Expat Healthcare in the Philippines: Are YOU Prepared?

ambulance leaving guimaras provincial hospital

A serious topic for today’s post: “Expat Healthcare in the Philippines: Are YOU Prepared?” Do you think that if you move to the Philippines and become ill that the Philippine government will help you out? You’re not in Kansas anymore, Pilgrim. YOU NEED TO BE PREPARED FOR ANY CONTINGENCY BEFORE MOVING TO THE PHILIPPINES. There’s no safety net for foreigners in “paradise”.

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Best Places to Live Overseas for Cost of Living

My Filipina wife and I retired to the Philippines over four years ago. The cheaper cost of living was the main factor in determining our retirement destination. After spending almost 30 years working for telecommunications giant,  AT&T, and saying goodbye at the age of 57, how far our money would stretch was our primary consideration. 

The family at Raymen Beach, October 2000The clan at Raymen Beach Resort in Guimaras several years ago

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Filipino Canadian Spends Six Months in Paradise Each Year


Had the pleasure of meeting, Allen, a young man, 28 years old, who came to visit Iloilo City and Raymen Beach in Guimaras recently. I'm very impressed by this youthful entrepreneur, who spends six months of the year in Vancouver, Canada,  and for the past three years has spent the other six months of each year living and traveling in the Philippines. Your first question might be: "How in the world does he do it?" DSC

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The Iloilo City Move


Iloilo City. Our new home. It’s the regional center of the Western Visayas and the capital of Iloilo province. We won’t be living in the city proper.  For security reasons our future home’s location won’t be disclosed on this website. Most of our relatives will not even be told, only one trusted cousin and her husband. I will be posting an updated monthly budget once we get settled in and have initial moving costs cared for. My asawa and I are both excited about moving out of the one room in Guimaras we have virtually been living out of for over two years since moving to the Philippines.  We will actually have four rooms and a CR (Comfort Room.)DSC

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Sunset on Philippines Resort Cabaling Beach


The sun was setting on the Philippines resort, Cabaling Beach in Guimaras.  We were wrapping up a birthday celebration at this local tropical beach, and after consuming a few of my favorite San Miguel beverages, decided to leave the nipa hut and snap some photographs for this website, PhilippinesPlus.com. Like the Old Milwaukee commercial used to say, "it doesn't get any better than this." This has been another one of the best days we've spent in our rural province since moving to the Philippines over two years ago.DSC

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A San Miguel Afternoon on a Philippines Resort, Cabaling Beach


Cousin Emma and her husband, Danett, along with their crew,  consisting of their son and daughter and the staff from the Jade Market that she owns in Guimaras,  had arrived at  Cabaling Beach in Guimaras, a Philippines resort where we celebrating some birthdays this past Sunday.  Oh, their pooch was there, too, but of equal importance was the fact that our supply of San Miguel beverages had also made their appearance at this Philippines resort.  It was almost two pm, and I was thirsty.  Danett quickly popped the top of my mucho bottle of Gold Eagle with the cap of his San Miguel Light.  I poured a cupful for my brother-in-law Joery and myself as I asked my Filipino amigo how he managed to open that bottle of Gold Eagle using his bottle of Light as the opener. DSC

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More Adventures at Philippines Resort Cabaling Beach


Boracay Philippines. Puerto Galera. Guimaras. Just some of the better known Philippines resorts. Visited Cabaling Beach this past Sunday to celebrate the birthdays of my asawa, now 47, her sister Alida, 33, and Joery, her husband, 39. The sky was overcast most of the day, but our nieces and nephews were enjoying swimming and playing on the beach as I waited for the rest of the party to return from visiting my wife's traveling manicurist who lived nearby. Had eaten a breakfast of spaghetti and fried chicken at our rented nipa hut on the edge of a jungle, but was getting hungry for some of those butterfly pork chops I had purchased at SM City Supermarket in Iloilo. Plus, Cousin Emma and her crew were bringing the San Miguel beverages,  but they hadn't arrived yet. 

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A Philippines Resort Called Cabaling Beach


Recently celebrated a trio of birthdays at a Philippines resort about a 30-minute ride from our home in Guimaras, the Cabaling Beach, a tropical beach located next to the Cabaling Resort in Espinosa, Jordan municipality. Was quite a bumpy ride via the multicab we hired from our neighbor at the princely sum of P900 (negotiated down from the original price of P1,000, 23 US Dollars) I wondered why the fare was so high since we had hired the same vehicle before to go to Raymen, another Philippines beach, for P700,  which was about the same distance. "Bad roads" was stated as the reason for the more expensive fee, and "bad roads" are as common as 12 kids in a family in this predominantly Catholic nation. DSC

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Philippines Resort Villa Igang and The Kiwi Crew


On our way to Villa Igang, a Philippines resort located on Guimaras, about a 40-minute ride from the Jordan Wharf. While our rural province is known for its sweet mangoes, it is also fast gaining a reputation as the place to visit to check out tropical beach resorts.  Murray, my new mate from New Zealand, and his pretty pinay, Irish, along with her son, Ivan, and cousin Sam,  had rented a multicab, and my asawa and I were tagging along as we had never visited this particular beach resort. It was an absolutely perfect Sunday and was a welcome break from the bleak rainy days we had been experiencing. DSC

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