so I can not verify what you are saying, but are you telling me in that last line that I have the face of a dog's butt? LOL!

  4. Fellow Illinoisan, thanks for following this blog. Of course everyone will think you are loco loco! Your friends, your family, your co-workers (see the above comment from a former co-worker and friend of mine back in Illinois.)

    FOLLOW YOUR HEART!!! You have talked to your beautiful Filipina for over a year now and feel she is sincere. Get over there, Buddy, and marry her! You will find out that she is the "real deal".

    Thank you for the very kind comments. Let me know how everything turns out. Take care, and I wish you the best!

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