Diagnosis Still Unknown: Iloilo Statlab Results

statlab iloilo

“Diagnosis Still Unknown: Iloilo Statlab Results.” A previous post dealt with my asawa’s recent visit to our local emergency room in Guimaras. The provincial hospital on our island province is ill-equipped to handle major medical emergencies. It doesn’t even possess a working ultrasound machine.

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Cheap TV in the Philippines: ABS-CBN TVplus Black Box

abscbn plus

Regular readers of “Philippines Plus” know your author, the crusty old expat, is a cheap son-of-a-gun. Sure, we might be paying big bucks for our monthly 1290 Peso Plan with Cignal satellite, 26 bucks, but I wanted a more frugal option for one of our other four television sets

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Ace Hardware Puts the Hammer Down

iloilo city police at sm city

There’s been heightened security throughout the Philippines since a recent terrorist bombing in Davao City killed 14 people. President Duterte proclaimed “a state of lawless violence” to counter terrorism and strengthen his war on drugs.  “Ace Hardware Puts the Hammer Down” recounts our latest visit to Ace’s retail outlet at SM City in Iloilo.

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The City Mall Parola Expat Experience

city mall parola

“The City Mall Parola Expat Experience.”  A retired fart like me has plenty of time to go shopping with his asawa. I enjoy checking out new places.  Parola is located at Fort San Pedro Drive in Iloilo City. Guimaras, the island province we call home, is an approximately 12-15 pump boat ride away from Ortiz Wharf, minutes from Parola.

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The SM City North EDSA Expat Experience

crowds at sm city north edsa

“SM City North EDSA Expat Experience” relates our latest shopping adventure in the Philippines.  It was a chaotic shopping trip. I was almost convinced Filipinos in Manila had started their Christmas shopping early. After all, the Philippines has the longest Christmas season in the world and begins September 1st.

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Solar Power Philippines

solar panel

“Solar Power Philippines.” We’re researching our solar power options in the Philippines. During a recent trip to SM City in nearby Iloilo my asawa and I decided to check out a new establishment. The company was offering solar living possibilities for our new home in the Philippines.

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Corrupt Cebu City Cabbies

cebu city taxis

I’ve praised taxi drivers in the “Queen City of the South” on this website in the past. I’m sorry that I now feel compelled to post this next story: “Corrupt Cebu City Cabbies,” but regulars readers of “Philippines Plus” know I always try to tell you the positives and negatives about living in the Philippines. 

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The Search for the Best Burger in Iloilo City

zark burger

I’m always on the search for the best burger in Iloilo City. I’ve tried some beef patties, or what was passing for beef, on our island province of Guimaras, but have always come away with more bun than actual meat. Pitstop in Guimaras, has one of the worst burgers (and pizzas) I have ever tasted so I have to take a motorized banca boat to travel to Panay Island for some real hamburger havens.

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Desperately Dodging Dinagyang

iloilos premier festival

After a recent trip to Bacolod, we arrived in Iloilo on our way back home to our home base,  the island province of Guimaras. We were desperately dodging Dinagyang , the annual Festival which recently plowed into Iloilo City with the force of the Great Galveston Hurricane of 1900. There is absolutely no way we wanted to be in town when the event hit.

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