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Philippines Domestic Helper Walks Off Job

08/25/2017 The Kano 0

Here’s a follow-up to my previous post. One late Saturday afternoon, my wife and I became a bit perturbed. Our pump for our water tank and the pump for our pool room were running simultaneously. Our full-time domestic helper “BingBing” had been instructed on numerous occasions that we did not want both of the pumps running simultaneously.

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Philippines: Wanted. Hard-Working Domestic Helper

08/23/2017 The Kano 0

After my Social Security kicked in a few years ago, I was finally able to convince my industrious asawa that we could afford to hire a full-time helper.

After all, aside from taking care of my father-in-law, afflicted with Alzheimer’s, my wife did most of the cooking and cleaning in our household. A niece and nephew have lived with us for years. While the kids can help out on the week-ends, there was no one to help my wife with all the chores during the week.

Lonely Planet Filipino Tagalog Phrasebook Dictionary

Useful Tool: Lonely Planet Filipino Phrasebook

08/20/2017 The Kano 0

When my lovely asawa and I retired to the Philippines over eight years ago, I had a secret weapon. A very useful tool: the Lonely Planet Filipino Phrasebook. After deciding to move to the Philippines I purchased a Filipino phrasebook from Amazon to assist me in learning the language. During my free time I would scour the handy guide and memorize different words and phrases.