Diagnosis Still Unknown: Iloilo Statlab Results

statlab iloilo

“Diagnosis Still Unknown: Iloilo Statlab Results.” A previous post dealt with my asawa’s recent visit to our local emergency room in Guimaras. The provincial hospital on our island province is ill-equipped to handle major medical emergencies. It doesn’t even possess a working ultrasound machine.

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Stricken Spouse! Philippines Emergency Room Rescue

ambulance leaving guimaras provincial hospital

My asawa, spouse, has been suffering with chronic abdomen pain for months. The pain, caused by “wind” according to my wife, would first be treated by a liberal dose of Tiger Balm over her lower abdomen. OTC medications like Buscopan Plus would ease her pain for awhile. But the other evening even multiple doses of Tiger Balm and Buscopan did not help. This multi-part story begins with the first installment of this tale entitled: “Stricken Spouse! Philippines Emergency Room Rescue.”

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The Whole Poop & Nothing But(t) the Poop

Guimaras Comfort Room

If you’re about to sit down to a meal while you’re reading this, be forewarned, you might not have the stomach for this post. “The Poop & Nothing But(t) the Poop” details my latest visit to our local hospital in Guimaras.

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Healthcare Facility in the Philippines Scores a Win

Guimaras provincial hospital

Our healthcare facility in the Philippines scores a win! My wife, diagnosed with dengue fever and pneumonia, was admitted to our local provincial hospital in Guimaras this past Wednesday evening. She had a dangerously low white blood platelet count of 106. It was now Thursday morning and the attending physician walked into our room around 11:15 am. This was the first time we had seen the doctor since being admitted. I was praying for some good news.

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Diagnosis: Dengue Fever & Pneumonia, Part 2

guimaras provincial hospital

“Diagnosis: Dengue Fever & Pneumonia, Part 2.”

I had rushed my asawa to the Provincial Hospital in Guimaras where we received the grim news. My wife had a case of dengue fever and pneumonia. Her white blood platelet count was dangerously low, 106, with 150 being the normal range. The physician on duty advised us that my spouse could be at risk for internal bleeding due to the dengue. 

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My Dengue Fever Scare in the Philippines.

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Fever. Exhaustion. Severe muscle and joint pain. Rash. I had classic dengue fever symptoms. The other night as I covered myself with a bed sheet to try and catch some shuteye, I instantly felt a severe itching crawling all over my body. I was hot. I had been exhausted for over a week, not even able to carry out my daily routine of walking for one hour each morning. I took an antihistamine and dozed off, only to awaken multiple times that evening. The next day, my skin, even more inflamed, my eyes red, my dengue fever scare in the Philippines hit the crisis mode. My asawa and I rushed off to the Guimaras Provincial Hospital’s Emergency room. Our local driver NoNo, who was still at home as we made our way to the local trike stand, quickly pulled a shirt on and delivered us to the health care facility in minutes.

guimaras provincial hospital

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Latest Ultrasound Reveals No More Kidney Stones

guimaras ambulance

Since retiring to the Philippines over five years ago, I’ve had three major kidney stone attacks. The archipelago’s tropical climate puts a person at greater risk for kidney stone formation due to the way  our bodies manage water in a tropical setting. Perspiration becomes the customary way of how the body excretes water in tropical climates. Urination may slightly decrease due to urine being stored longer in the urinary tract. I wasn’t keeping myself hydrated enough before my attacks but now drink 2-3 liters of water daily. My latest ultrasound in the Philippines now reveals no more kidney stones and, as an added bonus, a healthy liver. I had been previously diagnosed with fatty liver disease back in July.

ambulance leaving guimaras provincial hospital

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Cirrhosis of the Liver: Our Filipino Trike Driver

Grim Reaper

Death. We all eventually face it. If you’re a Christian and have followed the straight and narrow path, chances are you’ve got a good chance of meeting Jesus. If you’re Shirley MacLaine you might be reincarnated and come back as a beautiful bluebird, happily chirping away or  you could return as a festering pimple on some old geezer’s flabby fat ass. I’ll opt for the bluebird. If you’re a Catholic you’ll be twiddling your thumbs in purgatory hoping someone will light enough candles and recite enough prayers for you to escape. If you’re a professed atheist, you’re finished. You don’t believe in anything so I guess you’ll end up as a pile of nothingness as you hum “Dust in the Wind” by Kansas for eternity. I’ve known of three people that have developed cirrhosis of the liver since moving to the Philippines over five years ago. Two of them died. Now the third,  our Filipino trike driver,  is holed up at the local Guimaras provincial hospital for the past few weeks and is diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver. It’s a grim disease, often fatal.

Grim Reaper                                                                                       The Grim Reaper: Graphic Source: Butterfunk.com


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