Facebook Crackdown Hits Guimaras

Nephew Sharwin

Call me “Old School.” I am a crusty old expat at age 63. In the Fifties, when I was growing up in a sleepy small town in Central Illinois, the latest high tech gadget in our household was a black-and-white television set. We got five channels from St. Louis on that old wooden box: KSD, the NBC affiliate, KTVI, offering programming from ABC, KMOX, backed by CBS, and independent station, KPLR, which featured one of my personal favorites, The Three Stooges,  and the Public Television station, KETC, which I rarely watched at the time since Mr. Rogers creeped me out. 

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Major Changes Coming to PhilippinesPlus

I’ve been sitting around on my kano butt the past couple of months doing even less of what I usually do. Which wasn’t much to begin with.  But there are some major changes coming to PhilippinesPlus in the next couple of weeks, just in time for the new year. And despite my advancing age, 60, I’ve decided to embrace the “Man’s Prayer” by Red Green:  “I’m a man, but I can change, if I have to, I guess.”

sexy asian bikini

Photo Source: show.chariweb.com

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Charice’s Manager Doubts Jessica Sanchez Should be Part of “Filipino Pride.”

Charice’s new manager, Courtney Blodding,  does not feel comfortable about the warm welcome that Filipino-Mexican-American Jessica Sanchez has been getting in the Philippines. Jessica is in Manila for the American Idols Live Tour 2012 which  features the top 10 finalists from the show’s 11th season.

american idol live tourPhoto source: Philippines Concerts

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Filipina Actress Bela Padilla and the Racist FHM Cover

fhm cover vertical

FHM Philippines recently yanked their racist March 2012 cover that featured a gorgeous Filipina actress, Bela Padilla. The light-skinned TV star, Filipina mother, British father, was surrounded by dark-skinned beauties with the caption: "Bela Padilla. Stepping Out of the Shadows." fhm cover vertical

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The Acceptance of Racism Against Asians in America

miley cyrus

Boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. says he isn't a racist. He has a lot of white guys working for him. Remember Floyd? He's the guy going to jail for beating up his girlfriend in Vegas. A real man, huh? But it looks like the guy doesn't like Asians despite his recent statement about a few white-skinned employees. He's called Filipino boxing champion Manny Pacquiao  "that little yellow chump" in the past  and recently  posted this message on his Twitter blogging site: “Jeremy Lin is a good player but all the hype is because he’s Asian. Black players do what he does every night and don’t get the same praise.”

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Have More Fun in the Philippines!

Who doesn't want to have more fun? Outside of Lance the Canadian, one of my faithful supporters who has more fun than he probably can already handle, I don't think most of us would object to enjoying life more. I personally wouldn't. So when I read the news about the new tourism campaign for the Philippines, I was impressed. The Department of Tourism (DOT) last Friday unveiled the country’s new slogan—“It’s more fun in the Philippines.” Sure beats the last campaign rolled out: "Pilipinas Kay Ganda” in 2010.  How many potential tourists knew that meant "Philippines So Beautiful?" I suspect that  the former effort, which resulted in a new tourism secretary,  may have been hatched after way too many Red Horse sessions. Aprils Santa

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Healthier Happy Meals. Will it Spread to the Philippines?


Just saw a news report that McDonald's is going to add apple slices to every Happy Meal  as part of the chain's larger push to portray itself as a healthy place to eat. Excuse me, but I've been eating at McDonald's in the United States or the Philippines for almost 50 years now and at no time did I enter Ronald McDonald's stomping grounds on the assumption I was going to be chowing down on some healthy food. Apple slices in a McDonald's Happy Meal is akin to getting apples when I went trick-or-treating as a kid instead of some cavity-inducing candy bars (caramel-covered apples were a welcome exception, however.)DSC

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Is There A Legal Divorce Option in the Philippines?


Recently ran an article about a possible new law that, if passed,  would legalize divorce in the Philippines which will soon be the only country in the world without such legislation. However, I discovered that divorce already does exist in the Philippines.DSC

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Anne Curtis hits 1-M followers on Twitter!

Anne Curtis e

Today’s video from YouTube features  gorgeous television host and actress Anne Curtis who recently became the  first Filipino celebrity with 1 million followers on Twitter. ABS CBN online reported this in a April 29, 2011 and noted that other local celebrities who have a big following on Twitter are Angel Locsin (615,799), Kris Aquino (611,884), Sam Milby (484,050), Bianca Gonzalez (483,036), and KC Concepcion (471,061). The figures are all as of posting time. Anne Curtis e

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